How to use YouTube for business?


YouTube for business is how you can use this platform to expand your business. But first What is YouTube? It is a platform that allows users to upload, and engage in videos of their users. It offers a wide range of user-generated and corporate videos.


1. Content:

This includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and long documentary films, audio recordings like ASMR, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging also called vlog, short original videos, and educational videos. Read more here.

2. Revenue:

YouTube earns advertising revenue from Google AdSense. A program that targets ads according to your content niche and audience size. Allowing publishers to place ads in their video in order to earn a commission from AdSense.

The vast majority of its videos are free to view. But there are exceptions. Including subscription-based premium channels, film rentals, as well as YouTube Premium, a subscription service offering ad-free access to the website. Also, access to exclusive content made in partnership with existing publishers.

Quality and formats

YouTube originally offered videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels using the Sorenson Spark codec (a variant of H.263), with mono MP3 audio.

  • Changes: In October 2014, YouTube introduced videos playing at 60 frames per second, in order to reproduce video games with a frame rate comparable to high-end graphics cards. The videos playback at a resolution of 720p or higher. YouTube videos are available in a range of quality levels.
  • Better quality: The former names of standard quality (SQ), high quality (HQ), and high definition (HD) have been replaced by numerical values representing the vertical resolution of the video. The default video stream is encoded in the VP9 format with stereo Opus audio; if VP9/WebM is not supported in the browser/device or the browser’s user agent reports Windows XP, then H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video with stereo AAC audio is used instead.

Now for each nature of your publication, you need to follow the quality required, meet the requirement and your content will be published with a great chance to be a success.

a. For a Live streaming

Live streams can be up to 4K resolution at 60 fps, and also support 360° video. In February 2017, a live streaming feature called Super Chat was introduced, which allows viewers to donate between $1 and $500 to have their comment highlighted.

b. For 3D videos

In May 2011, an HTML5 version of the YouTube player began supporting side-by-side 3D footage that is compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision. The feature set has since been reduced, and the 3D feature currently only supports red/cyan anaglyph with no side-by-side support.

c. For 180-degree videos

In 2017, YouTube began to promote an alternative stereoscopic video format known as VR180, which is limited to a 180-degree field of view but is promoted as being easier to produce than 360-degree video, and allowing more depth to be maintained by not subjecting the video to equirectangular project

d. Another cool feature is Community

On September 13, 2016, YouTube launched a public beta of Community, a social media-based feature that allows users to post text, images, live videos, and others in a separate “Community” tab on their channel.

  • It is a social media feature: This feature allows you to share more with your audience, you will be able to connect on a daily basis. Also, you can announce your upcoming video or event, create a pool to find out what your audience is expecting from your content. This feature helps you to improve your business.

It is not always easy to have the required elements for your videos. Here is a platform that can help you do just that, content samurai.

Content accessibility

Double access to content:

YouTube offers users the ability to view its videos on web pages outside their website. Each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML that can be used to embed it on any page on the Web as most YouTubers have their website or blog. A feature which is great as it allows them to reach their audience fully.

Free videos:

But it helps also other people to add videos from you tuber who opt to have their videos freely downloadable. Allowing anyone who wants to download their videos. It takes away the matter of copyright as they wave their rights. As a beginner, you can get inspired and learn the best way to use YouTube for business.

Adding a video to your content is always a great plus as we saw in this article content creation. So the fact that you can get a video free of charge is a great plus that you should explore.

Where to find published content:

For user, the content is accessible on your feed or on your subscription feed. This means that when you see anything you like and wish to see it later or keep it where you can access it faster. You can create a list of watch later, of likes video ( this is automatically made by the system) or even a downloads list that you can access even when you are offline.

In order to use YouTube effectively for your business you need to:

1. Create a YouTube business account

This where YouTube for business plays his part. To create your one you need to have a Google or Gmail account. You have the choice to use what you already have or create a new one just for your YouTube channel. My advice will be to use the same email address you use for your business. Do that in order to create uniformity in your brand, unless it is not a Gmail account.

Account settings:

You’ll then be prompted to the following screen which asks for your first and last name. Notice that YouTube also gives you the option of using a business or product name for your channel but you can still choose to use your own name. Again try to create uniformity in your brand to help a customer find you easily through all the platforms.YouTube for business

Next: Now that you have created a YouTube account, it’s time to Customize Channel which should help you rank in search engines. It should help your customers find you. Here some few things you necessarily need to customize:

*Channel Icon & Artwork

You need to create a logo if you do not have one or use the one you have as your channel icon. Which is like your cover image, like the one you have on your Facebook or twitter cover.

The dimensions for YouTube images are as follows:
Channel icon: recommended as 800×800 pixels, displays as 98×98 pixels
Channel banner: 2,560×1440 pixels, safe area for mobile and web (without text and logo cropping) is 1546 x 423 pixels.

