Woodropship plugin review

Woodropship plugin review will present every feature and services offered by the plugin in order to create and run a dropshipping store. And we shall also compare the woodropship plugin to some other plugin to see the differences.

How does woodropship work?

You will need to have a WordPress website and a woocommerce plugin install. So, you will install the woodropship plugin and start importing products from aliexpress to your dropshipping store and fulfill your orders.

woodropship review

1. Connect woodropship to your woocommerce store.

You can create your website with any of my two favorite hosting services here, bluehost which is the cheapest hosting platform or you can create a free wordpress website here, and you will get the full benefit of a regular wordpress website.

The second thing to do is to add a woocommerce plugin, make sure to choose a theme that is compatible with woocommerce or you can choose a theme from woocommerce. This is the plugin that will give you the e-commerce look you need to create an online store. And last, you can add the woodropship plugin.

2. Import product.

Once your woodropship plugin is set up, you can now start importing products from aliexpress. Make sure to install the chrome extension to make this easy. Open the aliexpress website and start picking the products that you would like, Make sure to pick e-packet product for a better fulfillment as we saw here. Your product will be synchronized with your supplier’s inventory and you will get notification of any change.

You can choose a product with its variants. It can be picking a product with its variant, size or even materials. This will help you improve the sales, you will have enough products to cross sale.

You can edit the photos and descriptions of the product. Woodropship has a photo editor that allows you to retouch the product picture, by deleting the supplier’s logo for example. Because you do not want everybody knowing who is the supplier. You do not want them to go straight to your supplier.

Editing the description can serve two purposes, one you want to be distinguished from your supplier and your competition. Second, you want to put a description that is SEO friendly. This will help you rand in the search engines and get free traffic.

3. Order fulfillment.

This process is semi-automated here. So, when you have an order on your WooCommerce store. That order will appear in your WooDropship dashboard. To easily fulfill the order, just click the ‘Fulfill Order on AliExpress’ button. The product will automatically be added to aliexpress cart and your customer’s details are filled in automatically to speed up the process. Here again, the chrome extension will be of great assistance in this whole process.

The product prices can also be set automatically for all your product, all you have to do is fill in the settings that you want. Maybe you want a 40% profit, when you specify that, the price will be automatically calculated for all the products available in your store. And it will update in case of any changes from your supplier.

4. Pricing

woodropship plugin review

For every plan, you get a 7 days free trial. This gives you the opportunity to set up the store and get to know the plugin better. I found that it is really not enough time to create, get accommodated with the plugin and potentially make sales. They should stick with the standard 14 days trial which for me is enough to create a store, get to know the plugin, market your store and make your first sales.

The free plan gives only 10 orders per month and 1500 products. They have changed it since we took that screenshot.

Other services.

You can buy a ready-made store, a professional-looking store in 48Hrs. They have a team that can create and set up a dropshipping store for you in no time. For a cost of $99, you will get a store with:

– One year hosting:

Your website will be in shared hosting, they do not disclose which company it will be. And you will get a 100GB storage which is perfect for an online store or a dropshipping store. The domain name is included too, it will be ‘.com’.

– A complete store set up:

With a customized logo, a woocommerce set up, a theme chosen from woocommerce or wordpress. But if you have your own theme you can submit it for use. Also, you get an SSL certificate, a payment gateway with PayPal receiving payment for orders. Woodropship plugin will be set up with the $29 plan and the store will be synchronized with aliexpress.

How is woodropship different from dropified?

For the main features, they are all the same. Get the full dropified review here. You can import products directly to your store, customize the image and description of the product. You can synchronize the inventory and place your orders with one click to aliexpress. But there are still a few things which are different, like:

Dropified can be used with more platforms ( woocommerce, commercehq, and others) than woodropship (only woocommerce).

– The product number is a maximum of 60,000 in woodropship and only 50,000 for dropified. But, the number of orders in dropified is not limited, you can receive as many orders as you can for any plan. To get the same in woodropship you have to go for the most expensive plan.

– Send product to an e-commerce platform is not possible with woodropship. That limits your possibility to sell and manage your e-commerce store. It is always a great place to be able to list your product directly from your store in e-bay, amazon, and others.

– All the app or features like aliextractor, tube hunt and callflex that you have in dropified to help manage and find high ticket products on aliexpress are not available in woodropship.

The difference between alidropship and woodropship.

Get the full alidropship plugin here. Again the basics are the same, automated product import, automated order to the supplier and inventory synchronization. Now, let check the difference:

Alidropship does not require a monthly fee, it is one payment of $89 and you will enjoy free updates. And the plugin is yours indefinitely but woodropship will stop working if you do not pay the monthly fee.

– The number of products to import and orders receiving in your store is unlimited with alidropship plugin and limited in woodropship plugin.

– You can use alidropship for multiple stores but woodropship is only for one store.

– Woodropship does not allow you to list your product in an e-commerce platform but alidropship does. You can even import your product variant too.

– You can not add a custom note to the supplier with woodropship. This note is very important because you can use it to tell your supplier to blindly ship the order to the client. The supplier will then fulfill the order without including any information about his/her brand. It helps dropshippers to keep their customers because when a client sees any offer or even the name of the supplier they may g buy their next time.


Woodropship vs dropshipme.

Check the full review of dropshipme here. These two plugins are the only ones with a free plan and they are both for a single store. Also, they do not allow importing the product to an e-commerce platform. Woodropship only allows 10 orders monthly when dropshipme gives you 50 products and the number of orders is not limited. But here are some differences:

Dropshipme does not have a monthly fee. You pay once and the plugin is yours plus free updates.

– The number of the product is limited to a maximum of 1500 with dropshipme but it goes up to 60,000 with woodropship.

– The order fulfillment is semi-automated with woodropship but it is not with dropshipme.

These two plugins have fewer differences and more features in common.

Pros of woodropship.

– It has a free option. Which is always a good way to start a dropshipping business, especially if you are a beginner.

– The automation is good and saves you a lot of time.

– The price is quite affordable.

– It can be used with woocommerce and WordPress. This is the assurance that you own your store and you do not depend on a given platform that can decide if you can or can’t operate.

– Your products are from aliexpress, this means they can deliver almost everywhere in the world.

Cons of woodropship.

– The monthly fee.

– Only 7 days of a free trial, not enough.

– Limitation of the number of orders. This means that if your orders are more than what your chosen plan allows you, you will have to pay a fee for that excess.

Conclusion of woodropship plugin review.

The woodropship plugin is a good option to make sure that your dropshipping business takes less time in the creation and the management. You will be sure to import products and variants from the supplier. Also, you can customize the product title, image, and description to your liking. If an order comes in, you can use the chrome extension to send the order directly to your supplier in aliexpress.

Those are really all we need in a plugin but if you want more than you can check the other plugin we compared it with. Like alidropship, dropified and dropshipme. And I hope you will take advantage of the free option if you are just starting to help start a dropshipping business and get an idea of how you can scale it with ease.

Thanks for reading, I hope you got some more information about this plugin. Feel free to leave a comment below.










Service offered





  • Automate import of product and placing orders to supplier
  • Free plan available


  • 7 days free trial
  • mothly fee
  • customer support is poor

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