How to use Pinterest for business marketing

Pinterest is a free social media network, everyone needs to leverage Pinterest for business. Here you can create a personal or a business account free of charge. But we are gonna talk mainly about the business account. Because, it is what we need to have, in order to use Pinterest for a business. Once your website is ready with one or two articles, create your Pinterest for a business account and drive traffic from Pinterest. People search what they wanna buy, rent. And many more on Pinterest because it’s easy to associate the image, the text and the source of the product directly. Read more here.

A. Get traffic on Pinterest for business

In order to get traffic from Pinterest, you need to create great pins with relevant content. And share more often your pins, and get followers sharing your content with.

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Create pins

We have many ways to create a pin. And many software like canva, snappa, Pablo ( read our article about content creation ). Which, helps you create great graphics illustrating your products. And linking back to your website for more details and purchase. A great image and design of your pin will attract the visitors. So make sure to choose a relevant photo to add to your pin. And an attractive message to intrigue the visitor to search for more details from your website.

Sort of pins:

  • Rich pins

It is a type of organic pin format, that provides more context to your pin. It shows more information about the pin. Most of the time it is a part of your blog post or article. As, a result, Any time you upgrade that post on your website, the rich pin will update immediately. Note that you need to validate your pin at the rich pins validator.

There are 3 types of rich pins.

  1. Article pins: Allow you to show, the headline or title of your article. And it can be a new article or a blog post. Most importantly, it should be an article. Meaning a post with more text than image. For instance, listicles and pages full of images, is not accepted.
  2. Product pins: Give you the opportunity of sharing your products. The most up to date product. And the description and the availability, straight from your website. Therefore, all the products must be available for purchase from your website. For example, you will not be able to get a product pin for an affiliate product. Because, it leads to another website. All products should lead back to your registered website for purchase.
  3. Recipe pins: Here you can display your recipe’s title, cooking time, ingredients and serving size, from your website.
  • Normal pins

These are pins that are not rich. Consequently, they do not fetch data from your website. But they can still link back to your website. And in case of any upgrade of your website or article. They do not upgrade. You do not need to validate them. But you can still add a title and a description using keywords.

Sponsored pins:

Pins can be sponsored on Pinterest. As a result, your pins will reach more people. And stay at the top of the list of your categories. Any pin can be sponsored (you sponsor by paying, it is like paid ads). But my advice will be to sponsor rich pins. Because, it makes a great traffic source.

Share your pins

Pinterest has no limit of pins sharing per day. So you can share as much as you want, just make sure not to be too much. Like, I will advice sharing at least 10 pins a day.

  • Group boards:

    You can also join group boards according to your niche. But they don’t usually accept newcomers. And have rules on how to pin in it. As a newcomer, you have also the possibility to create your own group.

The advantage of being part of a group board is the exposure your pins can get. For example, one pin posted on group boards you can get up to a thousand repins. Depending on the active members of the group boards. But already the group members who see your pin can easily become your first visitors.

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  • Repining:

    I personally had a problem with repining people’s pins in my account. And I was like, people will come to my account. And instead of seeing my pins they will see other people’s pi. But what I came to understand is that at the beginning I personally did not have many pins. And for Pinterest to really help rank your pins you need at least to have 10 pins in one board.

  • Reciprocity:

    So what I did was to pin people’s pin and then progressively remove them as I create my own pins. And also for all the repin I do, I group them in one board and I clear that board on a weekly basis. Because that what Pinterest is all about, pinning and repining. But I just don’t want my business to be shadowed, so I try to keep it clean too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that. Pinning other people’s pins can help your Pinterest for business accounts. For example, your account is about marketing only. Find pins that are about product creation and after-sale services. Because, they will complete you. And you will be able to cover fully your market segment.

Tailwind app

  • Tribes:

    Another tool that Pinterest puts in our disposition is Tailwind. With this tool, you get to join tribes. And the rules are similar to group boards, you pin and repin others content. Like group boards, tribes have rules but are less picky than group boards to accept new members.

