SEO tools for competitive research

These SEO tools for competitive research will do wonders for your business. With the high level of competition today, knowing what your competition is doing will give a considerable advantage. This will help you do better than your competition and gain more market share. Here are some tools or software you can use to spy on your competition.

1. Adwords keywords:

We use Adwords to submit our website for an advertisement to google. Within that, there is a tool called AdWords keywords. It helps to choose the keywords which are more related to our website. You see how many people are using that keyword, and from those data, you can choose to use or not the keywords.

2. Ahrefs:

This tool is all about two main things. First is about keywords research, you will learn how to do keywords research and find ideas for your blog posts to improve your SEO result. Second is about link building and backlinks analysis, it gives you the opportunity to get backlinks from your competitors. It gives you a list of your competitors for any subjects you would like to tackle, see what they have done, make something better, see who shared their posts and contact all of them with your better piece and ask them to share your work.

Backlinks are one of the most considered points to rank in the SEO. It is not a free tool, though you can get a 7 days trial for 7$ and then upgrade to a monthly subscription going from 99$ to 179$ per month. Fresh web explorer. This tool is included in MOZ, it helps you do a keywords research, to know how often your content is shared, what the latest content in your niche is most shared, giving you the latest results. To access it you will need to subscribe to MOZ, they have 30 days free trial and a monthly subscription at 179$ per month.

3. Noble samurai:

This is a platform that can help you with there different products to maximize your online presence. They have many products. Like content samurai to help you create awesome videos, we introduced it in our post about YouTube. And they have market samurai, now this is what can help you change your SEO game. It is a mix of SEO competitive analysis, keyword search tool, content creation, publishing and monetize tool.

It is a very accurate tool and the price is also consequent, it can be anywhere between $295 to $695.

4. Moz:

This is one of the biggest companies in the SEO world. And they create different tools to improve the SEO impact of your website. Here are some tools created by Moz:

Fresh web explorer:

It uses the power of the Moz Freshscape Index to find the very latest mentions of your company, brand, industry topics, or any other key terms that interest your business. Moz’s proprietary Feed Authority metric chooses the best and lets you know which mentions are most important.

Moz bar:

It is a toolbar that you install to your browser. And every time you visit a website, it gives you different metrics about, the site authority, that page overlay, the main keyword of that page and many more.

All-in-one SEO toolset:

Here you get a full package for your SEO. So, you can do your site audit, check your ranking, check the quality of your backlinks and you get access to one of the best keyword search tool.

Open site explorer:

It is an optimization tool that is actually a search engine for links. It is a tool developed by Moz. This tool helps you track the links leading to your website or to any other website. A great part of filtering and comparison metrics that you need is available for free, but if you want to get access to the advanced analytics, features, and reports, you will need to have a paid account.

You can enjoy all the services of Moz for as little as $99 per month. With 30 days of a free trial.


5. Open link profiler:

It is a tool that helps you analyze any URL. If you need to know who is linking back to you or to your competitor, you can use the 7 days free trial before upgrading to $69 or $99.

6. Semrush:

What do you get with semrush? Everything and you can cover all the aspects of your business in one place. You get to audit your website, ideas for gaining more organic traffic to your website, track your website position in search engines. And you can also track any blog post within your website by there keywords. Also, you can check the quality of your backlinks and other analytic about it. You can organize your PPC campaign within SEMrush, manage your social media account to optimize your reach and get the assistance you need for market research and content marketing.


Semrush is a great platform and it will improve your SEO game in particular and your business in general. The cheapest package you can get is $99 per month.

7. Serpiq:

This tool will give all the essential information you would like to know about a website. But now it will depend on your hosting service to keep your personal information for privacy reasons. If it is not the case then anyone checks your URL on serpiq can get your personal information.

For SEO purposes, this tool which is free will help you establish how authoritative is your competitor’s website, what it is the worth of there website, how many visitors they get every day, and there ranking in different search engines.

