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Welcome to Colombe Onlinepreneur Resources section, here is a curated list of the tools and websites I strongly recommend for building and optimizing your business. I am using every recommendation on this page with great success!

You should know that:

Some links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please understand that I have experience with all of these companies. And I recommend them because they are helpful and useful. 

1. Website hosting.

You need to create a website to display your products ande services. And have a place to host your website, that is why you need to pay for the best website creating and hosting platform.

Wealthy affiliate:

This is my go to platform. I use it for:

– website hosting. It offers free hosting for premium members with possibility to host a maximum of 25 websites using WordPress.

– Learning some affiliate marketing tips and tactics.

– Using  Jaaxy keywords research tools to help me create unique content that ranks fast.

– Getting support from an awesome community to improve my business.


It is one of the best WordPress hosting platforms. And it is also very cheap and affordable for everyone who would like to start an online business. It offers quality and affordability. Starting from as low as 2.5$ per month

2. For email marketing.

Email marketing is an essential part of your online business. It is how you can create a client list and fidelize your customers. Your visitors will sign up to your form or landing page, giving you their email contact. From there you can create a relationship with them and market your products and services.


This tool makes email marketing so easy and beginner’s friendly. It gives you the possibility to divide your email list into different segment. And that is how you can target the right audience. You can see more details in our post about email marketing here.

3. For video creation and editing.

Noble samurai

This is what I used to get my videos done. With their product called content samurai, you can create videos from your script and their tons of templates. It is a great tool for people who don’t want to be on camera but still need to share their content.

4. Keywords research.

Jaaxy keywords research tool.

It is the most accurate keywords search tool I have ever used so far. It helps me come out with unique keywords which ranks faster.

5. My dropshipping business.


It is one of the most automated plugin for dropshipping. I like to use for fetching products from other website than aliexpress.


Is the best tool to use for products sourced in aliexpress. It is more accurate and up to date with inventory and tracking. Their system is fully based on aliexpress.


I use this platform to find influencers to help me improve my reach in social media. It is very easy to use and the prices are very affordable.

Make use of the resources to ensure a successful online business.

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