Jaaxy the keyword research tool review

With this jaaxy the keyword research tool review, we are gonna walk you through everything that you can get, the pros and cons of this keywords search tool. And help you get a better understanding and to know how to use it and get the best results from it.

The importance of keywords research

Keywords are important because they are the link between what people are searching for and the content you are providing in response to that need. It is like doing your market research before you create a company. Because, you want to create a business that will meet the market demand.

When we create an online business, the ultimate goal is to be ranked in search engines in order to get organic traffic. We want our website to be mentioned in the search engine result pages (SERPs). But for that to happen, our content need to match what people are searching for.

That is why good keywords research is very important. It will determine if your content has a demand in the market already. And if your content will not get too much competition to rank higher. Or if your content is unique and informative enough to be among the best.

The keywords come from what people type into search engines. A keyword research tool tracks every search done for every single term or phrase in different languages. It makes the work easy.

What is jaaxy?

It is a keywords research tool created to help affiliate marketers in creating SEO friendly content. This was made by affiliate marketer but it can be used by anyone who creates content online. Jaaxy helps you:

– Find useful keywords

– know how many websites are ranking with the same keywords.

– know the potential impression and traffic you will get.

– discover other similar keywords you can use.

– check which keywords help your website rank.

– save your list of keywords for future reference or use.

– Analyze other website or post using the same keywords

– Use the alphabet soup technique.

– Find an affiliate program within your niche or relative to your post.

– It has its own affiliate program to help you make more money.

Price: Free starts up, 30 free searches, Pro ($49 monthly), Enterprise, ($99 per month).

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Result: 9/10

jaaxy the keyword research tool review



Tips to get jaaxy cheaper:

All you need to do is join wealthy affiliate. And as a premium member, you will get the pro version st 19$ only per month. Jaaxy is a part of wealthy affiliate, and you can read more about how to leverage that in our review here. When you join Wealthy affiliate as a free member, you also get access to Jaaxy free trial. And this will help you to apply the training you get with proper keywords, the results are amazing!

jaaxy the keyword research tool review

What do you get with jaaxy:

You get the possibility to check your site rank, find affiliate program in your niche, do a good old keywords search, use the alphabet soup technique to find useful keywords, to create a saved lists of keywords, do search analysis of your competitors, brainstorm for your future blog, become an affiliate of jaaxy.

1. Keyword search:

Try a search below! Get a live result for your keyword.

Make sure you have understood everything in the result. You will get these abbreviations:

  • Avg, meaning, the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic, the number of visits you will get per month if your content is on the first page of the search engines.
  • QSR, or quoted search result, it is the total number of websites ranked in the search engines for that exact keyword. So, this is your direct competition, the lower the number the better for you. Because, you can create good content and rank easily.
  • KQI, or keyword quality indicator, it determines how good is your keyword. If it is green, then your keyword is great, if it is yellow, it’s good but if it is red, that is bad. And you should not use a red keyword.
  • SEO, or search engine optimization, will give you a score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the better. So, with a high score, you are most likely to rank on the first page.
  • Domain, this will tell you if there is an availability of a domain name based on that keyword.

2. Get your site rank:

This will depend on which main keywords you are using to describe your website. But you can also do a site rank search for each keyword you have used. And you will be able to find your position in the search engines for each of your posts. Awesome right?

jaaxy the keyword research tool review

3. Create a list of your keywords:

This will help you to plan your post publication. After doing keywords research for your chosen niche, you can save them and organize your content creation as you go. I find that having this list helped me save some cash on my monthly subscription. So, I will create a list that I am happy with and copy them on my computer if I do not want to pay for my next month subscription. That month will be used to create content based on my keywords research. This way I only use jaaxy when I really need to set new keywords.

jaaxy the keyword research tool review


4. Analyze your competitor:

Here you get the opportunity to analyze your competitor. Let say I would like to write about jaaxy, I will do a search on the exact title that I would like to use and see who has already used it, And how strong their post or website is. This can help you improve something in your post to get an advantage. The analysis will tell you the position of your competitor in the search engines if they have backlinks, and how long is their post.

