What is an onlinepreneur? Become one today

Our question today is what is an onlinepreneur, an onlinepreneur is a person who creates business or companies online. The name onlinepreneur derive from “entrepreneur”, who is creating businesses. A big difference between an entrepreneur and an onlinepreneur is that the first create businesses mainly offline. Yet the second creates business mainly online either as an extension of an existing offline company. Or totally from scratch for complete online business.


Both are looking to make a profit from selling products or services. To succeed in creating a business one need to follow different steps. And in the second part, we shall present to you an excellent platform. Where you can learn everything you need to create and succeed as an onlinepreneur.

Steps to creating a business

You can read more about creating your business in this article, but here we made a quick summary for you.

1. Do a research

Not all the business ideas you have been great or profitable. So you need to do market research. And see how and if you can turn your idea in profitable business.
Reply to these questions:
– Is there a need for the products or services you want to offer, if yes, how big is it?
– Are there any other businesses offering the same services or products?
– What does the competition and how can your business stand apart from the competition?

This step is essential for any kind of business may it be online or offline, you need to know your market or market segment in order to bring exactly what needed and make a profit.

2. Make a plan

Write down your business plan, for an offline business, this can be a long detailed plan. Especially if you are going to ask for a bank loan. But for an online business, it can be as short as a paper, including the big lines. Like what your chosen niche market. And everything which derives from it, writing down the content you would like to tackle. And of course the amount of money you are ready to spend in ads and other software for daily business use.

3. Register your business

An offline business needs to get a license before starting the activities. But for an online business, it can take time before you even start making money. So many people do not register. So the business activities start right after you have your website set up and running. But both need a business name, a unique one.

4. Get a location

For an offline business, this means paying rent or a lease, setting up a store. An online store means to create a website and setting it up. Getting a location for both involves also buying adequate material. To help run the business and even hiring a qualified team.

5. Market your business

Without marketing your business, no one will really know what you are offering in your shop. That is what brings even offline businesses to get an online presence in order to get more exposure. Because of how cheap advertising online can be compared to traditional advertising systems, like television ads or billboards.

Wealthy affiliate academy: onlinepreneur academy

The classes

It is an academy where they form onlinepreneur, you can go from a newbie to a pro. So you will learn exactly what is an onlinepreneur. Get all the basics about creating an online business, growing your online business and become successful. You will get all the tools needed for that, you have classes on how to create a free website.

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You may start by using their own site builder and then you can upgrade to a WordPress website with your own domain. A keywords tool is available to help you get the best keywords in order to rank higher in the search engines. As a premium member, you have a maximum of 25 websites, it can be blogs, membership sites, classified sites, e-commerce, local or international business. Using WordPress the possibilities are endless.

Website hosting

Free hosting services for premium members and free website builder for everyone, even starter members with siterubix. Get your free website here.

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Apart from the website building, you have the website monetizing. With the wealthy affiliate program, you have your first monetizing option, which is a great feature. Because many affiliate networks will not accept new onlinepreneur as an affiliate without having a certain amount of website visitors prior, as we so in what is affiliate marketing. You get training on how to run the wealthy affiliate program, but in concrete, you can use this training and apply at any other affiliate program you are able to join and make money from it.

Take advantage of the community support in case you need anything, it is a community of a million-plus people, you get to talk directly to people, create your own connection with them.

The community plays also a great role in helping you grow and rank your website. You get to” share comment”, what I mean is that they have this great feature where you can comment on someone’s website and earn credit that you can exchange for a comment on your own website. You have the freedom to accept or refuse a comment.

Google likes backlinks and comments, remember.

Quality Backlinks

To get backlinks it is also easy, all you need to do is to fill your profile with your website address. And during the lessons, we always get the opportunity to share our posts. We share within the discussion thread with others for comments and feedback.

It becomes a double goal, you grow a network within wealthy affiliate and you improve your website ranking. And if there is something you have mastered, you can create training within the community and earn from it, great right?

So, Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 18 years now, training onlinepreneur to create a successful business and grow their network and community. The affiliate you recruit will be making you money every month they stay in the program, you help them grow their business and their own network by recruiting also others.

