Review of wealthy affiliate

What is wealthy affiliate? Wealthy affiliate is a platform created by Kyle and Carson, to help train online entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers. Wealthy Affiliate is an online business university or academy, launched in 2005. It counts now more than 100,000 active members. So they offer the education, the tools, and the community. Everything you need to create and manage successfully your online business. Inside the review of wealthy affiliate today, we are gonna share about what you can find and what you can not find in wealthy affiliate.

review of wealthy affiliate

What do you get with wealthy affiliate?

We are gonna see a review of Wealthy affiliate with all that it has to offer.


training on creating your online business, training on creating a successful affiliate marketing business and training by your peers

creating your own online business:

the headlines of this training are as in the picture. For each step you have tasks fill. And all of those tasks help you improve your website as you go. So you need to take this training and create a website at the same time in order to apply directly. Also, all the tasks are made to be applied directly. And if you tick the tasks before really applying them, know that you will not get back to them or that training, once it is ticked there is no coming back.

review of wealthy affiliate

creating a successful affiliate marketing business:

The basis of the training here will show you how to market wealthy affiliate but you can apply to any other affiliate product you have. Here also you have tasks to realize during the training which is called affiliate boot camp. The ultimate price here is a trip to Las Vegas. So every year, those who have 300 referrals are invited to Las Vegas free of charge by wealthy affiliate.

review of wealthy affiliate

Again the main purpose here is to get the basis of the affiliate marketing business and you are free to apply it to any other products. So, when you promote a wealthy affiliate here is your earning chart. Even a starter member can make money already.

wealthy affiliate commission structure

training by your peers:

Anyone can post your training in what they feel they have mastered. This gives you good exposure and can even make you money. When your training is live all the members will get a notification and those interested will see it live or later. So depending on how many people show interest in your training, you can get paid.

Website hosting and domain:

free hosting for a premium member, free hosting with their sub-domain, purchase a domain name

free hosting for a premium member:

when you are a premium member, you get access to free website hosting for up to 10 websites. This is incredibly awesome! especially for those of us who would like to have websites in many niches. So it allows you to create your own corporation if that is your goal. But I have seen some other people trading this as their website hosting business. Because you can access the website directly from WordPress, so why not?

Free hosting with

If you do not care to buy a domain or wish to start with a free one to see how it goes. You can start with, so your website will be like, But as we talked about this is creating a website for your business, this format is not suitable for business. But for starters, it is very helpful, and you can transfer it to a proper domain and WordPress later.

Purchase a domain:

You can purchase a domain right in wealthy affiliate. Like in any other hosting company, you will get a unique domain. And will be told when a domain is not available. You can also use a domain that you purchased from another provider.

Keywords research tool:

Jaaxy is a keywords search tool. It helps you find the most search words in your niche. And gives you the opportunity to choose good keywords to rank in the search engines. Read our jaaxy review for more knowledge about it.



But the other awesome feature is that you can also make money from Jaaxy. Because, it is an affiliate product. Once you are a member premium or not you can market it to your clients and make money. So at a certain point, it can be self-paid for you and a source of income too. That is why I really wanted it to be part of our review of Wealthy Affiliate.


The community is there to help and assist each other. You have the live chat to interact, the question bar to leave a question and anyone can reply. Also, you can follow each other and send a private message. Above all what I love the most is the features which can help your business rank faster, site comments and site feedback.

Site comment:

Here you can offer and request comments to websites. It works with credits, you can buy those credits or earn them. For one comment offered you earn one credit. But to request one comment you need 2 credits. So you can choose to gain your credit like that or simply buy with cash. For $10, you get 20 credits to request 10 comments.

review of wealthy affiliate

site feedback:

the same principles apply here. The great plus is that people will help you improve your website. Many have done lots of websites and can let you know what works best. And many others are with not much experience in creating a website. But they will give you a view on what you can expect as a simple visitor to your website, which is always good.

wealthy affiliate


What you do not get with wealthy affiliate?

Because it is a review of wealthy affiliate. So I will only talk about the 2 things I would really like you to understand.

Advanced training:

Wealthy Affiliate training mainly targets beginners and upcoming onlinepreneur. And they do not give an advance training in each subject. Like if you would like to only learn about video marketing via YouTube, you will have to get the training to those who have mastered it. So I could transform my post on youtube for business to a training.

But still, the upside is that you can create a training about it to benefit the community and make money. Most of the advanced training is found in the training HQ. And are provided by the community to the community.

Make money fast scheme

Wealthy affiliate is not made to get rich quickly. Here you learn how to build a sustainable business for your future. It takes time and works on your part to succeed and become rich. So, you need to be ready to work, apply everything you learn from the training. And you will see that cash coming your way.

Success stories

personally chose these 2 success stories because they tell of 2 extremes. The first one builds a lifetime business and the second one puts in the effort creating quality content and in a short time enjoy the fruit.

Jay – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2007


One of the most successful people in WA is Jay. He is very active and regularly does live video pieces of training. And he is haring his expertise in internet marketing. I have benefited from Jay’s training in magistudios.

He has been with WA for 12 years now. So he has seen how the platform progressed and evolved to meet the needs of an online business entrepreneur. You can find him on the platform, follow him and connect.

Stephanie – Wealthy Affiliate Member Since 2017

Is $28000 enough to sell your blog?

achievement It is exactly what she did. And this was her first blog with no prior experience.

She created a simple niche site called: put in the work for about 6 months building the site and wrote up to 60 articles in total. A competitor then made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse.


