What do you get with izea as an influencer

Izea is a marketplace for influencers and brand, today we are going to see what do you get with Izea as an influencer. You can also read more about influencer marketing here.

To really enjoy Izea’s benefits, you need to join the platform, choose what kinds of influencer you would like to be and start taking jobs.

1. Sign up with Izea

You can sign up with Izea as an influencer for free, this will give access to 5 offers or bids a month and you can only cash out when your balance has a minimum of $100. You can also sign up for a standard account, which will cost you $1 per month. And, you will have an unlimited number of offers or bids per month and you can withdraw your cash with a minimum balance of $50. There is also the pro account, at $5 per month, your account will be branded pro. You can withdraw as low as $25.

Once, you have signed up, you will need to complete your account. Choose the demographics of your audience, your target audience, and the subject. Also connect all your social media account, with their demographic, target audience and the pay that you would like to get. Make sure that you have filled it for all your account, otherwise, the brand agencies will not be able to see your account. Yes, an account that is not correctly filled will not receive offers.

what do you get with Izea as an influencer

Izea offers two kinds of influencers, you can join a sponsorship campaign or a content campaign.

A sponsorship campaign:

Involves you in creating content in your blog and share it on social media. It is the most used and the easiest to join. Some brands can create projects just for social media because that is what the really need. They can even ask for one specific social media. So, it is good to add all your accounts, just make sure that it has been active for the last 90 days. That it has at least a thousand followers and that you have not been inactive for more than 90 days.

So, to be qualified as a sponsor all you need to do is to go to the sponsorship dashboard and fill your information.

A content campaign:

Here you will be producing content, blog posts, video, graphics, articles and many more. But the goal is not to publish them to your account or blogs. You will submit them to the brand, who will publish it on his/her website or use it as they want.

You can set up your account and fill the portfolio dashboard. List your publication and precise where they were published. Do not write any social media as a publishing place, they want to see what you have published beyond social media, maybe in a newspaper or magazine.

Be sure to list all the categories in which you have the experience, because brands and agencies will look at that.

2. Get offers within your Izea account as an influencer.

When you open your dashboard, you will get direct offers. Meaning that a brand sent you an offer directly because your profile is what they are looking for or because they worked with you before and you did a good job.

And you will also get open bids, they are offers for which you qualified and you can bid to stand a chance to win the contract. If you are an experienced influencer, you can bid for the highest amount ( brand create an offer with a minimum and a maximum amount). But if you are a beginner, I will advise you to stick at the lowest side, it will help you win contracts fast and by doing good jobs, you will establish your reputation and gain experience.

Why I do not get offers in Izea?

Many reasons can stop you from getting offers on Izea, but the main one is your account set up. You need to feel all the information in order for your account to be visible to brands. Make sure your connections or social accounts are well linked to your account, like for Instagram you need to give access to your stories too.

And do not add personal accounts, only business accounts. And the language you are using the same language than what you are biding for. For example, an offer is in English and you share content in German, and you bid for it. You will never get it.

And make sure to remove the welcome screen otherwise you will not see any offer.

What to do in order to get offers in Izea?

1. Your account needs to be set up correctly. Bid on offers that match your content, if the offer is not in your niche, do not bid for it because you will be declined.

2. Izea and brand have access to your account and analytic, so no need to lie. Be truthful and take what you can do, what you are good at.

3. Be ready to work on calls, it can happen that you get an urgent email for a job which is time-sensitive, you need to be available.

4. Take every job with uttermost professionalism and make sure to do a perfect job. Here your results mean you can charge more and get more jobs.

5. Your account should have a majority of original content. And your social connections should be a business account, to allow the public access, not personal account.

6. Do not forget to continue growing your online presence because it can help earn more.

izea sign up

3. Manage your offers in Izea as an influencer.

When you get an offer it can be a direct offer or offers open for bids, as we explained above. For a direct offer, all you need to do is accept and start your work. For an open bid offer, you should give the right price and you are encouraged to give a pitch to the brand, explaining why you are a good fit for their offer.

A pitch is a good opportunity for you to sell your services and to connect with the brand too. You can share your experience as an influencer, your experience with their products if you have any. And share what is your view on the campaign, what you think will work well with their products, give them a taste of what you can do. Also, share your past work as an example if you did similar work in the past.

