Leverage Izea as a brand today!

I will recommend, to leverage Izea as a brand to achieve that successfully, for any business who wants more exposure, reach a new audience and increase your revenue. It is a great place to be because it provides everything that a brand needs to have a successful influencer campaign.

What do you need as a brand for a successful influencer campaign?

As a brand, you need to be extremely detailed in what you want for your campaign. Because you want to be sure that you will reach your goals and that the influencer understands exactly what you expect. So, you have to create an influencer marketing brief for the influencer. It is your pitch as a brand where you precise or enumerates what you want like, your campaign objectives, your expectations, guidelines, and what kind of influencers’ would be a good match for your campaign.

It can include the following:

1. Brief basics:

Here you can outline the language you want to be used, the message you would like to have included in the campaign. And what you do not want to be associated with your campaign and brand.

Include dates, the season or period you would like the campaign to begin. And give also dates or periods where the influencer will have to create the content and submit it for approval. So, that he /she can get enough time to make corrections if needed and get the approval.

Fix the budget, most of the time you will give a minimum and a maximum budget. That is because you may not find everything that you need from an influencer. For example, you can find one with less number of followers than what you would like, but the engagement is great. In that case, you can go for a lower budget. And when you find everything that you need from an influencer, you can give the maximum budget. It is also good to have an eclectic bunch of influencers’.

Precise what would be the ideal audience for your campaign and products. The goal of an influencer campaign is to sell something or create awareness about your brand, it can be a service or a physical product. By defining what kind of audience you would like, you maximize the chances for your campaign to bring you more revenue or better result.

2. Set goals and KPIs for the influencer:

The key performance indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a campaign is achieving key business objectives. Got the definition here. So, in order for you to determine your KPI, you need to set your goals. What do you want to accomplish in your campaign? Is it brand awareness, a lead generation, direct sales or a brand lift.

For example, you are running a direct sales campaign and you want to make 100 sales from each influencer. You can give an exclusive discount code to your influencer. And that is how you will track all the sales coming from him/her and see if you reach your objective.

In the end, when you have the campaign results, you will have enough data to see if you achieved your goals and KPIs.

3. The requirement for content delivery and creative guidelines:

Because influencer marketing is about you reveal your brand by working with influencers. You need to set your terms and give them some freedom to work with it by customizing a few things. Because they, have the experience and they know what works with their audience.

Your requirement:

You can determine which platform you want your content to be published, it can be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a blog post, all of these are available in Izea. Most of the other marketplace there will give you only two options. And you can also outline the type of content you want, it can be a video, a post, a post with a photo or a blog post. `

You can also see if you can promote that content. But it is better to wait for the first result to come in, based on those results you can decide if you would like to use paid media.

Your guidelines:

Say how you would like your logo to appear in a photo or images.

What type of images you would like to be associated with your content.

Give some content that should be included.

Allow having use of your hashtags and captions in the image.

4. Determine the usage rights and exclusivity:

As a brand, you can get the right to re-use the content provided by the influencer for your own campaign. But you have to get the influencer’s agreement. Like if your content was about a seasonal promotion and you know it will come again next year. So, you would like to get that agreement to be able to use it when needed.

There are some other brands which can even prohibit influencers’ from working with their competitors for a period. Because they retained your exclusivity.


5. The process of content revisions and approval:

Some brands give their influencers’ total freedom to create content and publish it without their approval. And sometimes they end up not being happy with what the influencer made or the result, but it was already published and pay for.

To avoid such inconveniences, Izea does not skip that part. Brands need to approve any content they order before publication, otherwise, the influencer’s payment will not be released.

I think it is something very good to have and it helps the influencer to be more committed to his/her work.

6. Choose an influencer’:

Here we will talk about what bands want from influencers’. Brands would like to find some initial characteristics in an influencer that will help them achieve their goals.

They want to:

a. know the audience of the influencer.

It is very important for a brand to know which audience their products are going to be exposed to. And if it is a big enough audience, that is why most market place will only accept influencers’ with at list five thousand followers. But Izea gives you the opportunity to work even with micro-influencers’. Because for, an influencer to sign in with Izea there is no minimum followers number required.

The engagement rate also is important. Many tools today allow people to get a massive number of followers and the engagement rate is where you can realize that most of the followers are fake. Most of the time the engagement should be a minimum of 3%.

choose an influencer

The age factor is also important if your products are for an age group. You may want to check if that influencer has that age group in his/her followers and visitors.

To get all of this information you need to access the influencer’s account. And Izea gives that access directly from the platform.

b. Give influencer space to be creative.