Tailwind helps you also schedule your future pin publication on Pinterest. And in the different tribes where you are members, even in your group board.

  • Smartloop: And Tailwind just added a new tool call smartloop. So we already knew you can schedule your pins. But now you can also keep the same pins being published again and again. For a certain period with smartloop, without being spammy. Which, is just great. And takes off the duty of trying new designs every month to market the same blog post or product.
  • Join:

    But Tailwind is not free, you are given 100 free pins after what you will have to subscribe for 14.99$ per month. Click the word Tailwind to join one great tribe and also allow us to get a bonus.

Followers on Pinterest for business: benefits

Just as in all the social media networks, followers are your first line of exposure. The more you get followers the more you know that your pins will be seen.

pinterest for business I will advise you, to make an effort to follow at least 100-300 people per day. And see how many will follow back. Because, you can always unfollow those who did not follow you back.
When you join a group board or a tribe, follow you, teammates.

B. Make money on Pinterest for business

Pinterest is a great source of traffic for the website regardless of its niche.

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Make money without a website

You don’t need to have a website to make money on Pinterest which is really great. You can drive traffic from Pinterest to any website you want. Just add the given website to a pin and publish it.

With affiliate marketing:

That is why Pinterest is so great for affiliate marketers. It is not a must to be stuck in one niche, I usually have one board for each niche I want to explore. Just get your affiliate link and create pins linking back to it, expose it as much as you can and you will see traffic growth and sales coming in as you go.

Yes, you can use your affiliate links directly in your pins. They will not be rich pins. But still, you can get good exposure and even sponsor your pins. Also, you can read more about affiliate marketing, in our article, what is affiliate marketing.

Make money with a website

With a blog:

With your pins, you direct traffic back to your website. Consequently, get links to Google ads, text link ads or other affiliate products you placed on your blog post which gives you a commission. Use rich pins for better results.

With e-commerce or online store:

You can pin the images of your products directly to Pinterest. And a link to your store for people to purchase. Your products may be physical products or digital products. Use rich pins to get a better result.

Conclusion of Pinterest for business

Pinterest for business is a great opportunity for business growth. Because of the images and the infographics you can add. People are inclined to know more about business or service. And will visit your business.

Because of the ease of usage, anyone really can scale with Pinterest.

Make sure to leverage this platform for your business. Leave a question or opinion in the comment section.


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  1. I’ve never really gotten into the Pinterest model of social media, just haven’t really understood what it’s all about. This is such really great information though that I think I will take on board to learn how to get involved in Pinterest in a way that can help me get more traffic when I monetise my website. Thank you 

    • Awesome dear! try it and you will not regret, Especially if you are the following niches, online store, travel, housing and photography, your reach will be great.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have never really understood pinterest for business before but you have shown some great benefits by using pinterest to promote your business. I did not know that you could put affiliate links with your pins, this seems like a great way to reach your audience and get your business going. Great article and thank you for showing me some great benefits and ways to use pinterest for business.

    • Yes, pinterest is one of the few platform to allow the use of affiliate links and website with subdomain. I hope you will give it a try and see all the benefits of pinterest.


  3. I’ve never really gone as far as using Pinterest for promoting the articles on my blog, but I can see from your article that there are numerous benefits in doing so. 

    Very interested in this Rich Pin format, as I’ve never heard of it before. Do they charge a fee for putting these types of elaborate pins up or are they free?

    • They are completely free, all you need to do is verify your website with pinterest. And you can verify even a website with a subdomain. And if you are using WordPress, with yoast seo it is very easy.

      Take the next step and enjoy pinterest for your business!

  4. Hi Davina,

    Wow!What an excellent article you have written with lots of important information about “Pinterest for business”

    First of all thank you very much for sharing this informative and beneficial article with us.I didn’t have any idea about it.For a long I was looking for an opportunity to start a business for earning some passive money.After reading your article I understand that Pinterest is an amazing way to start business.You have provided a great well detailed article with many kinds of important tips.I have learned all the necessary information about this Pinterest for business that you have mentioned in your article very nicely.I hope this will be very much helpful for the people who want to start their business with Pinterest.I will share this great article with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this.

