How to get traffic to your website fast

After creating your website and posting your content, you now need to get traffic fast and start making money. But How to get traffic to your website fast?

There are two traffic sources for websites

1. Paid traffic

2. Free traffic

1. How to get traffic to your website fast: Get paid traffic to your website

A paid traffic source means that you need to submit your website to be advertised. So when you do any search on the web, you get suggestions on the first two or three results. And if you pay attention it is usually indicated as ad. Meaning, the owner of that website paid google, Bing or any other search engine you are using. In order to promote his/her website and have it come on top of any other website in the search engines for the given niche.

Let see the most effective paid traffic platform

Google AdWords

website traffic source


This is the marketing service of Google for the website. But for you to be accepted in Google AdWords, you will need to respond to some requirements. Like and the most important is to have a proper domain name, no subdomain is allowed.

For example, it should be,, not


Google AdWords has great potential. Because Google is the search engine the most used, your exposure will be greater. But it comes at a cost. You will pay a certain cost per click, every time someone clicks to your advertised website google charges you. So for a successful campaign, you need to choose keywords referring to your business. And you can even do a search to find which keywords are more searched for in your niche.


Google AdWords is getting better every day and you can consult with them. And use the different tools they have to optimize your ads, like their dynamic search ads which allow you to create ads based on what you have as content on your website. And which people are searching for, optimizing even people in a given area or country. So all of that to make your campaign more successful.

Your ad can be in the video also, google will have it displays on YouTube. Which also has a great audience and can be really powerful for your business.

This might be expensive but it always brings great results when done properly.

Facebook ads


Facebook ads come second. To create an ad campaign with Facebook, you will need to create a fan page. It is like your Facebook business page. It has all the analytic needed to follow up with your customers. And see how many you have reached, and grow your audience every day.

Here the options are endless’ As in you can target people on their Facebook feed, on Facebook messenger, on Instagram, on audience network. And you can target the audience of your competitor, create a lookalike audience, of a given age in a given place or area. You can create a text ad, an image ad or a video.

The cost:

It is paid per day, it can go as cheap as a dollar per day. But depending on what you are selling Facebook has the right audience for you. I find that if you start with a minimum of 20usd per day, Facebook will put your ad in front of the potential buying audience.

Because remember that what you want here is to make money, not just to get likes. So when you go with a low budget, chances are your ad will not be in front of a buying audience. And you do not need to run the campaign during the whole month, choose a perfect time and you will have a great result. You can read more about this in our article, Facebook for business


Social media

For every social media existing there is a paid ad version of it.

Like linked in ads:

For those doing business to business, you can target people in your profession or industry. Because, it is a platform reserved to professionals most people there, are looking for business opportunities and connections. Therefore, it is a great place to target directly people by profession. And it is very effective, that is also why the cost is more expensive than in any other platform, the cost per click can go up to 4 USD.

Twitter ads:

Anything post on twitter has that potentiality of going viral fast. So you can promote a single tweet, a twitter account or you can design a campaign based on what you want. Above all, just make sure that the revenue you will make of it is worth it. I mean do not promote products with small revenue because the cost per click is also high. And make sure you can make a good revenue because the rate of response is really good.

Pinterest ads:

Create great pins, link them back to your website and advertise your pins. The traffic you can get from Pinterest is really incredible. The cost per click is also important and the great thing is that when you create a very good pin people will catch it and repin it endlessly.

In all of this campaign do not forget to link back to your website. Otherwise, you will not get the primarily intended objective which is Traffic. Read more in our article, Pinterest for business.

2. How to get traffic to your website fast: Get free traffic

Free traffic or organic traffic can be achieved. Many people find that it is a lot of work because it depends on so many factors. But I think it is possible. Therefore, it should be your ultimate goal.

You get free traffic when people can google a subject that you have in your content. And get your website among the result. And they click on it. Most of the time people do not want to look very far after typing their search. The will pick among the five or ten first result which website to visit. So in order for you to get free traffic you need to be on the first page of the result given by the search engine. Also, you need to get people to know your content.

We shall talk about the two easy ways of getting free traffic

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media

a. Search engine optimization techniques

keywords and content

  • Tools

Write your content using keywords. Keywords are the words that people search for or most likely to search for. Using the keywords you ensure that your content will have a demand. And you can choose to write a headline with keywords this will bring traffic. But how do you find these keywords, there are many platforms where you can buy the services of generating keywords. And there is one free of charge that you should try it “ubersuggest”. And you can install an extension on your computer of Keywords everywhere to use every day.