Get the size right: Since these dimensions are relatively large, you need to use high-resolution images rather than pictures that could get cut off, distorted or lose some pixel to become a bit blurry. You can use Canva to create a good infographic or images that comply with the dimensions and the quality of your image will remain.

*Channel Description

Do not overlook, the “About” section of your profile, it is a crucial piece of your account. Here you can connect with your client about your business, about who you are and how to find you on other social media.

You will write a brief description, welcoming people to your channel, describing yourself, your business and you can also add a call to action. Make it simple and catchy to leave a great impression on the readers.YouTube for business

Be professional: You will need to add your business email address, the link to your website, blog, online store or any other places you want your readers to land. Because do not forget that YouTube can also be a traffic source, bringing people back to your main website.

YouTube allows you to add up to 5 links and customized hyperlink text up to 30 characters.

2. Create quality content on YouTube for business

What is your business about? what is it that you do best?
Give your audience all the necessary information about your business to help them make a decision to join you or not. When you are able to share what your business is all about better than your competitor, you win yourself a client.

Do your research:

Make sure to give your audience something more, something different or plus compare to your competitor. It is not always about business, try to connect with your audience on a social level, reply to question, ask them to suggest a content subject related to your business, for those interested by starting the same business advise them. Create an affective bond with your audience.

3. Marketing your business or brand

YouTube for business is a powerful tool when used properly. Marketing your business becomes a simple thing and reaching the client will go beyond your imagination even.

How to use it properly, learn from those who succeeded, how they did it, learn the last trend, and finally accommodate all of what you have learned to create your own content and more. Market your business and always bring the audience back to your business.


Be transparent:

Talk about your business in detail, giving your audience a glimpse of your world. All the tips and the techniques you are using to grow your business or all the super quality of your product. Be your first client by sharing your experience and your existing customer’s experience to inspire others.

You can be an influencer:

If you want to market yourself as an influencer, you will need to be patient and put in the work needed. You will not be able to win a good contract if you do not prove yourself capable. And you need to build your audience.

The good thing with YouTube is that you can be building your audience as an influencer or building a customer base for business and be able to make money at the same time as soon as you much the criteria to display ads in your publication, so it’s a win-win doing both. Take advantage of the influencer marketplace, read more here.

4. Monetize your channel

Today monetizing your YouTube channel is very easy and even small channels can do it. There are many brands willing to pay you to put their products in front of your audience for a fee. To meet such brands you need to be part of a network or platform which connects the two parties. But most of them will require a certain audience and experience, we talked more about it in influencer marketing.

But we also have a platform like, accepts you with less than 5000 subscribers and connects you with brands.

For Google

So, For Google to help you monetize your channel as we saw earlier with AdSense. You need to count at least 1k viewers and 4000hrs of views. Because, it only when you reach that, google will put ads on your videos and every time someone sees the ad you earn a commission. This the easiest and sure way to make money with your channel because google makes it mandatory for anyone to see at least 5 seconds of any ad. But you earn even more when the person clicks on the ad.

For your business

Sell your own products: Personally, I think the best way for one to make money with YouTube is to use it as your traffic source for your online or offline business. The revenue you will get in selling your own products will be more important than what you get from AdSense. Creating a customer base you can build your email list to bring you business again and again.

Traffic source: Also as a traffic source for your blog, where you can have your affiliate link selling different products pertinent to your niche which will interest your audience and from which you make a good commission.

Enjoy AdSense revenue: But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, not to take advantage of the AdSense when you qualify for it because it is a good plus, but focus more on building your business for a sustainable source of income.

5. Set yourself as an expert by teaching others YouTube for business, or your business

Train: Once you succeed to become profitable with your business or personal brand for an influencer, coach others to do the same. Actually, you may even find that coaching others will make you a lot more money. But I would not advise you to do it before you succeed on your own. Having your own business success as proof will give you more credibility.

be your own brand

Teach: YouTube is a great platform for teaching, with images and proof, people listen more and can trust much more easily. Because they get to try exactly as you are doing and see the result. It is a make it or break its tools, so you need to be sincere otherwise this is not for you.

Teach by example: By showing exactly what to do or an attractive part of your business. And invite your audience to buy the rest from your classes or e-book, or any other support document you decide to create. Your audience will be left thirsty to know more.

Teach how to be successful as you are, the tools you used or are using to get a great result, open up in every aspect of your business to empower your audience and to bring them to buy from you.

You cantake advantage of influencer marketing to build your brand, learn more here.

Here are some facts about YouTube for business

1. Benefits for your business

YouTube is the third largest Internet platform, using it ensures you to reach millions of people. It is used by almost 2 billion people.

Don’t you wanna take advantage of that for your business?