    • Feel free to share the news and make sure to take advantage of Pinterest for your business.


  5. I have actually made use of pinterest and you are absolutely right about it being a traffic source to a website. My posts have not started to properly rank on google so I make use of pinterest as a platform to promote my contents but I have come to find out that it is best suited for some niches than it is for others. Maybe it is just me but that has been my experience so far.

    I make use of pinterest on a regular basis and I think it is a bit difficult pinning 10 pins everyday. Due to the designing of unique images, I think 10 might be off the roof and many people would not be able to cope with that number.

    • I agree making 10 uniques design is not easy but when I say 10 it doesn’t mean that the 10 pns have to be yours. You can share other people’s pins too. Especially if it is in the same niche but covering a part that you have not covered. It will give complementarity to your content and attract more shares.


  6. Hi Davina,

    I have just finshed this great article with lots of information about “Pinterest for business”

    Really this is an amazing article including with all the necessary information.I like the article very much.I was heard little about pinterest that it is a great social media network by which one can get traffic for their business.I was excited to join pinterest but i wasn’t proper learned about pinteres.So,i was looking for a proper guideline in this regard and hopefully came to your article.After reading your article i have learned properly about pinterest.One can earn money on pinterest without have a website which has impressed me the most.I have gained all the thorough details of pintereset.Now i am going to check out this pinterest as i have learn the whole process of pinterest.I believe that pinterest gives the best opportunity for business growth.This article is very helpful for those people who want to know perfectly about pinterest as you highlighted the article so nicely.I will also share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can benefited from this.

    • This is awesome, you go and take advantage of pinterest and be consistent in your work, you will enjoy the fruits.


  7. I have my persona Pinterest account but to tell you honestly I am not adept on how to make use the most of it. I usually open it for quick search especially if I like to get results different from google or yahoo. The pictures also help a lot to get a grasp of what you are looking for. It’s great to know that you can utilize it for your own business. Thanks for thoroughly explaining types of pins to understand which is better to use for your business, service or product. I am planning to set up my own small business and I think Pinterest along with other social media apps can help me promote. You have also given the best strategies about reppining and the use of tailwind. While all these are possible, one cannot exclude the power of affiliate marketing in business which I also planning to use since I have my own websites and domain ready to be used. This is a good read. All the information were given and the content is understandable for beginner level. 

    • Go for a business Pinterest account and you will get a good impact in your business.


  8. Thank you for this comprehensive and well written article on Pinterest.  Pinterest has always been a bit of a mystery to me but your blog has certainly made me understand it a whole lot more.

    I see now how I really need to add this important social media tool to drive interest to my blogs to increase traffic.  After all its free!  Your step by step instructions are invaluable.  I especially liked your suggestion of putting other people’s pins on your own account to add value for those things that your specific niche does not cover and then later deleting them as you provide more and more content.

    Pinterest is so easy to use that all of us bloggers should most definitely be checking out and utilizing this site!

    • I really hope you get to see the difference between before and after using Pinterest for your business.


  9. Thank you for sharing this great article about Pinterest Business Account and how to create pins. I have not tried the rich pins yet but is definitely considering using canvas for great graphics.

    My concern is how do I create a rich pin and where do I find the rich pin validator?

    • You can just type pin validator in the search engines and you will get it. Any pin you create can be a rich pin because you attach to a URL, but you need to confirm your website with Pinterest first, that is how Pinterest can pick content from your website to use in your rich pins.


  10. Hello Davina,

    I have a Pinterest account which I don’t use as I am busy learning how to set my website up, but your article has renewed my interest in getting back to it and seeing how it works. It sounds like a very good way to drive traffic to your site and to make new contacts in the business world.

    Thank you for pointing this out Davina.



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