What is instagram for business

Instagram was initially used to share pictures personal or not. From there it is used today used as a powerful business tool. You have the option of having a personal account or an Instagram for business account.

A personal account gives you the privacy you want, no one else outside your friends or followers will be able to see your content. And a business account is what you need to use Instagram for business. It gives you all the needed business features to help run and grow your business.


How do you take advantage of Instagram for business?

1. As, a blogger

Traffic source. For a blog, Instagram is a sourced of traffic. You just need to fill your website address in your bio. Anytime someone sees something interesting in your posts, the person can click the link to your website to learn more about it.

You can also create ads campaign leading your followers back to your website or blog. Learn more about this in our post Traffic source.

Content. Instagram allows you to create catching contents, with the image filters you get to create unique images. And it has also the option for you to create a story, a video or even to host a live event.

Videos attract more people than simple pictures or texts. So you need to create great content to bring people to your Instagram page then to your blog. Illustrate your blog content in a different way from what you have on your blog. Giving your audience another angle of understanding your content.

You can also take advantage of the Instagram advertisement. The Price is right and the impact is certain with a great content. As I always say leveraging both great content and advertisement is the key to a rapid growth.

2. As, an e-commerce

For an online store Instagram can be both a sourced of traffic and a store on its own.


As, a source of traffic, you have the opportunity to illustrate your products via images, videos, and everything else that Instagram has to offer. The goal is to give to your audience more information about your products. Information that they do not always see on your store or that they overlook.

It really gives the opportunity to connect with your audience in a singular manner. Let say you are selling phones, in your online store you only display pictures of the products. With your Instagram you can go even further by showing your audience how to use it properly.

social media

3. As, a store on its own.

You can sign up with platforms like ECWID, which allows you to create Instagram shoppable products. So people will see on the shoppable products, the price and the cart calling them to buy.

By clicking on it they will be brought back to your store to complete their purchase. Instead of going to your bio, clicking on your website link. Trying to find out whatever products they liked and then purchase it, shoppable products on Instagram is time saving and very efficient.

You can also sign up with a platform like IZEA to help you connect with influencers to buy services from them and get more exposure for your products. Read our review about it for influencers here.

4. As, a brand or influencer marketing

Create a community.

You can use Instagram for business to build your community of followers and create your brand as an influencer. It is true that influencer marketing on social media can use any of the social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,…..but the most used platform is Instagram, simply because it is easier to build a community on Instagram.

The images quality on Instagram attract more and it is mobile phone friendly, so people use it every day and all the time. You have to create great content to attract the right followers. You do not want to copy someone else, you want to be known for a certain niche or topic. Once you chose which topic is best for you, you are good to go, read more about this in our article “content creation



You will apply yourself to bring unique content about your topic in order to be useful and be relevant to your audience. Because of the market competition and the need to get contract, you need to be disciplined and efficient. Committed in building the right influence with your community. Socialize with your audience do not just create content without engaging with your audience. When, I say engage with your audience it is not only about replying to comment. But also about paying attention to what they publish, like and comment on their content too.

Here is a complete article on “Influencer marketing

5. As, a seller or company

You can create your own account and start building your audience from scratch. This takes time and work, you can contact influencers to market your products or you can do both.

Create and manage your account.

Creating your own Instagram for business account and starting to build your business from scratch is not bad at all. You can do it on your own with help of many tools which are coming up in the market every day. Managing your Instagram account is possible and takes time. But be careful not to automate everything because people still want to connect with human behind the account.

Study shows that some account with no image of a face do not get much engagement. That is just because of the image, what if people come to understand that it is all automated? Use it carefully.

You can employ people to manage your account, to post content and engage with the audience. This will be costly, so you need to measure your revenue and the expenses to see if it is worth it.

Get revenue.

To make that revenue Instagram will be your sourced of traffic and your store depending on if you are a blogger (because most blogger have sourced of revenue in their blog) or an e-commerce. And you also have to use Instagram ads to grow your reach.


To contract influencers on Instagram is a great way to meet your goal, which is to sell your products or services. Influencers are cheaper than paying for daily ads. I say that because, yes ads on Instagram may seem cheap. After, comparing the result that you have when using an influencer marketing with paid ads. The second one comes cheaper.

Paid ads VS influencer marketing.

Because, Instagram want to make money from ads. They limit the reach of your ads to a certain category of people and a certain amount of people. If you want a bigger audience you need to pay more, and sometimes you do not have the guarantee to make a sale.

With an influencer, you can take disposition to ensure sales, like a coupon code, discount for early buyers, …..many offers and incentives to help achieve sales.