I love this academy because it gave me all the bases I never knew I needed and helped me grow as an onlinepreneur. Join my community and let us succeed together to enjoy the freedom of an onlinepreneur life, working from wherever you want and whenever you want. You can learn more in our review.

Thanks for reading
Make sure to click any wealthy affiliate words in the post or here to join my community. You can read some of my experiences as an onlinepreneur here.

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  1. This is an informative and educative article. I must commend you for taking your time to share this article you must have done a lot of research. Onlinepreneur is really one of the best profession one can virtue into. This article has taught, informed and educated me on how to create an online business which I will be following to have a business online.

    • Happy to be helpful and I wish you success! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more assistance, Thanks

  2. Firstly, I must commend your desire to share this informative post to the world. Thank you.

    onlinepreneur is the new trend towards securing active/passive income. Though the work one can engage in varies but JTS sure to yield profit as long as one goes by the guidelines on your post. I’m an onlinepreneur who majors in affiliate marketing and blogging and I can boldly say wealthy Affiliate is the best place yo be for anyone willing to venture into my line of business. Thanks for introducing the platform

  3. I like the fact that before you describe the advantages of being an entrepreneur  online, you remind us of the steps necessary to start a business. Starting with making a business plan. This is most important since many new businesses fail because the owner has failed to make a clear plan or neglected to do the market research. I agree with your listing of all the advantages of starting a new business online and then after it succeeds, if desired can transfer the business offline. I like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as a place where you can learn all about Affiliate Marketing. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate ,I can vouch for the accuracy of your recommendation. Personally what I found of great value is the training on how to build and promote a website. Your training allows you to create a website on your own, without having to pay for a computer expert. You are taught how to build a website without the need to learn coding. You can focus on marketing your product or business without having to study computer programming or the website design languages such as HTML . I would like to emphasize the low cost of the premium membership, only $49.00 /month, which includes all the training,hosting of up to 25 websites ,keyword research, access to the great Wealthy Affiliate community, and much more. You should find out for yourself , try the free membership !

    • I really like the list of all the advantages you made. When we account for a of them separately, 49$ is really not much. Thanks for this reminder.

  4. To read your article, I found that onlinepreneur  is really one of the best profession, one can virtue into create business or companies online. This article has taught, informed and educated me on how to create an online business. Wealthy affiliate has been  training onlinepreneur to create successful business and grow their network and community.I am very appreciate and thanks to you for sharing this post. 

  5. Onlinepreneur is the new trend. The lasting solution to making tangible income while sitting at the comfort of ones home working. It is lucrative and offers enough options that can serve everybody. I work as an onlinepreneur by working as a freelance writer. Though I’m planning to venture into affiliate marketing and I just joined wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. The support and training is massive. Thanks

    • It is a good concept and having several online businesses can really be a game-changer and you revenue will be growing year after year. 

  6. The term ‘onlinepreneur’ is a pretty clever term that identifies anyone who want to run an online business successfully. Wealthy Affiliate makes and mold a person into “all they can be.” I’ve learned quite a bit myself and learning different terms i marketing I never understood before. Do you think they’ll be ongoing new features in the months to come? I hope so. Also, how ranking is launched through search engines, off websites with great content and keywords.

    Beginning onlinepeneur’s can benefit greatly with all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer along with the ‘never-ending’ support from all its intelligent members.

    • Wealthy affiliate is the place to be and the training is awesome for beginners as you really get a simple step by step guide. You will understand better the process of making money online that so many people mystify.


  7. Thank you Davina, for an educative and informative article.

    There are far too many so-called onlineprenuers who neither research or plan their business.

    This is shown by those that appear and just as suddenly disappear. The research was either not done at all or not done fully and the only plan was to get a website on the internet.

    You have shown what is needed to run a successful business on the internet.


    • Online business is fun but it takes time to grow and be fruitful, many people create their online business with the idea of making money fast. And when it does not happen the way they imagined it, the just give up.

      That is why having the community support of wealthy affiliate can help one to understand what it takes to become successful in this industry.



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