  • Usage

Do not stuff your content with keywords. But use it as a starting point, as I said to choose it as your headline from there develop your content. And just make sure that your keywords represent one percent of your total content. Do not create the content of fewer than 400 words because you will not rank in google.

Your content should be rich. And when I say that, I mean you need to give the maximum information possible in your content. Because the more detailed you are, the more information you will be to your audience. And the more Google will rank your content.

  • Source

There are many sources of content out there. Where you can find what people want to know about any given subject. For example, you have a platform like Quora, like buzz sumo, where you can find what is trending too. To get most of those kinds of platforms unfortunately you will have to pay. But luckily most have a free trial period, use it wisely to gather a maximum of information to help you in your future content creation.

  • Backlinks

This is something I came to realize lately. Create backlinks is very important to rank higher. What happens is that when people link back to your website, google realizes that your content is valuable. And rank your website higher to let people find that great content faster.

How to get it

There are many ways to get backlinks.

The first one is a natural way.

Create great content and someone finds it. And that person, create a post on his/her website or social media linking back to your website.

The second way

It is when you target a content written by someone already establishes in the business. And you go and develop that content even better. You can contact that person or people who shared that content online. And ask if he/she can read it and if it is interesting to him/her. He/she can publish it and link it back to you.

The third way

It is co-written a subject with those already established. You can make like an interview, everybody shares his/her opinion and experience. And you publish on your website giving them credit. And they publish on their website or social media linking back to you, it is always a win-win. But finding such people can be hard and costly, there is this platform called ahref which gives all the needed data. But it is quite expensive, about 180$ per month.

The last resort

It is to buy backlinks, there are many platforms selling backlinks. Here is the one I find best in the market linksmanagement. They will give you all the tools you need to master the search engine optimization or SEO. And help you get backlinks and rank higher in google. It can be pricey but for us no tech-savvy, it is a great time saver and worth the investment.

The easiest way

To get backlinks is to share your post on your own social media account. Do not forget to link your own content. What I mean is when you create a content related to another subject you have already developed, make sure to talk about that existing content and link back to it.

Google analytic and Google console


These two tell you exactly what you are doing and which result you are getting.

Google console, helps adjust your content and learn which content works best. And you can come up with an idea on how to capitalize on it.

Google Analytics tells you how many people you do reach and how they behave on your website. Combine the two to get maximum exposure for your content.

b. Social media

website traffic


Though, we have seen that you can pay ads to get traffic from social media. But the basis of social media is that it is free to access. Because it is free everyone uses it every time all the time. Sharing your content and linking it back to your website is just as simple as that.

For every post you write, you can talk about your business. You can create a dedicated page to talk about your business. And you can ask your friend and family to share your post linking to your website on their news feed. And the reach is just unbelievable.

In Reddit

You can submit your content for a vote, just submitting it for a vote expose it to a good amount of traffic. And when it is voted, the traffic will be great, you can also submit it to other aggregator sites.

With social media to get a good exposure you also need to be active, do not just submit your content. But react also to other content, like and comment too.

With Facebook

You can create a group of like-minded people to share your content with. Also, you can join such an existing group to share your content with.

With a Facebook fan page or a business page as I like to call it, Instagram business page, Pinterest for business, linked in or twitter. You will get data or analytic on when your audience is more active. To help you time and be ready with your content on time for maximum reach.

Content: Focus on sharing visual content because it attracts more people on social media. Above all. Make a nice pin, an image with text, or even a video if you can. And you will get a great response rate, do not forget to link it back to your website. And the analytic gives your audience also your response time. So be ready to answer to improve your audience capability of engaging with your content.


Conclusion of how to get traffic to your website fast

Conclusion of how to get traffic to your website fast

Getting traffic to your website is the key to your business growth. But how to get traffic to your website fast is the goal. As this is your business, one you would like to potentially live on. Therefore, I will advise trying them all at your convenience. The easier way is to start with free traffic. But even with free traffic, you need to get your own domain name no subdomain, as we discuss on creating a website. And do not forget to get an email service provider. Because nothing kills the hope of an entrepreneur more than having to look for a client over and over again. Get convertkit.


Here is a social media platform less known than the other Viral content bee. So the principle is the same as with Pinterest, it is based on sharing. But here in order to have your content shared you need to earn points by sharing other people’s content first. Which for me is great because you have the guaranty that your content will be shared. But still, you got to put in the work of creating good content.

Traffic source.
When you combine all these steps you will enjoy your business, grow beyond your expectations. And learn with your own experience how to get traffic to your website fast. You can also read the encyclopedia to understand it, here.