jaaxy review

5. Brainstorm:

Within brainstorm, you can save all your ideas. It can be a new idea that you would like to use or that you would like to know as soon as someone uses it. With brainstorm, you also get the latest trending subject in different search engines and social media. Because, creating a topic on a trending subject can help you get more exposure and gain traffic.

jaaxy review

6. Become a  jaaxy affiliate:

How great is it? You are using a great keywords research tool and you also get the opportunity to make money with it. So, jaaxy gives you the opportunity to join their affiliate program as soon as you become a member, even with a free account you can get referrals and make money. And you can make up to $400!

jaaxy the keyword research tool review

7. Alphabet soup technique:

It is a technique that you can use to take advantage of google, to establish keywords. You can watch this video below to get the full understanding.

alphabet soup technique

Pros and Cons.

  PROS        CONS
Easy to use platform.

The price is affordable compared to other platforms offering the same kind of service.

It comes with video training to help you use it well and take advantage of every feature.

You get 24/7 support.

The data is pretty accurate. Because, it uses data from google, bing, and yahoo.

It is mobile friendly and the app can be used on any computer, mac or pc.

The tracking tool is very awesome, allowing you to see exactly how your website and posts are doing in the search engines.


       The free account comes with a limited number of search, only 3o, not enough.

There is no way to know if the search you are doing is local or international.

You may not need to use all the


The language is only English, no other option.


Conclusion of jaaxy the keyword research tool review

In this jaaxy the keyword research tool review, we have seen how important it is to have a keywords search tool for an online business. And jaaxy is a great fit for any online business you would like to start, especially a content-based business. Because, your goal is to get your content ranking on search engines, using jaaxy will help you choose the less competitive keywords with good traffic. And post after post, you will see your business getting traffic and moving up in the search engines.

Take advantage of this great tool and you will see how your business will improve, mine just did!

Feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks for reading.



Service offered





  • Great for low competition keywords
  • 30 free searches


  • Monthly fee

6 thoughts on “Jaaxy the keyword research tool review”

  1. Jaaxy is a really great tool for researching the key words that your posts need to center around in order to get the traffic you need. I would argue that is is a necessary tool. without knowing the keywords that will be effective, your posts will certainly not get any transaction. It is a plus that you can be an affiliate to such a great online business tool.

    • It is really a necessary tool to help you create content that can convert to sales and potential income for you. It’s a great tool to use even for picking keywords for your ads.

  2. Keywords are very essential in understanding what people are searching online and how one can help them. I’ve been using Jaaxy keyword tool for about a year now and I must admit that value it provides is worth the amount. It’s been of great help in organising and generating new keywords for my blog post. I would say, I underutilize its features due to my tight schedules but if it’s properly used, there are a lot of potentials that can be unlocked for one’s online business. 

    You’re right to the points on what Jaaxy comes with and I hope bloggers under budget find it useful too. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Jaaxy is my best friend too. I use it also for ads keywords search. It has provided lot of winning ads campaign for me. Great you have been using it too!

  3. Hello Davina,

    without any confusion, your review is so helpful, important and informative. I did not know about Jaaxy keywords research tool before because I am a newbie of wealthy affiliate marketing business platform. It’s really an important tool. Your tips to get cheaper is amazing. from your review, I came to know that Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool and also anyone can get the opportunity to make money with it. I couldn’t understand about getting site rank. Would you please describe me on this topic?

    • A good keyword will help you pick topics that is searched online. If you get a topic and create a good content and it get indexed in Google per example. And people get interested in your post, the search engines will notice your content and rank it high in the search engines.

      The ranking factor plays a great role in getting traffic to your website and monetizing it. So, getting the right keyword is really the key to making money online. And Jaaxy helps you do just that!


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