The best dropshipping tools to automate your business

Can you get the best dropshipping tools to automate your business? With a dropshipping business, you need to have products, to manage your business and do the marketing. Different tools are in the market today to help you do all of that easily and even automate those tasks.

1. Products inventory

Choose the best dropshipping tools to automate your business for your product’s inventory. It is true that with a dropshipping business you do not have to keep an inventory physically. But you still need to populate your website with your product images, product description, the quantity of the products available and keep an eye on the product availability. Let see some tools or software that can assist in that process.


We have a review on the range of products and services that you can get with alidropship here. Essentially, it will allow you to import products directly from the aliexpress website. You can install their chrome extension and pick products from aliexpress back to your website. So, you will get the product images, product description ( that I highly advise you to improve for SEO purposes). You can also get the product reviews, and select among the reviews given by the client on aliexpress and keep what you think will improve your sales.

Now, why would you want to use this tool?

Because, you will not be worry if a product runs out from your supplier. If it does, the tool will automatically update the inventory in your shop and put the product offline.

The best dropshipping tools to automate your business

This was a real headache as you could find that you accepted an order for a product. But when you come to place the order to your supplier. You will find that product out of stock and you lose a sale.

But the downside of using Alidropship is that you will only import products from aliexpress and no other shop. But for me, it is not a disadvantage because I can’t apply to Amazon, there is no amazon where I am. Aliexpress is a good choice for me.

The best reason why you want to choose Alidropship is that you only pay for it once. No monthly payment and no other fee will be charged to you.


This tool will allow you to import products from different online malls like e-bay and aliexpress. Giving you a wide range of products. So, you can import product information and you have a studio or an editor. That will help you change some few things about your products.

Some product images from the supplier are not always of good quality. Now here you can do some magic to improve the images or customize them with your logo. You can also import product reviews. You can read more about dropified here.

Pros and cons

You can mange within dropified up to 5 dropshipping stores. The software integrates with different platforms like Shopify, commercehq, and woocommerce. Which is a huge advantage.

Another plus is that you can map different vendors for one product. If you, can not find all the variants of the products from one vendor, dropified will help you find other vendors of the same product with the variant that you want.

The negative part is that you have a fee and you can pay for it on a monthly or annually basis.


You will be able to import products from aliexpress and other oberlo verified suppliers. Import all the product information you need. Here you have the possibility to switch suppliers according to the price or service quality.

Meaning that when you have selected a product. You will get options to change suppliers for one that is selling at a lower cost. So, you can maximize your profit. But also because the supplier has poor services, like delay in fulfilling orders. And this is bad for business as clients want delivery asap.

Pros and cons

The advantage of oberlo is that you can start for free for a maximum of 500 products and you will get all the basics. Or you can go for the pro version with a monthly payment with a maximum of 10000 products. You will get all the specifications except for the multi-staff option.

The negative part of this tool is that you can only use it on Shopify and no other dropshipping platform.


You will get inventory imported from aliexpress. But dropshipme has made their own platform of suppliers they have approved from aliexpress. They do not import product from any other supplier. You can import all the product information you need, from the photos to the descriptions. And they have integrate a professional look to your shop. Your products will be professionally edited and customized. Product reviews can also be imported.

Here also there is no monthly fee, you even get a free plan with a maximum of 50 products. If you, have more products you can buy them. The plugin works well with WordPress.

The big cons for me are that you can only get products from their approved suppliers. I think it is a limitation on the number of different suppliers that you can get for a product. But it is also a safeguard to help you get the best quality of products and services. Here is a full review of this tool.


It is an association of woocommerce and aliexpress. You get to import products from aliexpress to your woocommerce website. Import products, synchronize inventory and customize that product’s images.

They have a monthly fee, the cheapest allows you to get a maximum of 3000 product variants and accept 100 orders per month. Which can be enough for you to start making good profits. And it is the best value I have seen so far. You can read the full woodropship review here.

