Starting an online business for dummies: 10 useful tips

The rise of the internet made people fall in love again with nomad lifestyle and freedom. Today you can work for anywhere in the world, on your own terms and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Here are the best steps to starting an online business for dummies.

start an online business

1. What are you good at or find a need and fill it

Identifying what you are good at is much easier than going for market research. But most of the time people will go for what they see going on around them, which can also be a good thing.

If you are a cook, a hairdresser, a lawyer, a dancer, a dentist, a general shop owner, ……you can always bring your business online. And if you would like to reinvent yourself, examine yourself and a skill that you have.

But you can also go with the latest trend, research and find out what is working well lately. And capitalize on that to create a new venture. Find out what works and improve it or put on it your own twist to make it unique. In that case, you need to be ready to analyze deeply your competition. And apply what works, which is always good because you capitalize on something which is proven and has already a market.

I always advise my client to start with it especially when you are a newbie. You need something which works to get you started, when you see the result at a very early stage in your business it motivates you. Once you are established with some recurrent profit, you can then decide to explore and bring something new on the table.

2. Write content with great value or propose a service/products fill the need

Writing content brings you back to school. Therefore, a presentation you need to separate 3 parts which are, introduction, the body, and conclusion. The same should be applied to all your posts.

To have great content you need to go deeper into each subject. So the more details you give, the more helpful you will be for your reader and visitor. Because every post is made to solve a particular need of your visitor.

For example, as an online store, you will need to have great photos, allowing your customers to get the most realistic look at what they are purchasing. And the most accurate description of the products.

Everything you need to know about content creation is here

3. Create a website or join a platform which can help you display your offer

For any online business, you need a website. It like for any offline you would like to establish, you need a location to display your products/services. And welcome your clients.

Own website:

To get a website today, you do not need to consult a specialist. There are many platforms where you can host your website with plus or less autonomy depending on which platform you choose.

For a blog, google blogger is a free platform and easy to manage. But you have less autonomy like you would if you use WordPress and any of their hosting provider.

starting an online business for dummies

The best system is WordPress, you can host it with Bluehost or Wealthy Affiliate. I will recommend going with Wealthy Affiliate. Because, as a premium member the hosting is almost free. Why? Because, on top of being able to host your websites(max of 25). You can make money as an affiliate, read more about it in this article here.






For e-commerce, you can choose. Firstly you can choose to create your own with your own domain. Which, I always recommend. Secondly, you can join an existing e-commerce platform. Therefore, you will get a store to display your products and at every sale, you will pay a commission to the platform.

The second choice is good for a starter. Because, you get to learn all the steps of the business. And later, you can start your own based on what you have learned.

4. Starting an online business for dummies: how to market your website

Now that you have your website up and running, you need to have visitors. The first marketing step is to let people know that your business exists. Like for an offline store mostly you will do an activation, billboard, distribute some fliers with your offers to attract clients. You need to do the same with your online store.

marketing your online business

Go to google and bing, and submit your website for indexation and pay per click campaign. And your website will be advertised anytime a visitor on those search engines will be looking for anything that you offer on your website. You will pay the search engines only if the visitor clicks on your ad.

Another way for you to market your website will be to submit it as advertisement space. You allow the search engines to publish ads on your website for a fee.

So marketing here goes both ways, you pay google to show your website on the top of the research result. And you get paid to let google place ads on your website. It is also a way for you to monetize your website and get paid by google.

5. Starting an online business for dummies: Create your customer base

Personally, I hate any business which tells you, go every day and bring customers. It is a daily fight, discouraging and time-consuming.

You can avoid it by making sure that you get the contact of most of the visitors from your website. There are many ways for you to keep a customer base. And many settings that you can use to ask your visitor to leave their email address mainly.

startin an online business for dummies

You need to keep a customer base or list. Therefore, you will be sure that every time you publish something. Or have an offer you can first interest them before going to find a new client. This allows you to be sure to make some money already.

You should use a plugin like convertkit. This tool helps you get emails from visitors and also create an email marketing campaign successfully. Everything you need to know about email marketing is here

6. Diversify your products or content(as long as it is in the same niche)

Here the difficulty will be to keep the focus on your niche or chosen need to fill. As much as it is boring to talk about the same subject on and on. Above all, you will need to keep you chosen need to fill, in the center while you bring something new on the table. For more details about the subject, you need to do more than the competition.

Let say you chose to talk about your practice as a dentist. You will have to keep your client interested by diversifying your daily post. And make sure to bring them back to the main subject.

For example, today we are gonna welcome children to tour our office and give them a free check-up.

Today we bring the coolest gadget to help your next visit be the easiest experience. Advice on how to keep your mouth clean.

That is how you can diversify your post subject and keep the main subject of your website in the center.