Here are different tabs you will find in your account to help you manage your offers:

Action required:

Approved bids waiting for you to submit content, bids in negotiation, content you have submitted for approval that has some change request and content approved waiting for publication.


Here you get your direct offers and offers open for bids.


You find the content and bids you have submitted and that are waiting for the brand or marketer approval and review.


All your completed content will be here and your content that has failed verification too.


You will find your declined bids.

How does bidding work?

1. Log into your account and on your dashboard, you will see if a bid is available. You get a bid or offer only if one of your connections is a match for the offer.

2. Read carefully the candidate description of the opportunity. And if it is the kind of content you would like to share with your audience. If it is a good match, you can proceed to place your bid.

3. Write a good and captivating pitch. Avoid talking about your account performance (like the number of your followers or the engagement, .) that the brand can already access. Take this chance to stand out.

After your pitch, you can agree to the terms and conditions. And then you can submit. Remember, bidding does not guarantee approval and a negotiation on the price is always available.

Some offers may require you to apply with an additional file to prove yourself.

How to submit your content for approval?

After your bid has been accepted, you can go back to your action required tab to create content according to the offer requirement. And submit it for approval of the brand or marketer. We are going to take 3 examples:

1. How to submit an Instagram video?

You go back to the accepted offer, under the action required tab, click on the offer and then click on create. You will be taken to the next step to download your video. This should be in a preferred format of MP4 or MOV, with a minimum dimension of 640X640, and a duration of 6 to 60 seconds long. If it is compatible with requirements, you can load your video fully, check its preview to make sure it is exactly what you wanted. Add your video description and the custom description required by the marketer or brand.

To finish, you will have to add a disclosure to your post, stating that your post is sponsored. You can choose among the 3 categories available, it can be a disclosure at the beginning of the video before the video starts or somewhere in the first quarter of your video with text. And then you can submit your video for approval. It will appear in the pending tab.

2. How to submit a blog post?

You can create your content from your content editor and add the HTML code from your editor to the Izea marketplace editor. Or you can do all your writings within Izea. Make sure to add all the relevant elements from the brand or editor.

Add a disclosure statement from the ones available in the tab and it will automatically appear at the beginning of your post. Then you can hit the submission button.

3. How to submit a Facebook photo post?

Make sure your image is JPG or PNG, with a maximum file size of 8mb, and a minimum dimension of 960X960. Then go to back within your offer to create your post. Go to upload images and crop your image. Create a description for your image and add the custom description from the brand. And any other additional recommendation, like the location tagging or destination link.

Add the disclosure statement, you will get a list available according to your subject and Facebook guidelines. Choose one and you will be able to see the preview, check it, make sure everything is OK and submit it.

You will not need to publish it on your end, Izea will publish directly to your Facebook account once the marketer or brand has approved it.

How to avoid failed notification?

Failed verification means that you have placed your bid, it was accepted, you have submitted your content and it was approved and published. But whatever you published does not match what you submitted or something changed and you are not eligible to receive payment. The reason can vary from one platform to another.

1. Twitter:

You may be using a tool to manage, publish and delete a post in your account. And it happens that your sponsored post was deleted before completing the verification stage. Now even if it is republished the link will not match the initial one used from Izea (because Izea publishes directly on your twitter account), so you will lose your payment.

So, do not be in a hurry to delete your sponsored tweets, they have to be verified first.

2. Instagram:

Make sure the custom description is the same, you can copy and paste it from the offer to avoid any difference. The photo should be exactly what you submitted for approval. Because, Izea does not publish directly in your Instagram account, you will need to do it from your phone and publish exactly what was approved.

Do not add any filter or emojis you did not submit for approval. So, if you submitted a simple picture with no filter or emoji, use that same picture, otherwise, your work will not be verified and you will not get paid.

3. Blog post:

Do not edit your post in your website. Use the same post which was approved. If you change anything, even what you think may not be important, it will affect the verification process and you will not be approved for payment.

4. Facebook:

Izea posts directly to your Facebook, do not edit anything and do not be in a hurry to delete it before it is verified.

4. ContentAmp

ContentAmp is an option within Izea that allows you to review and share content to your social media channels for a commission. It is mainly done with a Facebook or a Twitter account. And to enjoy this option within izea as an influencer your Facebook or Twitter account needs to have a big number of followers and good engagement.