2. Management

When managing your store, you get to take care of your customers, reply to their inquiries and accept their orders. But placing orders to the supplier is the most consuming task. Because, you need to copy and paste your client’s information and make the payment to your supplier.

But that process has been simplified. With the 5 tools that we have presented above, you can accept orders from your clients and with one click pass the order to your supplier( minus your profit). The products will be automatically added to aliexpress cart with your client’s information and all you need is to checkout.

Also, you can track the fulfillment of the order to your client. So, you can send a message of order confirmation to your client and keep updating until delivery.

Although the process is 80% automated, you still need to do some work or you can hire a virtual assistant to take care of it.

3. Marketing

Marketing is the biggest part of your business. Without marketing, you may not make any sale. So, you need to be ready with your marketing budget as we saw on this previous post, here. With an online store, you do not wait for organic traffic, you can work for it when you create your content but most of your traffic will be paid. You will do that by paying ads on Facebook and other search engines, to get more exposure to your products and eventually make sales.

But paid ads are not a guarantee of success, you need to know how to create attractive ads, where to target and it is not always easy. So, I will advise you to get assistance from one tool called social rabbit. It is an add-on of alidropship, works well with a dropshipping store and WordPress websites.

Social rabbit

It is a tool or plugin that allows you to improve your social media marketing game. It will be publishing content on your social media account, it will improve your content marketing. So, you can connect it to your Facebook account, Instagram account, Pinterest account, and Twitter. It will boost your engagement rate, it runs 24/7 and on autopilot. And it can also find a popular post in your niche and publish it to your account to attract more visitors.

It will save you time and money. You make a one-time payment for the plugin and enjoy free updates.

Conclusion of The best dropshipping tools to automate your business

Here are the best dropshipping tools to automate your business. All of them something specific that you will not find anywhere else, but it is up to you to see which one gives the best services. But none of them is fully automated.

Anyone can start a dropshipping business regardless of where you are located. The internet gives us access to the whole world and most of these tools import products from aliexpress. Also, aliexpress does deliver anywhere in the world. So, you should not be worry to start a dropshipping business targeting your local customers.

The prices of the tools vary from one to the other, but my advice will be to join with at least $500 as your star-up capital. Because, most of that budget as I said will go to your marketing. Just make sure that you have enough to cover a month worth of paid ads.

But you can be more cautious and start with a free option.

Free dropshipping tools

There are not so many platforms that offer free services for dropshipping. You can get a free trial and then upgrade to a paid service, but not free services. All the best dropshipping tools to automate your business have a price tag. I still manage to find some free ones,

1. Dropshipme:

You get to display 50 products and as long as you don’t go over that limit you will not be charged.

2. Oberlo:

I want to put it here because you can get it free of charge for up to 500 products. But you still need to pay the monthly fee of Shopify because you can not get oberlo outside of Shopify, you can’t get it from WordPress or woocommerce.

3. Modalyst:

It integrates with Shopify and bigcommerce. It is not completely free but you pay 5% of your sales. This means that if you do not sell, then there is no cost. So, all you will need is to pay for a monthly subscription to Shopify or bigcommerce.

The best dropshipping tool

I will choose Alidropship, because it is overall cheap, one payment and you just get free updates. And you have the ownership of your website.

The second one will be dropified, because it allows you to create more than one dropshipping store and manage them from one account, it is really convenient.

I hope you got some value from this, feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks



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  1. I must say that dropshipping has crossed my mind a few times but I never tried it before. Now I see that there are dropshipping tools available. The one I like is Dropify, you can import products from e-bay which I love and it offers a wide range of products which you can edit to your liking.

    There are many great options here that can be used for free and upgrade once you are ready to get more products.

    Thank you for providing this information and all the best.

    • Yes they are all great tools and I hope you get to enjoy them in your business.


