Making money online in Africa

We see people from the US and EU live comfortably with revenue made online, but is making money online in Africa a reality? So, I was intrigued and wanted to know if I can make it from Africa. Because they say one can do it from any corner of the world. So I started my research trying to find how it works, what works better and how I can adapt any of those to my ability and capacity. So I wrote down a list and picked 2 online business models.

1. E-commerce, to create an online store for dropshipping.

Because dropshipping is the best way for beginners to start a profitable online business. I chose to start with it and as I grow my sales I may be able to invest in my blog.

Making money online from Africa


I started the process with shopify, but when it came the time to pay my subscription. But, I was told to do it with a credit card not otherwise. I think it a way for them to make sure that you will be solvable towards them and your future clients. But in my Africa getting a credit card is as difficult as getting a bank loan, I could not get one, so I dropped it.


Then I went with alidropship plugin, what they propose is also dropshipping. But in two categories, first, you can buy the plugin and create your own wordpress website with woo commerce. And you do not need to know web design and coding, it easy to set up. Also, they can install the plugin and set it up on your website for a fee. Second, you can buy a ready-made store and alidropship will have it created with a week or two. If you do that they will take charge of that technical part. It is a great option if you don’t want headaches due to SEO set up or any other website settings.

I personally went for a ready-made website with a few items to sell. Because it was the cheapest in that category and also because I really do not know much about setting up a website. So, this gave me a professional looking website which helps to gain more confidence from your audience and clients.

Sales channel:

After that, I discovered the possibility to have a Facebook and Instagram shop. Unfortunately for most African country Instagram shops or shoppable is not available, so I settled for a Facebook shop. And other sales channels like Amazon and e-bay are not available for people living outside the U.S.A.

So, you can attach your dropshipping store to your Facebook page to display your products. Also, people can place orders from there and finish the checkout on your website. It is very convenient.

A cheap option: I found this great application call Ecwid. You can also install it on your WordPress website and create an online store. So, you can use it to create a Facebook shop on your Facebook page. Or you can use its starter website to have your own online store.

I use it to create a Facebook shop and a shop on my blog. Because it is cheaper than any other app which can allow you to have a Facebook store. And it is totally independent with quality features, connections to marketplaces, assistance in creating a successful marketing campaign for your products. And you can also sell digital products like e-book and other products that a client can directly download.

Affiliate store:

The option of an affiliate store is a great one too. The specificity of this model is that I do not have to deal with the client. All I do is to advertise the product that I choose to put in my store. And whenever someone places an order, that person will checkout on my supplier website. If you do not want the worries of dealing with customers and following up on order fulfillment. An affiliate store is what you want to do. You can read the comparison post I wrote between creating a dropshipping store and an affiliate store.

The best thing about creating an online store is that you can advertise and sell almost anywhere in the world. In Africa, the concept of e-commerce platform is coming up but people do not trust the process of prepaid order. Most of them want a payment on delivery, so that is mostly what led me to market more my store outside Africa.

For the African market, I chose to advertise my affiliate store. And the idea of an affiliate store just felt right because my brand will not be questioned, when they land in a renowned e-commerce platform. They will be more likely to trust that brand and buy easily.

2. Blog with affiliate marketing.

I did discover that blogging with affiliate marketing is the only way you can create sustainable passive income online. I started by creating a free blog with this WordPress hosting. It gave me all the advantage of a WordPress website and I could rank my website in the search engine to get free traffic. Learn more about website traffic here, because it is what will help you make money online.

But I did not really know how to improve my writing skills. Because I understood that blogging was not just about writing about a subject. But it is about writing on a subject that people are searching for. Also being able to make money when people read your post.

So, I had to find a place where I can learn more about blogging as a business. I went over many people asking for an insane amount of money up to $1,000. Crazy, right? I could not afford it. I continued my search and luckily, I found wealthy affiliate. It is an online academy training people to create blogs, to monetize them and create content that will help you rank higher in the search engines to enjoy free traffic.

What do you get from wealthyaffiliate?

– The training is amazing and easy to understand. I knew a little bit about a blog but I was very glad to start from the beginning. And I think it is a great place for anyone, you can be a beginner or an experimented blogger.

For a beginner, you learn how to create and set up your website. How to create content that is SEO friendly. Learn how to use affiliate marketing within your content. Establish your brand with social media too, like how to share on social as I did here.

– You will find a great community to help you whenever you need assistance in establishing your business. They also share their success and failure to help each other improve. It is a very interactive community and we all enjoy helping each other.

– The website hosting is free for all the premium members. You can become a premium member by paying a monthly fee. I have a 60% discount for you if you sign up here. You can get a 7 days free trial or go directly for the discount. Depending on which country you are living in, you may or may not get the free trial.

Conclusion of making money online in Africa.

The internet made it possible for anyone to create an online business from any place in the world, even in Africa. What I do not really like is that people only bring scams to Africa. And give us that wrong understanding that to make money online you need to pay and by some miracle without any work or effort start receiving money. Or businesses where you need to invite other people to join the company in order to make money.

My experience thought me that making money online in Africa and in any other place in the world, you need to learn, work and patiently wait to get the fruit of your work.

I am ready to help you realize this if it is a goal of yours. So, join me!

wealthy affiliate

I just made a video to help you know more about me, and you can join my Facebook group colombepreneur that I have started. I have been enjoying the growth of my online business and now I am ready to share my knowledge with you and help you realize the same. Help you start making money online from Africa.

5 pillars for making money online.

Here is what you need to follow in order to make money online in Africa and any other place.

Video script:

Hello friends, Would you like to make money online? to create your own online business?
I am really glad that you chose to be part of colombepreneur community, and I am Davina and I welcome you all.
I created this page to share the knowledge I have got over the years, in creating a successful online business with you.
So, do you want to make a successful online business and make money online?
Here is the best way to do it.
1. Create a website.
It is now so simple to create. No technical knowledge is required. You just need to sign up with a hosting company. Using WordPress is better for us non-tech-savvy. Everything is already set up, all we have to do is choose the look of our website by adding a theme.

2. Choose what your website will talk about.
Do you want to write a blog, create a classified website, an e-commerce website or a website to showcase your existing business? Having a website is the best way to run an online business.

3. Start creating your content.
If it is a blog, then start writing your blog posts. For e-commerce, you can start creating your product and set them in categories and variants. If it is for your business, start filling-in your business information, what service do you offer? what product are you selling? How to get in touch with you? How to pay for the services or products?

4. Get your marketing game on.
Make sure to market your product or content immediately. The easiest and cheapest way to promote today is via social media. So, make sure that your content is visible in your social media. And you can create a specific account for your businesses. Use paid and free advertising to make sure that your content gains more reach and bring traffic to your website.

5. Make money.
When your work is done properly, you will see the cash coming in. Make sure your content is of good quality and that your marketing strategy is on point. You will make money when people visit your website and buy your product or subscribe to your services. And you can also make money when you display advertising on your website.

But to be able to make any money on your website you got to have traffic, people visiting your website are the ones who will buy from you or click on the advertising you put on your website.

These are the steps I follow to create and scale my online business.
Ask any question in the comment section and please join our group ‘colombepreneur’
where we can freely discuss and help you start on this journey for great success. And making money online in Africa will be your reality too.

Thanks for reading and watching, feel free to leave your questions or comment below.

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