What is email marketing and how to get started

What is email marketing? I remember when I was in sales; the most exhausting part of the job was to find a new client every month. So what I will do is every month I will keep the names and contacts of my clients. The following month, for any offer that I have. I will pitch it first to the client on my list regardless of the nature of their previous purchase. And I realize that doing that ensured me a good amount of sales in no time.


It is basically the same here. Email marketing is when you market your products and offers via email. So this is more used in the online business because you basically do not meet your clients physically. And have no means of communicating with them. Getting their emails is the only sure way to get in touch with them and make sales.


We talk about email marketing every time we send a commercial email (selling products or services) to a desired person or group of people ( here I say desire because otherwise, it will be spamming). The goal in email marketing is to sell, just like in any other kind of marketing. The email may be sent to an existing client or a potential client.


What is email marketing: How does it work?

You need to install on your website a portal for your visitor to leave their contact info. But this strategy does not work well. Because most of the time people do not want to be bothered with sales emails or marketing emails.

online marketing

You need to give them a reason to give you their contact info. So most of the time you will give a freebie in exchange. I always advise to really give something of great value to incite your visitor in giving their email address. And guaranty their return.

So email marketing works in two major steps:
1. Get your visitors’ email addresses to create your email list
2. Contact them with your offers and make your sales

For you to accomplish these tasks successfully you will need to subscribe to an email service provider.

Here is what you need to get with your email service provider:

  • A platform that is easy to use, the dashboard, tools, forms, templates, broadcasts, automation. And subscribers are layed  out simply for anyone to understand and use
  • Emails should be delivered reliably and in a format that is mobile phone friendly.
  •  Assistance from the service provider anytime, fast and effective.
  • Changes and updates are made easy to implement. For example, when you change the name of your subscriber, it changes also in any other group where you associate that subscriber.

Here is the best email service provider in the market and which gives you all the needed tools.


With this tool, every step of your email marketing is made easier for anyone to follow.

Get your visitors email address to create your email list

Landing page

You can create a landing page like this one below or just a link inviting your visitors to join your newsletter. And get a free e-book introducing them to the business or giving them great insights into the business. So people will be more willing to subscribe when they know they are getting something valuable form you.

email marketing

Email template

Do not worry if you are not really good with writing emails. Because you get a ton of email samples, going from a welcoming email to a selling email. You can also automate emails according to the way you categorize your customers. And automate the message the day and hour of sending the emails and to whom.

convertkit stat

By organizing your clients in different categories, you are most likely to fill the specific need of your clients. Therefore, build solid trust and grow your business faster. Convertkit helps you categorize your audience under their tags and segment.

See exactly which content or offer you got more sign ups. convertkit stats pinpoint the exact subject or email marketing campaign which was successful to help you find a winning strategy.  And grow your business every day.


email marketing

Convertkit answers to all the questions of email marketing. Everyone who pursues email marketing is first for brand awareness. Because, you want people first to know that you exist, that the service or products you are offering exist. Also, you want to connect with your audience, let them know that your business is not fake. That there is also that human part who can relate to them.

Second, you want to know if what you are doing is good if your audience likes it or not. And if they personally get a solution from it, here is where convertkit gives you the stats and divide your audience in segment to help you be more effective.

And it provides the possibility to automate all of this process.


Make money with an email list

Having an email list is way important than having tons of followers on social media. Because, on social media, you do not get to know even the real names of your friends. And you do not get in touch with them otherwise, with social media people change pages every day. The only thing that people tend to keep is an email address. And people communicate more via email.

Our ultimate goal is to monetize our business just as we saw in this article here

Sell your email list

Having an email list is powerful for any business, you have a given audience to sell to, you can also sell your email list. Today many people are buying an email list to expand their business. As long as it is in the same business industry.

Example: You are selling a book, you will send emails talking about what is in your book.  And give a discount,  to your audience and can include a checkout link to purchase the book. Or you do a pre-sale.

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But I will never advise you to buy an email list because the greatest flow of email marketing is delivery. And many people give a fake email address, buying an email list does not guarantee that all the addresses on that list are real or even willing to buy from you.

To solve the email marketing issue of delivery, convertkit always sent a verification email. As, long as you have not confirmed via the link sent to your email, it will not add your address to the email list.