  2. Wow, great post you have up here. Thank you for listing out the tools for drop shipping and telling us which is cheap and which is best. I am thinking of opening a business of this sought online mostly because I get to do it in my leisure from home. I don’t yet know much about it so I am scavenging the net for info so thanks Alot for this post, I’ll take your recommendation and go for alidropship. Thanks again

    • yes, alidropship is the best you can get. check our review on it here for more information.


  3. I have always wanted to learn so much more about dropshipping and this article is amazing. I was not familiar with Alidropshipping and I am appreciative of the information that you provided. I have a line of products that I have been trying a suitable and reasonable way to them they sold so it is good to know that with Alidropshipping you do not need to worry about the product running out as they automatically update the inventory in the shop and put the product offline. That to me sounds awesome.

    I also learned so much about Dropified, Oberlo, Dropshipme and Woodropship. It’s also good to know that some of these services are free to prevent others from investing without gaining an income.

    • Great! you can get a closer look at alidropship here, we made a full review of their products.


  4. I’ve been sitting on the fence for the past year regarding dropshipping sites, they sort of became the money-making rage of 2018-19 and I figured I sort of missed that boat entirely.  Facebook ads are so competitive now you would really have to niche down hard it seems to make any sort of impact.  But I have to say I was really intrigued with Dropshipme, the idea that its curated for quality really spoke to me.  I had heard about all the other options you listed except for this one, and I’m going to take a closer look.

    • Dropshipme is a good one too, make sure to check it.


  5. It’s a relevant information for those, like me, that want to operate different types of business online without falling in scum trap. I have not heard about none of this tools before neither about Alidropship which sounds attractive as much as dropify. I am going to research more about them and perhaps I will started on this digital platform as well.
    Thanks for the information.

    • I really hope you will give it a go, you will not regret it. You can read more here, we made a full review of that platform.

  6. I love the idea of going into dropshipping as a means of earning from home and its been one of my best work from home idea, but just as it requires, I am making more findings of on it so I would have a vast knowledge of it when I start. I appreciate the list of tools which can be used and I am quite familiar with a few. Going by your best which is Alidropship, i would love to read more on it. Any suggested link?

  7. I truly need to initially value your exertion in assembling this incredible site and composing this article. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of The best dropshipping tools to automate business. Much obliged to you for listing down the tools for drop shipping and disclosing to us which is cheap and which is ideal. I think your article will be of great benefit to those who are opening new business and marketing. I liked Alidropship dropshipping. I think this dropshipping will be good for business and marketing and I will definitely use it in my business and marketing work. if you don’t mind, I’d like to share your article on my social media. Thanks for sharing.Good luck and stay safe!

  8. Some of the products you have up here are relatively new and it’s so much fun to learn new platforms that I can use for dropshipping. The oberlo platform for example is a very good one and I’m happy to see that it really works. The features are really good and I’d like to give it a try sometime soon. Thank you for this awesome information.

    • Yes, oberlo is great and keep in mind that you can only use it within Shopify.


  9. Very good insights on the tools available to assist with dropshipping. I found your information valuable. I din’t realize there were that many options available to help with tracking product investory as well as with the fulfillment of the order.

    I agree that organic traffic cannot be relied upon in this tye of business and it is important to invest in some sort of paid traffic to get good results. It does take time to learn PPC and an investment of money. Social Rabbit sounds like a great way to generate leads. I am going to check it out. Thanks for the reference on this. Have you had good results with it?

    Thanks for the list of both free and paid tools which you have included in your article. Very helpful. Good amount of options from which to choose. Much appreciated.

    • I have been using the social rabbit plugin for a while now. So, I can truthfully say that it is a great tool, it publishes on all your attached social media account, it can interact in the form of pre-established message, follow, unfollow people. So, it helps you keep your social media activity and grow it at the same time.


  10. Excellent comparison of the multitude of drop ship tools.  The layout of your site is a little awkward, I thought.  However, I was able to navigate through it.  I had to click on the About menu item to get to see you whole menu.   I wish you great success as you build your WA business in Africa.

    • I just wanted to make it more about the articles than anything else.



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