We can not deny that lots of influencers’ have the creative bug, for some, it is natural and for others it came with the experience. An overview of an influencer’s account can help you determine if his/her creativity is a good fit for your brand. And with some guidance, you can get great content.

c. Keep the influencer in the loop.

It is good to keep an eye on what is going on with your campaign. Many people will do that with a promotion code. But with Izea, you can do all of that from your account. Being in the loop will help you decide on improving your result by adding a paid campaign.

d. Know brands that worked with the influencer before.

When you, get the CV of an influencer it tells you how good that influencer is. Knowing that they have worked in a similar campaign than yours will help you be more trustful too.

Influencers in Izea will include that in their pitch when they place their bids, as we saw here. It gives more value to their candidacy and it showcases their experience.

On the other hand, finding out that an influencer has been working for your competition can be a bad thing for many. Because they do not want to look as if they are following everything their competition is doing. And for others, it may not be a problem, only if the influencer does not have any exclusivity contract with the competition.

e. Know the personal interest of the influencer.

The personal interest of the influencer can tell you if, the influencer is gonna be passionate enough to be creative with your content. We all know that when you have an interest in something, you can easily be inspired.

And it is always good for agencies, when they know your interest, they can match you with the right brand. On Izea we find lots of agencies looking for influencers too.

f. Know the country where the influencer is located.

If you are a local business, you would like to make sure to get local influencers’ otherwise you will spend money for nothing. If you are an international business, you will have to make sure that where the influencer is located works for you.

7. An influencer marketplace:

What is the influencer marketplace? It is a place where influencers’ and brands meet to do business together. We have got many influencer marketplaces but I would like to introduce you to one of the best, it is Izea.

The great thing with Izea is that as a brand you will find everything that we have talked about in one place. You can pick influencers’ according to your project. You can write your campaign brief and you can check if their social accounts or blog are a good fit and you can pay them directly.

Izea really makes it easy for you to run your influencer marketing campaigns.

What do you find within Izea’s platform

They have three major products to assist you in your work.

IZEAx discovery:

It allows you to search for influencers’ from your account dashboard. You can filter according to the influencers’ location, their social account (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) and the age distribution. Once, you have pick one, you can check the total number of followers, the engagement rate and all the other analytic you need.

leverage Izea as a brand


You can build a list of your favorite influencers’ and make sure to refresh it or make a new search from time to get new influencers’. You can keep your list to use anytime you have a campaign.

IZEAx unity suite:

Here you can create your projects and campaigns. Manage all existing campaigns and follow up on your campaign results. It is one platform giving you all the tools you need.

Create a project:

No need to write on spreadsheets anymore. Just sign in to your account and right there start creating your influencer marketing brief and everything else you would like included in your campaign.

And if you would like the assistance of an experienced writer to help you to create content for your campaign, may it be infographics, photos, or articles. You can get a creator withing the platform to help you with that.

Leverage Izea as a brand

Manage your project:

In your account, you can manage your project from your dashboard in the following tabs.

Platform summary, here you get to compare the performance of your project across different social platforms that you previously determine. And you will find which platform is performing best for your content.

Metrics report will give you more details, like how many people engaged with your content, how many URL clicks you have got.

Platform report gives you the result from a single social platform. You can check the result for each platform. You can check how your project is performing on Facebook or Instagram, individual. This is a deeper way to analyze your results.

Creator report, if you chose one creator to share content on two or three of his/her social accounts. Here you can check how that influencer is performing across all his/her network. It is a good way to judge if that influencer is good.

Project performance, here you will find the result for every piece of content that was shared for your project. And you can judge the quality of your content.

Total social value analysis, it gives you the total result of your campaign.

influencer campaign

Your report can be exported if you would like to have it at hand.

Managed service:

Izea offers to manage your influencer marketing business for you. They have a team of influencers’ and content marketing experts. That will guide you in your content strategy and help you optimize your campaign for better results.

They will fully manage your influencer marketing campaign, help you get custom content and promote your content. It can be a good solution if you are ready to pay for it.

How do you pay the influencers’?

It is made very easy in Izea, from your account you can pay the influencers’. Izea keeps all the cash you will pay in an escrow account and will be released to the influencer once, you have approved the final work, the influencer has published the content and Izea has verified that the content published is exactly what you approved. So, all you need to do is deposit your cash in your account and make payment as needed.

For your content campaign (where you commission a WordPress blog post). You can use Ebyline payment. It is another payment method available in Izea. But, you will have to sign up for it separately.


how to set your price in Izea?