2. To create videos you need tools

You get a free video editor from your YouTube account but you can also use other video editor existing out there may it be free or at a cost. You need a good camera, light, and a good computer but a great phone can do the job too. Try these tool below:

a. Content Samurai

This platform allows you to create videos from a simple script. All you need to do is submit your script and you will get a selection of images and videos. All you have to do is choose the one which corresponds the most to your content.

b. Screencast-o-matic

This tool allows you to create videos of your computer screen. It is free or you can upgrade for as low as $18 for a year. It is easy to use and you can make long videos for up to 15 minutes.


3. Publish Content regularly

You can not be successful if you do not keep a certain consistency in your content creation. Because to grow your audience, you need to publish content weekly and keep your audience interested.

But do not go and publish something which has nothing with your business, keep creating content related to your business.

4. Call to Action

Do not forget to include a call to action where needed. The video description box allows you to insert a link. With this you can to drive viewers where you want them to go for subscription, sign up or buying.

5Be Interactive

There are several ways to interact on YouTube with your subscriber

* Comments

Make sure to reply to your video comments. It is true that sometimes your subscriber can reply to each other exactly as you would, but having an answer from you is always good for business. So take time to answer and provoke it by being the first to comment on your content.

* Likes

Your viewers will let you know if they liked your video. It is a passive interaction but one of the most important because it gives you the exact idea of what your audience likes so that you can improve your business and be more successful.

* Subscriptions

Call your viewers to subscribe always. When you get a subscription, you know that people are interested in your content. You are sure that on your next publication you will get viewers.

* Sharing

When your content is shared you reach a whole new audience and your business will grow. But you need to pay attention to creating content to always opt for what your audience will like. This will lead you to get new shares.

* Messages

You can also share videos and messages privately with your audience and people you listed as friends.

6. Products demonstration and unboxing

Here you can create videos explaining and showing exactly to the customer your products, unboxing and using your product. Many companies that sell online only use pictures to show their products. But with a video to support all the descriptions and show to customers exactly how to use the product. You will bring a great plus.

Many manufacturers have seen the sales of their product multiplied by 1000 over the years because of the product demonstration or unboxing videos. So they use such influencer a lot more.

7. Gaining a community

Your subscriber will become your community. Because you share with them your business, connect on a human level with them, they are most likely to follow all the events you put in front of them.

To create a community around your brand, you need to be open and helpful to your subscribers, this will connect you.

8. Use your videos to the maximum

This can be an opportunity for you to add your video in any other social media you are using, because. From all the social media platforms, it is proven that people are more responsive to video so make the most of can create a blog post about your video or you can emphasize your blog post with your video, make sure to give maximum exposure to your video.

9. Demonstrating expertise

Become an expert in your field or niche and use YouTube for business to prove your expertise. Many people set themselves as the expert on YouTube because with videos they can show exactly what they are talking about and people can try. If, they do not get the result they can always stop following you.

10. Use Subtitles, Not Annotations

This helps you reach other viewers who might not listen properly, people who are not fluent in your language but can read it. Or even pause the video to read, you can also use it in a different language to reach a whole new audience.

11. Saving bandwidth:

YouTube lets you embed video content on your website without increasing your site’s bandwidth. This means you can include video in your website without slowing down your customer’s download speeds.

12. Establishing your brand:

Here you get the opportunity to talk and show your customers all the steps and sides of your business. From how you get ideas for your business. The process of picking the right options to realize your ideas. To how much money you can make from that business idea.

People are always interested in knowing more about your business so that they can relate, copy and connect with you.

13. Collaborate with others:

This was a common practice a long time ago but it tends to be less use nowadays. Because, it is a great way to gain a reputation in the business. Usually, You tuber with a good number of followers will collaborate with a new one to help the channel grow and gain some credibility

14. Leveraging events or promotions:

YouTube gives you the opportunity to show in videos of your event and promotion. It can even be live events, for a product launch. Even when you give a prize to a winner of your promotion or giveaway.

Therefore, this builds the credibility of your business and gets you more clients.

15. Bring customer testimony:

Nothing brings more customers than customers themselves. When you have one satisfied customer, that same customer will bring you more customers.

The good idea will be to make a video with your customer. Give your customers an opportunity also to, talk about their business if they have one, it is a win-win situation.

16. Solving customer’s problems

I was told once, an entrepreneur is a problem solver, like the one you need to identify a problem and create a product or service to solve it.

With the reach of YouTube, you get to propose your solution to so many people even those who did not know they needed a solution or had a problem, you reach new people in need of your solution too.

17. Choose the Right Category and Tags

Make sure to choose a category that corresponds the best to your business when uploading. The tags are also suggested by YouTube when you are writing, choose some of those too.