8. Similar sites:

I like to use this free tool to find a similar website to mine. For the purpose of collaborating and getting backlinks. Because, we all know how important it is to get backlinks, so if you can get it by collaboration, it is good too.

You can install their extension and use it any time you need it.

9. Similar web:

It is a global cross-device market intelligence company used by online businesses to discover, decide and deploy there digital strategy. With Similarweb, you not only get analytic from your website, but you can observe the behavior of your targeted audience in there interaction with websites of your competition. And this is a revealing experience for your business strategy. So, the data provided by Similarweb, show you two sides.

First, it helps you to be aware of your position with respect to the industry or niche market that you are dedicated to. And the second side, the extension of your competition. After getting all these data, you strategize better and see the flows of your competition, in order to do better and gain more market share.

You get a free plan and an enterprise plan which is available after consultation.

10. Site alerts:

You can create alerts to be notified of your competition evolution. How much traffic do they get? Where does it come from? What tools do they use? What keywords do they rank for? Is social media working for them?

Create a free account or get a paid account starting from $10 per month.

11. Seo powersuite:

It is a link explorer tool, their best feature is called webmeup. It is a backlink checker. And they deliver quality backlinks, analyze and evaluate your profile to only deliver unique links.

You can start with a free account and a limited amount of search per month. And you can take a paid account starting from $59.

12. Woo rank:

With woorank, it easily tracks your competitors’ search rankings alongside your own and compares directly. You can use this information to find ideas, a new strategy and keep your website ahead of the competition. WooRank makes possible to associate your google analytics and social media data in one place.

Ranking high in Google is very important, but so is getting clicked on from those results, especially if you want to make sales. So, wooRank gives you a preview of your website and sees which keywords are most prevalent in your site’s current content. This information enables you to tweak your content and realize your goals.

SEO doesn’t stop with on-page optimization, you have to market your content too. Talk about your content on social media and other forums, it can help you earn more relevant backlinks on other sites. This tool helps you keep an eye on the quality of your promotional materials right into your account.

You can enjoy 14 days free trial before you can upgrade to a Pro account for $59.

A FAQ on SEO tools:

SEO tools for competitive research can really bring your business to the next level, let answer some FAQ here.

1. What does SEO mean?

It means search engine optimization. It is a sum of techniques used to match the algorithm of the search engines. Google, Bing, and yahoo, for example, are search engines, they have defined in their algorithm rules in order to identify useful contents. And useful websites. Because people use search engines to get the right answer to there problem. So, the search engines want to make sure that what ever will be ranking high has the right information.

So, that is why all the tools listed above, have a compatibility with the search engines to help get the right strategy in creating and marketing your content. With the goal of being helpful to your audience and rank high in the search engines.

2. How do you do SEO?

You do SEO in 2 steps. The first step is to make sure that your content is of good quality and helpful, it is called on-page SEO. Check our post about creating quality content.

The tools listed above give you the chance to check on what your competitor is doing. So, that you can adjust your content in a way that will be more helpful to your audience than your competitor’s.

The second step is to do an off-page SEO. Here it is to let the search engines know that you have created a piece of content and it is good to be indexed. You will submit your content to the different webmasters. (google search console and bing master tool for example). And you can also share the link of your content via your different social media account.

3. Why do you need SEO tools?

Because, it is a lot of work to do by yourself. You will need to employ someone to do that. Because, by yourself, creating content and marketing takes already most of your time and energy. But with an SEO tool, it is faster and cheaper to get a great result. And there is a lot of information that you will not be able to get without the assistance of a tool, you can not know the traffic of your competition unless you spy from the inside.

So, SEO tools are very helpful.

4. How many tools do I need?

I personally use only one tool and it efficient for my needs. So, depending on what you think you need, you can choose one or more. But my advice will be to choose the one that has a lot of opportunities or products and after using it for a while you will see if you need more. Because, the price is considerable and you want to keep your data safe in one place.

5. Which tool is the best?

SEMrush is great for rank and visibility tracking. I think that is the main goal of doing SEO, you want to be visible and rank high in the search engines. I use SEMrush and I keep track of everything in one place.