The biggest achievement will be to do both. Building your own community is an assurance of future sales. Contracting influencers assures you sales almost immediately. My advice will be to build your community as you go, make use of Instagram ads and influencers when needed.

You can contact influencers and apply to become one here.

6. As, an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money. Even though most of the affiliate platform will not allow you to become a member without a website and a considerable number of visitors. Some individual affiliate program accept sign ups from anyone. And Instagram is a great place to monetize your affiliate link.

Read more about affiliate marketing here.

marketing your online business

How to do it.

Just fill your affiliate link as your website in your bio and start creating relevant content. Create Instagram ads to have more visibility and engage relevant audience to your products. The biggest mistake we make when we join an affiliate program is that we do not put in the work or the money. Make sure to take advantage of Instagram ads to showcase your affiliate products and increase the possibility of sales.


The biggest advantage of Instagram for business as a tool for any affiliate is the possibility to show your products in a new light. Be creative on the way you are presenting it to your audience make it a little different from what the company does. Create unique content around it and make it your own. Do not always link it to the company otherwise people will go directly to purchase from the company.

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of Instagram for your business. Start yours here.

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14 thoughts on “What is instagram for business”

  1. My daughter recently created an Instagram account for me for the dance studio. Would I be able to open another and separate Instagram account for my online business or is this not allowed?

    I am sure as with any social media account one has to put relevant information on this account, and I don’t think my dance pupils would be interested to see posts about affiliate marketing on their feeds.

    I must really learn more about this platform, as it seems to be very popular with the under 30 generations at the moment.

    • Instagram gives the possibility to have a private account and a business account. For any kind of business it is advise to create a single business account. Which means that you can create a new instagram account for your affiliate marketing business. This will help your business to grow.

  2. Real good post about Instagram. I didn’t even know that you can read a business from there or get paid. I found it really interesting to see that you can make money off of it. I thought that it was a place just for picture, goes to show you what you can learn. I will be looking into this interesting affiliate program. 

    • Yes, intagram ic great for quality picture but it is also a platform used by millions of people so being able to take advantage of that to expose your business can only benefit you. Try it and you will definetely see a plus value in your business.


  3. Thanks for your insightful post about using Instagram for business.  I have a question?  Is there anything I need to consider before adding affiliate links to posts in Instagram?  

    I ask, as I have had a few posts rejected on Facebook because of them being affiliate links, so should I be worried about Instagram rejecting posts?



    • Using direct affiliate links on social media is a no no nowadays especially on ads. The best thing to do is to create a piece of content with your affiliate links and create a post or ads on social media linking to the blog post. Otherwise you will be banned.

  4. I am trying to get a ‘handle’ on instagram as I am aware of its potential but as yet have not found a way to utilise it comfortably. I’ve managed to set up and ‘work’ the other other major social media outlets but not Instagram. I have a personal account set up but as yet have not done anything with it. Before I do, would it be worth setting up a business account, do you think ? Then just using that one instead of the personal one. My youngest set an account up for his drumming progress and I have to admit it does look really good. I think I have always assumed it was just for pictures. Now I know there is an opportunity to use the platform in a way that will enhance my business. I like the ‘Influencer’ option, that sounds like it might work, especially for creating ‘Brand’ awareness.

    • For you to get the full benefits of Instagram you need to set up a business account or transform your personal account to a business account. And influencer marketing is a good option too, here is an post we did about influencer marketing, it will give you a the information you need.

  5. Instagram of today has evolved from a photo sharing app to a multi-purpose or multi-function app. Instagram for business is a powerful tool to have. It’s analytics functionality is very much worth it to create a business account. 

    Aside from that, using instagram, you package your product or brand in a more personalize touch for your targeted audience. It’s important that they can relate on you that means a possible conversion.

    Great post as always.

    • The beauty of intagram is that any business can find a market. And today instagram goes hand to hand with facebook, and associating the two can be really powerful for your business, here is our article on Facebook for business, you can read more about it.

  6. This review about Instagram shines a whole new light on how marketing your website on Instagram can be very beneficial to your business. It used to be pictures were worth a thousand words, now it is video. I didn’t know that videos could be used on Instagram. The popularity of Instagram as a marketing tool has more advantages than other social media channels. This review has convinced me to open an account and start marketing my website. I would love to be a top influencer on Instagram. In your opinion how is the best way to achieve becoming a top influencer?

    • You can become a top influencer on instagram and you need to work hard. We wrote a post about that in influencer marketing. Read it and you will get clearer view of what it takes to become a top influencer on instagram in particular and social media in general.

    • Hi Joel
      I’m glad you find it information. I hope it can help you grow your social media reach.
      If you want to learn more about how to create a successful online business, join me, click ? here and we shall connect.


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