Create email sequence for your offer

An email sequence is an email that you have created as a reminder. So you can set newsletters, offer reminders, web post alerts and many more. Depending on your business nature. Like for me, I can set up a blog post alert to go every time I create a new one. This ensures me some visitors and my blog has an affiliate offer. So those are also potential sales.


How to create a successful email marketing?

With convertkit, you get tons of email template for any aspect of marketing. But you need to personalize it to make it fit your message and campaign. In doing so there are some few things you need to keep in mind, keep it simple. And I remember being really interested in a product. So I signed up for a 10 days email campaign but the email I received was so complicated to understand. Because, of a lot of stories before you get to understand what it was about. I was so disappointed. Keep it simple and easy to understand.

Do not go off subject, and mind the reader with the size of your email. And do not make it too long, there is no given or proven best size. But I realize that if your email is more than a thousand words I might not read it. And make it mobile-friendly, most of us today read emails on our phones.

Above all analyze your campaign to see what works for your audience. So try changing the email delivery time and day to see which fits the most. To find a successful email marketing you will need to be patient and try many times. With tools like convertkit all of this is made easier.


Conclusion of what is email marketing?

Make sure to create an email list. Therefore, you will have a customer base for all your online businesses. And use this great tool which is convertkit.

This will help you make money online with or without a website. Another great tool is AWeber, read our review about it.


I hope you got some answers, feel free to react in the comment section.


12 thoughts on “What is email marketing and how to get started”

  1. This is an informative and educative post. Email marketing is an online business which i have love to venture at but I do not know how to go for it but I’m glad I came across this article of yours as it has explained every bit I need to know about this and I now know the next step to take. thanks for sharing this information.

    • Start your email list and you will see how your business will improve and your income also will increase.


  2. Hey there,

    Thanks for a great post! One thing I should have done for my blog is the email list, because the email list, as well as the website,  is yours. You are not dependent on any platform for your content or your followers. Just like the Instagram follower, whose account was deleted and was rendered immediately out of business. 

    Since you have a giveaway to convince readers to become subscribers, is the email sequence necessary? And also, would you suggest having a popup when the users enter your website. I sometimes find that annoying… 

    Thanks again!


    • I do not like popup, it destroys the visitor experience. I will advise to have a form in your website offering a giveaway against sign ups. And, Yes email sequence is the key to making sales. Have an email sequence ready to welcome new sign ups, and keep it to a maximum of 4 per month to advertise your services and product. 

      I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey there,

    This is an interesting article on email marketing. I didn’t have any ideas about it before but from reading this article I’ve come know that email marketing is basically a way through which we can market our products and offers via emails as the same way we do in our real life. Moreover it’s more effective as technology has created a new era in term of business. And we don’t have to meet our clients physically which saves a lot of our time & efforts. Thank You very much for writing such a helpful article.

    • Your email list is your client list, so this is the main reason you want to have one. It guarantes good result for your marketing campaign. With an email list you are sure to make sales.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Your post is very educative and I really appreciate your time for learning  about email marketing for you to be able to explain very well on how to get started you even go extra length to suggest tools that will.make work easier which is Converkit and Awber, I have loved to be experience about email marketing  but my question is how many month can you suggest I can be good at this online business as a newbie.

    • I think it is all about how much time and money you want to put into your online business. Once you have that question you will know your level of commitment. Do not think that with only one hour a day or with irregularity on your work, success will come any faster. Within 6 months you should see some progress if you are fully committed.


  5. Hello Davina,

    Thank you for enlightening everyone about email marketing. You have covered everything people need to know although I would use Aweber over Convertkit as they do the same things but Cheaper.

    Everybody who is into internet marketing needs to learn about email marketing and how to use it if they are going to be successful.


    • It is the only way you can get your customers back to your business and buying.


  6. Great blog post and review on what email marketing is all about. I think email marketing is a really great way to make money even if one doesn’t have a website. The only real hassle a person can get as you have mentioned is convincing people to get their emails. Interestingly, you have dealt with that problem quite accurately here. I think I might just try convertkit and see how the tools they have available will help me. I’ll be sure to come back and tell about my experience with it.

    • It is a great tool and I am sure you will enjoy it, I will be waiting for your feedback on it.



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