Your payment is based on Pay Per Click. ComtentAmp is attached an analytic feature to allow you to track the published content and see how many clicks you have got.

Here you do not need to leave the post in your account until it is verified, you keep it as long as the budget allows you. For example, if you share content with a payment of $20 and $1 per click, you will have to keep that post until you get 20 clicks because that is when the budget will run out. After that, you can take it off.

How to qualify for contentAmp?

First, you need a quality Facebook or Twitter account. With a minimum of 500 followers, the account must be at least three months old and it should be a business account, not a fan page. The content shared should be in majority native to the account and not re-post form other social media platform.

This is the condition that disqualified my Facebook page, I was using a scheduling tool that allowed me to re-share my Instagram post to Facebook. So, most of the posts on my Facebook page are from my Instagram account. But I have stopped hopefully in the next 3 months I can be qualified.

Also, your content must be original, less political post, and language compatibility.

Share the contentAmp

When you are qualified the contentAmp option will appear on your dashboard. From there you can check if there is anything available and with which social connection is required. If you have Twitter and Facebook at the same time, you can choose which one you would like to use.

You can also choose to use the available content as it is or you can opt to create your own based on the title given. If you choose to create your own content, you have to keep the title and submit your work to the marketer or brand for approval. After it is approved the content will be published directly to your account.

You can also choose to decline an offer based on your own reason, just click the X at the right top corner.

Some Facts about contentAmp

Any submitted post is approved within one day and directly published, so if you want some space between two posts or tweets, make sure to submit in a different time.

You can only take 20 projects in a 7 days time frame, not more.

To maximize the chances to get more clicks you can share the link. But only within the same platform, if you shared a contentAmp on Facebook, you can share that link only on Facebook, not on Instagram. The same goes for twitter. Otherwise, whatever clicks you get there will not count.

The requirements to qualify for ContentAmp changes with time, so you may become disqualify at the discretion of Izea. You will just notice that the contentAmp tab has disappeared.

Do not try to cheat the PPC process. The system will check before validating any clicks. If they find that it is a fraudulent click, you will not get paid. Pay attention to the places you choose to share your links make sure that it is a trustworthy platform.

5. Get paid in Izea

With izea, you get paid as an influencer and if you refer other influencers or brands too.

Get paid in Izea as an influencer

Beside your Avatar or photo, you will click the drop-down and find the finance tab. That is where you can find any pending payment. Make sure that your PayPal email address is registered and then you can apply for a payment.

Remember only the verified project’s payment will be available. So, within the finance dashboard, you can find all the projects that you have done. The date you did publish them, the amount you are to be paid and when they will be paid.

It is also a good way to track which project has already been verified. Because, as long as a product is not yet verified, its payment will not be available.

Another way to earn money with Izea is with the affiliate opportunity.

Affiliate marketing opportunity with izea for influencer

What do you get with izea as an influencer? the opportunity to enjoy affiliate marketing. As a member of Izea you can use your referral link to invite influencers (creators) and brands or marketers to join. And you will make a commission on what they will make for a maximum of 24 months. But you can not make more than $100 per project and you will not earn anything on their contentAmp project.

Here is what you can make:

From 0-9 referees you will get a 2,5% commission

10-24 referees, you get a 5% commission

25-99 referees, it is a 7,5% commission

100+, the commission is 10%

So, it is a pretty good opportunity to make money. Grab your link within your account settings, you can share it on social media or choose a banner to publish on your blog.

6. Conclusion of what you get with izea as an influencer

So, what do you get with izea as an influencer? I would say many opportunities to make money. It is organized to let you realize great work and establish your brand too. It gives the opportunity to everyone who wants to be an influencer to showcase their work.

I started with Izea just with the affiliate part. While I was learning how to grow my social connections, what I should include or not in my account and the best way to stand a chance of working with brands. And now I am pleased to invite you to join me and make money too. Join me at Izea as an influencer or a brand.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.



Service offered





  • Free for anyone to join
  • You get to connect with brands
  • Make money with your blog and social media accounts


  • You can only see offers when you qualified

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    • You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but not Pinterest.

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    • Yes, you will need to be active on a business account for at least 3 months. But you can sign up just after converting it to a business account and start making money by recommending it as your affiliate program. it is how I started.


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