I hope this answers your most asked question about getting traffic to your website. But in case you still have some questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section, Thanks.

traffic source



How do I increase organic traffic to my website?

The best way to increase your website traffic is to give your customers what they want. Put yourself in their shoes and find what you would like to get as a client. Make a survey asking your visitors what they would like to see.

And do not forget to exploit every aspect of your niche. That will ensure that you have responded to all the questions about your niche. To achieve that, you will have to create a lot of blog posts.

How can I increase my website traffic without SEO?

There are a lot of things that you can do outside your website that can increase your website traffic. Like, do a give away in your social media accounts. This will give your clients and followers an opportunity to test your products and to talk about your business around them.

Add your website link to your email signature. It can be your website email or your private email. It is all about creating brand awareness. And be ready to share your content and expertise in different forums.

Feel free to leave a comment below, thanks for reading

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  1. I personally think that earning free traffic is the way to go. A lot of people work hard to get where they are today. So hard work has to be put into it to have success in what you are doing. I would rather work hard and gain free traffic, then to pay someone to look at my website’s. Hard work goes a long way.

    • Free traffic is the ultimate goal for an online business.


  2. I really liked your tip on backlinks. It is something, that is easily forgotten when trying to get more traffic to your site. I would also add an encouragement to share your content and make it easy for readers to do so by adding the main social media share buttons to your site.

    • I will be adding that soon, for now, you can grab the link and share it on social media.


  3. Hi, Davina.
    Your article was very interesting, you have done a detailed classification on how to get traffic quickly. Usually I always choose the unpaid option (SEO) but I agree that if you want to achieve massive traffic sometimes the paid option (SEM) is better. The details you gave of each alternative were instructive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Increasing traffic is really necessary to generate leads and income later on. So, it’s a must for every online business owners to bolster traffic fast through the methods you recommended. Yet, that comes with not only the price like $$$, but also time. Why? 

    The social media alone requires a lot of time to design the images and written captions for each if you were talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest (now considered a search engine rather than a mere social media platform). Managing social media takes a lot of time and effort. 

    So, I’d like to point out that it’s best to use a social media tool to schedule everything at once to have spare time to take care with tracking Google Analytics, Search Console, etc. At the same time, you don’t have to guess which times should you post this and that because social media tools will track the best times and publish the posts at the given time (where your target audience are most active). 

    From there, you get more traffic faster. 🙂

    • Yes, using a tool like Tailwind Helps me post to Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook every single day. And social media management becomes way easier.

  5. Hello! I love this topic because it is key to having a successful business online. With no traffic, no conversions. Traffic is what every onlineprenuer(I love that)  needs. You have displayed options of how to get traffic very well. I myself try to get free traffic through social media channels as much as I can. 

    I am thinking about trying out Facebook ads or campaigns and see how that works. Would you have any more advice on where to start with that? 

    • I would start with facebook automated ads. Facebook guides properly to understand what to expect and what to choose from your publications for a better result.


  6. Hi Davina, Thanks for sharing your article is very well explained. I have been working online for several years and free traffic is my first option. We have to work hard to get there but if put enough effort we can make it happen.  Paid traffic is also very good but if we manage to create articles like this it is very possible that google or other search engines will put it among their first pages.

    Thank you very much for sharing.


    • Yes, the quality of the post plays a big part in the ranking.


  7. Pay per click advertising can be very expensive especially for a new business starter who has no experience of how to produce an effective, high quality advert. 

    In my experience, paid ads on social media are more effective than those in the search engines and there are some good books out there which specialise in the subject of social media advertising. Getting these is a small investment when compared to a PPC advert which doesn’t convert!

    Effective blogging with regular content containing quality keywords and effective SEO is the way to go, but it has to be learned and this takes time.

    If you’ve got the money to do so, an effective paid ad campaign is great up to the point when your website has gained authority in the search engines, at which point paid advertising may no longer even be necessary.

    With either approach, I’d recommend research first, as this can save a fortune in both effort and money.

    • Exactly, if you can learn how to do it right and have the budget, you can help your new website get the right traffic to start earning some money, it is not bad.


  8. Hello

    Thanks for posting; for over two months I’m the first on google with my site, and lately all my posts are on the front page on google; is it due to backlinks? I mention that I only post 6 months. And yet I do not have traffic, just 3-30 daily. Anyway, I have no money, I have to wait for the natural traffic.

    best regards


    • It depends on so many things, the quality of your content, the competition that you have in your niche, the backlinks you get, the quality of your website, and more.

      Well done on your ranking!