Conclusion of SEO tools for competitive research:

These SEO tools for competitive research will help you get ahead of your competition and gain more market in your industry. I think SEO tools for competitive research are the equivalent of the corporate spy in the off-line corporation world. They help you know what your competition is doing, how good it is and you get the opportunity to prepare yourself to improve your business.

I hope you all will take advantage of these SEO tools for competitive research and better your SEO strategy.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Wow. You have provided some relevant, interesting, in-depth, and valuable detail on SEO and how it works. I especially appreciate that you named and gave a short overview of what SEO entails, such as Ahrefs. I had never heard that term before. Learning its 2 elements was very helpful to my understanding of SEO. I also appreciate your naming some of the specific SEO tools. It seems that Moz and SEMRush are the best. What’s your opinion?

    I am a newbie on WA and can always use detailed and plain information on a related topic such as SEO. I’m going to be sure and use the information I learned from you in my search for and use of keywords.

    Great information.

    Thanks and God bless you.

    • You know what, every tool comes with something that it best at. But, I would say that SEMrush is the best of all. Because it integrate every aspect that you can consider for your seo strategy. Check our review on the subject for more information.

  2. WOW, have just had a total lesson in the world of SEO Tools, thank you so very much, have been online for over a year and so much of this is truly new to me, think that I need to seriously study SEO in a lot more depth.

    Anyone wishing to get the information needed to decide which tool or tools to use for their SEO, should look no further than this excellent article.


    • SEO is the next step you need to take for your online business. It will help you scale your business and you will truly see the difference in your traffic and in your revenue as well. Because, more traffic means more sales.

  3. I’m sure there are other tools that are not yet included in the list and may be flying under the radar but the list here of SEO tools are enough to make someone have a competitive advantage in the market place. Some are expensive while others are priced within the spending range of the average marketer. But I sometimes wonder, is it worth it to spend $100 every month when you’re just making the same amount of money as revenue of your online business? In what revenue level (ratio) should the new online entrepreneur must start spending on these SEO and keyword tool?

    • I don’t think one need to use an SEO tool every month. Even if it’s for a keywords tool, I think one in a month to plan your future content and your SEO strategy is enough. I personally use an SEO tool and a keyword tool every 2 months, just to help me plan for the next 2 months. This way I can save up some money and be more focused because you can easily be distracted by these tools trying to be perfect. Get 70% good and it’s enough to work with such an SEO score successfully.

  4. This is a very informative post.  This is a keeper.  I have bookmarked it for future use.  I’m a newbie so I can’t use any of the paid tools right now.  I’m focusing on producing good content.  You emphasize Back links.  Are those links to other websites or other posts in your own website?  Thanks for this information?

    • Backlinks are the links that you get from other website. Let say you have made a very nice piece of content about sport watch and someone else read it and enjoys. That person can decide to share you content on his social profile, a forum or creates a piece of content also with a link to your website. This tells the search engines that your content is useful and people like it, so your post is likely to be ranked fast on the search engines.

  5. Ok, got it – thanks! So what’s the best way, if any, to get back links?

    • The best way to get backlinks will be to use to create them on your own. Using social media to share your content gives you already backlinks. And finding who is linking to your competitors, and ask them to share you content too. As long as you create better content than your competitors.

        • I share the link to my post. After writing a nice and captivating caption and add a call to action like ”click the link below to read more”. With the SEO tool I am using, I make sure that my posts have a defining image for social media, mainly Facebook, and Twitter. For other social media like Pinterest, I create a captivating pin with a caption and add my post’s link. For more about pinterest, you can read this post, Pinterest for business.

  6. A couple weeks ago, our supervisor gave us the INK for All tool. I haven’t been using it so long …but it’s already helped refine my writing and give me back loads of time. We love it. INK also has a WordPress plug-in, helps save more time

    • Yes, INK is also a great tool for writing and collaborating with others to improve your content. Thanks


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