I hope you will join us and be our next success story!

Feel free to react or ask a question in the comment section.


Whealthy affiliate


Service offered







  • 7 days free trial
  • Step-by-step training
  • Free hosting


  • Monthly fee

22 thoughts on “Review of wealthy affiliate”

  1. Wealthy affiliate has been a great platform where you can learn and earn at thesame time.

    I am however a bit new in the affiliate marketing world and very eager to learn fast and earn money. I will, however, follow you to get more details and teachings about the Wealthy Affiliate which is a proven and authentic affiliate marketing community to truly learn and earn. 
    Thanks for the eye opener

    • You are most welcome.
      Continue following and let grow together with wealthy affiliate. Make sure to sign up for your free trial!

  2. This piece is simply golden. I’m a member of wealthy Affiliate and its been such a wonderful platform. I wouldn’t know how my affiliate journey would be without wealthy Affiliate. I joined as a starter without upgrading until I was well convinced that its legit. I love the ever-ready to support community with each person eager to help solve any difficulties encountered on the way to becoming a success. This is the best platform for any serious affiliate marketer.

    thanks for the review

    • Yes it is the best platform for affiliates and online business. I’m glad you are already in the community. thanks

  3. Immediately I upgraded to the premium class, I began to enjoy the community with privilege to learn how become a successful affiliate marketer and as well having the opportunity to earn through site comments. This is really awesome about wealthy affiliate.
    I know I have a lot to learn as I am just familiarizing with the site as a newbie in the world of online affiliate marketing. But surely there are good people on the community who are always ever ready to help.

    • I hope you will continue enjoying wealthy affiliate. Finish your training and growing will be easy!

  4. I was happy to see a positive review of Wealthy Affiliate here because I have been a Premium member for a while, and I absolutely love the program.  I looked around and I tried so many programs before I found Wealthy Affiliate, and since I joined, my business has gone through the roof.  The platform has trained me in what to do and what not to do, and the community is very valuable to help my website SEO and to help me as well.  So yes, I’m glad to see your positive review because it really is a wonderful program!

    • Yes, Wealthy Affiliate gives all the needed knowledge to start and grow an online business successfully.


  5. I can applaud all the information about Wealthy Affiliates because it continues to work for me. The two biggest pluses are : the options to earn money in different ways, and the support that is available at all times. Thank you for these reminders, because sometimes we are on to something but we forget how good it is.

    • Sure! Wealthy Affiliate has it all. Let continue growing!

  6. I must commend you for taking your time to share this review on wealthy affiliate , you have really done a great job. I was introduced to wealthy affiliate by a friend sometimes last year and I must tell you this is the best platform have ever seen, a lot of features that will assist you in achieving online goals, you earn while you learn, I have a site I run and it is through the help of wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate is my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to venture into the online world.

  7. Hi,

    This a great review on wealthy affiliate. I have recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and still learning new things for daily requirements. And there are so many things described on the article that I can relate with. Obviously this is not a scam but a legit online business platform which is running from 2005. There are so many scopes for the persons who want to see themselves as a successful Affliate Marketer. There are both free and premium membership available and one can choose according to him. 

    I loved this article as it filled with all necessary informations. Thank You.

    • Thanks, keep up with the trainings and you will reach your goals.

  8. Great review and very informative I also joined Wealthy Affiliate recently and I am so happy and trilled because I can learn so much about on how to build an online business and everybody there are ready to help with anything I ask for.It’s really great and I love it.
    I’m glad to see your positive review because it really is a wonderful program!

    • ohh welcome to the family!! yeah the community is fantastic, we all got help from others when we joined, so it is always a big deal to give back and help others grow their business as well. I wish you success! and please feel free to contact me for assistance.
      Thank you

  9. Hello,

    Thank you for this comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate. I did not trust this platform in the beginning, when my friend comes to me with it. She was very satisfied with the training and support of WA and after I have seen her website, I had to admit it is something about it. It was so professionally done and she got so many knowledge about the SEO, marketing strategy, social network. So I started to think about joining and so far I do not regret. Still, there is a lot of work to be done from my side, I still feel the support, I am using the training and different videos to learn about SEO and social media usage. After almost 2 months I still have a lot of in front of me to learn, but at the same time, I feel much more comfortable and proud of what I have learned and created so far. Never think that there is enough you already know as the time runs so fast and there is still plenty of tools to discover. But it worth the time, the money and if you do it by your heart – it is a great feeling! The most important is – you are not alone with your business, this is what is WA mostly about.

    Great post anyway, thank you for it and I am looking forward to your another one.

    All the best


    • I am glad that you are enjoying your training at wealthy affiliate and I wish you all the best!

  10. Interesting review you have up here concerning wealthy Affiliate. Indeed, when success stories are involved and can be confirmed to be true, then definitely interest is stimulated and sustained. Wealthy Affiliate is surely a one in a million opportunity that could transform one’s life. The trainings and the support are simply the best and second to none and as such, I cannot rate it less. Nice review

  11. Hey, all you wrote about Wealthy Affiliate is nothing but the truth. This platform is newbie friendly.
    Besides the hosting, the training which is offered is one of the best you can get. It is not complicated. 
    The technical support is excellent. Moreover the platform has a community of selfless individuals ready to offer assistance at anytime. I will not hesitate recommending wealthy affiliate to any person seriously desiring to promote his business online. Good job. 

    • The community support is really awesome and sharing different success stories only makes others wanna work harder. It is a great place to start and grow your online business.



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