Because, this will help with the search engines. It will help your video rank higher in the search engines, people will find your content easily.

18. SEO

When it comes to Search engine optimization, here is what you need to consider:

* Keywords:

Do keywords research. Which will help you find keywords that describe your business and your video content. To help YouTube and subscribers to understand what your channel is about

* Video title, thumbnails, and description:

Use relevant keywords in both your title and your video description, this can also help you rank in search engines.

* Watch time:

So, for YouTube, this tells if your content is informative or interesting to people. The more people watch the more YouTube will rank your video higher in the search engines and let people see it first.

As we saw earlier the more watch hours you have the more you have a chance to monetize your channel with AdSense. That is why you do not need to create videos of a few minutes, make it 10 minutes and more.

* Engagement stats:

This platform also cares about how much engagement you get. Do people comment, like, dislike or share your content, the more, the better! for your ranking. So, you need to take everything into consideration.

* Subscriber numbers:

YouTube does push channels with a big number of subscribers. But that’s not all; it also looks at how many new subscribers you get per published video.

Conclusion of YouTube for business

So, YouTube is a platform visited by billions of people, as a business, you need to leverage this platform to grow your business. And make sure to create the right content for your business, comply with the quality and legal requirements.

Create great content which will help you establish a community, which will become the main traffic source for your business. And finally, monetize your channel while bringing the client to your own business.

And this is how YouTube for business will help you improve your business.

I hope you will decide to take advantage of this great platform, good luck to you all!

Leave a comment below, thanks!


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  1. Before, I used to wonder how people make money through YouTube video sharing. Not too long I came across Google and youtube AdSense which is known to generate income through advert from the blog and vlog.  I also wanted to join the cliques of people who make money through video sharing, so I went further to make more research on youtube AdSense. The condition I saw scare me off. I was not very active on YouTube, how will I get such huge subscriber rate. But truely I was able to fufil my eagerness about YouTube business and am looking forward to be eligible for that. Right now, am trying to build my reputation.

    This write-up has uncover many business opportunities from YouTube and I’ll love to make my way through them. Thanks for sharing

    • Congrats! continue pushing as long as you publish content you will continue to get closer to their requirement. 

  2. Good tips you shared. In one of the niche that I am working at, I see others use Youtube for their own advantage. They are driving traffic to their sites wildly, all because of their videos in Youtube. This means of marketing can’t be ignored now.

    I always wanted to use Youtube for my online business, it’s just that I am not comfortable shooting videos of myself talking. Sometimes, I am tempted of using animations like there’s a moving pen writing on a whiteboard, but with my voice on the background. I know it’s possible because I’ve seen it done by others. But I am still puzzled if that will effective in terms of conversion. Which converts better, shoot a video of yourself no matter how bad you look in the video? Or, use a software like there’s a cartoon in the screen and a “voice over” that’s not mine?

    • I have seen people using screen play. They only show what they are doing. I think either way, your content is the thing that will attract people. As long as your content is valuable, you will get visitors. The quality of the videos only matters to the platform you are using, but all in all content is king.

      I have seen people reaching millions of viewers because of their content and the marketing strategy they put in place. So, make sure to associate the two.


  3. Hello, 

    I read your article about using Youtube for buisness. It is very important also to build a useful marketing strategy, in order to achieve theis goals. Thanks for your advices. 

    Nevertheless we need to create a credible account as YouTube has been plagued with fake accounts and rogue accounts for years. Many people quick “and” easy “ways to increase the number of videos. Could you please present ways to create a profile so as to be reliable to our public?

    Thanks a lot for your very very useful information.

      Regards, Thodoris.

    • Presenting the real facts is the best way, there are some niches where a study result will help, another where a video demonstration will help. find what can give more weight to your argument.


  4. OMG! This is simply golden and worthy of applause. This post has uncovered every ounce of details that makes setting up YouTube for business a mystery before. Though I have always wanted to create my YouTube channel but I do always think it’s not worthy the time because I didn’t know of a way to monetize it but this post has enlightened me a lot and surely, I’m indebted to this.

    i will strongly follow most of the guides that this post has given and make optimal use of the YouTube platform to promote my blog. Thanks

    • YouTube is one of the biggest online platforms and if you are in the online business, you need to leverage YouTube for your business. To grow your brand and earn an extra income for your business.


  5. Hey, thanks so much for the comprehensive article on YouTube for business. I knew this platform can boost ones business but because I am uncomfortable behind the camera, I didn’t explore the many opportunities this platform can offer. I think power point presentation can actually be employed to leverage this platform. You have done a good job. 

    • I understand that most of us are not comfortable on camera, but we have tools like the screencast software that you can use. You will not have to be on camera but you can show videos of your computer screen. Like for me, all my videos are about how to make money online, so I show my visitors what I am doing and it works well.



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