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Let talk about getting a wealthy affiliate free membership but why do you need to join wealthy affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is an online university that can train you in creating a successful affiliate business. Created by Kyle and Carson, wealthy affiliate has been in the online market for more than 10years now. They have seen thousands of people grow their business from scratch to complete success.

The training offered is in video format. They lead you, step by step to create a website where you will create your content and attract visitors. You can pause and play at your convenience.

So, what can you get fromwealthy affiliate? You will get easy to follow training on all the aspects of your online business (content creation, content marketing, and SEO). Wealthy affiliate is also a hosting platform that will host your website up to 10 websites with a qualified tech-support team to help whenever you need it. This provides you with everything that you need to succeed in your venture from day one.

You will also take advantage of the great community within wealthy affiliate. Where we share our success and failure. And members can give pieces of training in whatever subject of online business that they understand to help each other improve. I talk more about it in my review here.

The membership

To be a part of wealthy affiliate, you need to pay a monthly or yearly fee. For all the advantages that you are getting with wealthy affiliate, the price of $49 per month or $495 per year is very fair. Take it as the fee that you need to pay to hast your business, I am sure in a traditional or physical business, it is unimaginable to pay that insignificant amount.

But I live in Africa and I know for most of us it is still quite a monthly or yearly investment. Because on average $49 is what you make and you have to take care of yourself for a whole month. In such a case considering to invest such an amount is not a possibility.

Here I would like to give people like me or anyone else some tips on how you can enjoy a wealthy affiliate free membership or a paid-for membership.

 1. The free trial.

When you sign up with wealthy affiliate, usually you will get 7 days free trial. It gives you the possibility to get some basic training on how the online business works and you can even create your website. The 7 days can also be enough for you to make some face-to-face marketing with your friends and family to join wealthy affiliate. The commission you will get from that will pay your membership.

For some countries, you may not get the trial of 7 days and you will be prompt to pay your first monthly payment at $19. Which is not bad at all, it will give you full access to the website and you will be able to start your business fully. Other countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Philipines, Vietnam.

Note that Nigeria is not accepted in wealthy affiliate for a free membership unless you use a VPN to hide your location.

 2. Make money with training.

Not everyone that joins wealthy affiliate is a beginner in the online world. Some also are fast learners, others understand the tech-world, some have had great results trying new plugins to improve their business. As long as your knowledge will help the community to improve their online business. You can share it in the training section.

If your training is well received by the community if it is a good addition to what we need. You may receive a payment from wealthy affiliate. You can set a target of creating one training per week to help you realize your monthly fee.

3. Make money with site comments. 

Another great thing that you will get in wealthy affiliate is the site comments section. Basically to help boost your site trust with the search engines you can submit your blog post to the community to be commented. The core principle is reciprocity. Your comment for me and I comment on you. But some times you may have to buy comments because you do not have time to reciprocate.

That is where site comments can help you make some cash to pay for your membership. But you need to keep the standards required before being qualified for the paid comments. It can be time-consuming but if you are trying to have a source of income to invest in your business, you will find the time for sure.

 4. Invites your friends and family.

The first people to help us or discourage us are always those close to our hearts. If you have like-minded friends and family, make sure to talk to them about wealthy affiliate, share your link as much as you can on your first month.

The goal is simple, people who are joining wealthy affiliate via your link will make you money. For every sign-up, you will get a commission. And at the beginning, for a wealthy affiliate free membership, you need people that will come to stay. So that you can make a recurring commission from them to pay your membership and continue growing your business.

 5. Make the efforts to enroll at least 3 persons for a recurring commission.

I know this may sound like a small number but it is just enough for you to enjoy wealthy affiliate free membership form your third month.

For a new member who is paying $19, you will receive a commission of $8. So, your first commission will be $24. But their second payment will be $23.50 from each. That makes a total of $70.5 and that is enough for you to pay your membership and withdraw some for your internet payment ( I imagine).


Getting wealthy affiliate free membership is possible and very easy to obtain. Take what is more convenient for you to do to let wealthy affiliate auto-pay your membership. I usually use site comment an now that my business needs more time, I am switching to getting affiliates, it is not the easiest but it is one that can last effortlessly.

Here some other methods you can apply to get a wealthy affiliate membership https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/boomergp08/blog/no-money-for…

All you have to do is to believe and work hard to achieve it. Wealthy affiliate is offering the best and affordable education in the online world.

I hope you will take this opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate and start creating your online business today!


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  1. Hello. Am really grateful reading these post . I got to learn alot on wealthy affiliate I would love to be on the platform more given the advantage or the earning profits which you can get from these program. But I generally feel these should be worldwide. Thanks for the information 

    • I think wealthy affiliate has been around for a while now and they know why some countries should not benefit from their 7 days free trial.


  2. Hey nice article you have there, with the analysis given, wealthy affiliate is just that one platform I have been searching for,but there are questions that seeks for answers to me, Is mentorship or coaching given to newbies on website development, if the free trial elapse without one registering, can he or she still have access to the platform ?.

    • Yes, you can have access to the platform after your free trial at a discounted price of $19 for your first month. The coaching is there and the community will give all the necessary help you may need.


  3. I was also on the wealthy affiliate free membership a couple of days ago before I upgraded. It was really nice to try out a platform like this for free for a few days. I believe this free membership was to give us a taste of what it feels like to be a member and I can very well tell you that tasted really good because I could not resist becoming a member immediately so I joined premium membership. It was nice, the feeling of becoming a member of the awesome platform.

    • Great congratulations to you for making one of the best decisions in your life! I hope you will take the training and have success.


  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that offers great services for affiliate marketers. I started out as a relative novice and over time, I’ve been able to hone my skills and grow my earnings on the WA platform. The free trial provides one with 7 days to learn how it works. The instruction materials provided by Wealthy Affiliate are well detailed and very useful. The community of affiliate marketers on the platform also are always eager to help new people that joins. It’s been a great experience being on WA so far.

  5. Wealthy affiliate is a really good online platform to help you grow in your business and I love the way they carry out their training with premium members. It’s also a thing of beauty to see a platform that allows for a free membership and gives some insight as to what you will be getting as a free member. These things are just too good and I love it

    • It is the best platform to learn how to create an affiliate business.



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