7. Find new channels to reach more clients and get more exposure

This may be more easy for e-commerce because of the multiple channels existing already. You open your store and you get the opportunity to sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, google shopping, Facebook shop, Instagram shop, shop message. And many others.

The greatest thing is that from where ever you are, you can check with all these platforms. And find out if you are eligible to sell with them.

For a blog, you can check for a big shot in your industry. I mean those who are already successfully blogging in the same field as you, try making great content. And contact them to share your content a social media. Create a digital product to sell, and you can also create an affiliate or referral program to help you sell your digital product.

8. Join a like-minded group to learn more about the business

To ensure your business growth, you need to continuously learn about the business. And you can learn more from other entrepreneurs already successful in the business.

master mind group
I always advise joining a group or network of entrepreneurs. Also, a paid membership program which exposes you to a certain knowledge helpful for your business and a possibility of socializing with other entrepreneurs.

This helps you learn anything new happening in your industry and correct your mistake by learning what works.

9. Use software or get tools to ensure a great result

To maximize your exposure to search engines, you can buy the software. And other programs that can help you optimize your visibility to the search engines and improve your revenue. Like Wealthy affiliate. They provide classes and credible technics to improve your business, to improve your digital marketing, your content creation, you SEO traffic, you social media marketing, …..everything you learned under one roof.

You can write great content but if it is not what people need you will not get visitors. Having software which will give you keywords or the most search word in your domain. The software which tells what kind of content people are searching from or among your content which one gets more views. This allows you to make more of such content and maximize the possibility of getting visitors and making money.

10. Starting an online business for dummies: Set yourself as an expert in your field

start now

Now that you have visitors on your website. And now that you are making money, you can set yourself as an expert in the field and teach others, or consult with companies.

Having you website data to back you up. You can now earn money way beyond your website, you can influence people and inspire them.



The greatest advantage of succeeding in your online business is that you can now make money on and offline. And you will be the one to fix the price of your services and enjoy the lifestyle of your choice. You can create a course or write a book outlining your experience and how you achieve your success

Conclusion of starting an online business for dummies

Follow these steps understand them, be serious in doing it because it is a business. And be pragmatic and do not do what you think will work. But do what is already proven, delegate what you do not know, learn as you go and above all be patient. I hope to start an online business for dummies, as an article will help you grow!

I hope this was helpful, you can react in the comment section.


10 thoughts on “Starting an online business for dummies: 10 useful tips”

  1. Hi! I greatly appreciate the way you have used to communicate your message. When starting to research about how to start an online business, one gets the impression that’s impossible to catch up, because so many different terms are used.

    You have explained this really simple, breaking it down in steps that are easy to understand. Thank you very much!

    • My goal is to teach everyone and especially those who do not much about making money online. So got to use a simple and easy language for all to understand.


  2. Thank you for sharing the tips on how to start an online business. When do you think is the best time to invest on the Pay Per Click campaign? My website is fairly new and I am not sure when should I start investing on it or how much should I investing it. I am still working on being an expert on my niche, not quite yet but it is the process 🙂

    • Hi dear

      the best time to invest in PPC is after you start receiving a hundred uniques visitors per day. But those visitors can come from organic traffic and social media. It takes less time if you combine the two. You can start with as low as 2$ a day, and from there see how to improve with response you will get.


  3. These tips are amazing, I had no clue about the majority of them. I only knew about two of these, and the other eight helped me a lot. Thanks for these tips and I will be following your page for additional information. Your site information has been great! Thanks, Don

    • You are welcome Don, I hope you will get to apply them successfully.


  4. Just what I needed! I am a blogger and enjoy it oh so much. It is like doing a hobby and would love to do it for a living someday. I had never thought of doing it as an income like the pay per click opportunity you mentioned here. I wonder if it would work out for me. However, building my own network by contacting other known bloggers is something I should take a note of. 

    • Yes, that is a great way to keep in touch with your industry and competitors. The pay per click opportunity is something that we can all try, but make sure you do it at the right time. When your posts are already ranking and you are receiving some traffic already, it will be the right time to start with paid ads.


  5. You have given 10 good points that we need to utilize for online success.  Finding what you are good at seems to be a problem for some people, unless they came to the internet already having an idea of what they wanted to do with their business.  If someone starts a website about something he is truly passionate about, I think he has a better chance for success.  

    Once you know the direction you are headed, building your website will have more meaning.  If it is a subject you love, it will also be more fun.  Something you might consider when choosing your niche is to pick something from which you can offer a wide variety of products with prices ranging from low to high.  You will need to offer some of each to cover as many kinds of interest as possible.

    I’d like to know more about the plugin convertkit.  Exactly what does it do?  Is it a wordpress plugin?

    Thanks for the good information.  I will keep this list handy.

    • Convertkit is an email marketing plugin, it works with WordPress. You can use it to create your email list and to contact your subscribers for any offer you have. You can read more about it in our post about email marketing.



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