As a brand, you will have to set a minimum and a maximum price. The Influencer will see your brief, and estimate how much he/she would like to get paid for it. And place a bid in the price range that you have provided. It is now up to you to check the profile of that influencer and see if the price is right, then you can accept or decline.

Every influencer has to set a certain price in their profile, you have the possibility of checking directly the profile that you want and propose the price set. So, you can make a direct offer to an influencer without having to negotiate.

What I really like is the transparency, because a brand gets to check if the influencer’s result and the quality of the content are really worth the amount the influencer is asking for.


I have said it and I will say it again, every business should leverage Izea as a brand. It is a complete platform, where you will find everything you need to create, manage and scale your influencer marketing campaigns.

You can find all sorts of influencers’ you want, micro-influencers’, pro influencers’ and content creators. You can contract the services of the platform to work on your behalf and help you get great results.

I hope you got something interesting from this post. And you are no ready to leverage Izea as a brand to scale your business.

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Service offered





  • One sofware for all your influencer marketing project
  • Easy to use
  • Paid service available


  • It takes time to go through all the influencers available

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  1. I have in the past attempted to become an influencer for Amazon, or at least I applied but unfortunately, I got declined because I didn’t have enough friends or followers on my social network accounts, however, if Izea isn’t quite as strict about the actual number of friends or followers on my networking groups I will be very tempted to apply, thank you very much for this interesting and informative article, take care.



    • Yes, you can sign up and at least start recommending it to make an affiliate commission.


  2. I read this post and surely, I’m grateful that I did. Right from time, writing has not been my forte but I came into affiliate marketing and blogging knowing fully well, I can get professionals to do the difficult work of content creations for me. I was using a fiverr writer before not until he started writing out of place contents for me. Now, izea seems to be my next destination to get adequate work done and I personally like the fact that my money is secured totally until I’m satisfied with the work done. This is great news to me, thanks

    • Yes, you can get a better content creator in Izea. As they only accept people with high expertise and you can check what they already have done.


  3. Izea sounds great for a venture who has time to do these things; such as at the startup stages. However, I also believe it is important to obviously be involved but how cool is that to get it done through a platform like Izea? I would like to give it a shot because sometimes I am too busy t do the content writing.  

    • And I am sure you will not regret it because they pretty keen on vetting only high-quality content creators with proof of content published outside social media.


  4. What a really cool idea to get businesses and influencers together to hopefully make both more successful. I think this could be a really good tool for those who are looking to expand the reach of their business or the reach of a certain product they make, but are struggling to find an audience. This seems like a great way to get some eyes on what you are doing, but is also a way for influencers to profit as well. Nice service!

    • It is definitely the best marketplace to meet both and take advantage of each other’s services to grow or establish a brand.


  5. Hello Davina, it’s really cool what the site offers for its service and I’m impressed by its program indeed. Starting a business is good aNd seem easy, but there is more to it than we actually think some times. Having an influencer help you publicize your site or products is very comfortable and reduces stress. This is my first time learning about Izea, and you have given a well detailed information about it. How do you monitor the progress made by the influencer?

    • The platform gives you access to all the data and from your account, you will receive all the stats that you need. You can even create ads on your influencer’s account to boost your products. It is really a complete platform.


  6. U have not been so much of a writer and I just joined a platform where I will need to be doing a lot of that and it seems like it will be a very enjoyable one for me. I like the fact that you can give this points on this platform. I have never really thought of being an influencer before but this is something I’d like to give a try. Thanks.

    • Being an influencer can be a great way of making some extra income. And it is really convenient when you already have a big or growing fan base to whom you can advertise.


  7. This post is worth gold! I want to expand my brand and working with influencers seems to be the next natural step. But I hadn’t read such a complete review on Izea and how to find influencers that will really help our brand. You have gotten me all excited about it and I want to head over to Izea and get started.

    To pay the influencer, I see we upload our payment first to Izea or we can use Ebyline payment. But can we use PayPal to upload payments to Izea? Thanks in advance.

    Honestly… thank you very much!

    • Yes, you can use Paypal to upload your payment to Izea.


  8. Actually, izea has provided the perfect opportunity to truly explore the world of affiliate marketing and the way to truly enjoy peace through it. Getting newer audience and more targeted traffic is a good thing and this is what izea brings to us. Thanks so much for really sharing this post and encouraging us all. Thumbs up to you for sharing this out here. Thanks so much

    • Thanks for reading and I hope you will take a look at it to improve your business.


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