  9. Hi I really found your post informative regarding How to get Traffic to your website.  This is something every Affiliate Marketer needs to know.  I agree with you that Free Traffic takes alot of work and dedication at making your website appealing to your readers.  However if you can afford the Paid Traffic, that is great also.  I personally am just starting out in the Affiliate Marketing area and I will have to use the Free Traffic Method however I do thank you for providing the different ways to get Free Traffic and Paid Traffic.  I will utilize your suggestions in my own website and when I am able to use Paid Traffic.   

  10. These are such great insights especially for new websites. I recently started one and traffic is nowhere near 5 clicks! I’m definitely going to try the google Adwords. I am not so confident on social media marketing, but I believe as a blogger it is something I have to get comfortable with.

    The tip on backlinks is a winner. I’ve never thought about it. I now see there are many ways to get noticed on the internet. I just have to perfect all these methods one at a time.

    Very valuable post indeed. Many thanks.

  11. Lots of great and useful content here. I think Free Traffic is the way to go. Once you can build up organic traffic you’ll save tons of money and not have to rely on paid traffic. Although it will take time, the effort is worth it. I would only do paid traffic if I have products that would help give me a good ROI or if I want a boost in exposure.

    • Yes, because it is also advised to use PPC only for something that already brings in results. Otherwise, you will bet on something that people are not interested in reading or using. So, the right path is to create quality content, see after it is ranked by the search engines if people are interested in it and scale it with PPC to maximize your revenue.

  12. Well! Any day or anytime, I would prefer to get a free traffic to my website rather than pay for it because often time, it dies not get concentrated traffic in most paid traffics. To be honest, with proper work ethics, getting traffic should not be difficult. However, the way you have detailed out the various means to generate paid traffic, I might be worth checking bout the various other means I have never tried before

  13. Hello  Davina, starting a business is a nice idea and without a doubt, we all want to make some money from our online business and so we need enough and good traffic to our site to help with sales. Getting traffic isn’t something very easy but with t right steps, you can get just the perfect one. Personally, I would love to go with free traffic, not that the paid traffic isn’t good, but we all want to cut costs and save cash. Making use of social media accounts and search engine optimization can be really helpful to an individual you can use it and it will help your account grow  

    • Yes, free traffic is important and being able to master that can only guarantee that your paid traffic will come in as a great addition for a successful online business.

  14. I run a blog and I sometimes have difficulty in getting traffic for my website. This post has been very informative and I will commit the various ways of getting traffic for a website to mind. My goto method had always been word of mouth and I’ve ran Google ads a couple of times. However, I’ll capitalize on the information I’ve received here and explore other options to gain traffic for my blog.

    • I will say try to master what you are doing already and incorporate new ways step by step so that you didn’t lose any momentum. It will help you grow in a steady manner and establish your brand.


  15. I personally really appreciate your efforts to detail out o how generate fast both on paid and free traffic sources. I think your content is a great and very helpful. I wish you great Courage and may you continue in that same spirit.

  16. How to Build traffic is an excellent article. I enjoyed reading all the great tips on building traffic. There are many ways to develop your Internet traffic, such as AdSense, Social media, Pinterest, Instagram, as mention in your article. One great thing is being able to share your blog on other websites. It’s rare to find anyone that would help others to learn the process of building traffic online. Without traffic, growing your business would be at risk. Great work, Colombe.

    • Finding other bloggers that will accept to do that will be great!

  17. How to Build traffic is an excellent article. I enjoyed reading all the great tips on building traffic. There are many ways to develop your Internet traffic, such as AdSense, Social media, Pinterest, Instagram, as mention in your article. One great thing is being able to share your blog on other websites. It’s rare to find anyone that would help others to learn the process of building traffic online. Without traffic, growing your business would be at risk. Great work, Colombe.

    • Yes, bloggers share each other’s content too in order to grow there traffic. It can also be e a very efficient way.


  18. This is a very good post on how to get traffic to one’s website. You have really given an explanation to how this traffic works because I have just started my online business and I needed to understand how it all works out. I am very happy to see how you have separated the paid and the free traffic here. Thank you so much fr sharing. Cheers!

    • Great, I am happy that this is helpful to you.


  19. getting trffic to one’s website requires a deliberate effort whether it is going to be paid or free traffic to be generate into it. I like and prefer the organic traffic rather than the paid ones because they actually work beter and I prefer that. Also, the traffic is more concentrated and focused with this. Thanks so much for sharing

    • As I said the best way is to optimize your content in order to get organic traffic, you can read more on how to create such content here. And ultimately you will need to use paid traffic to get more out of your business.



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