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Here is the biggest social media platform, Facebook. But how to use Facebook for business? A place where you find people interested in all aspects of life. And you, the business owner, can take advantage of that to scale your business. Create your account free of charge and start sharing your content. By sharing everything about your business, you invite people back to your business website. And read more here.

For a business, you will need to know how your business is doing. For example, if what you are sharing is attracting customers or not. The great way to so it’s to have a Facebook business page. Because, of the analytic provided. The other tool is to create a Facebook group, to reach and share more.


A. Facebook for business page

A Facebook page is created specifically to showcase your business, may it be local or international. And help you grow your business. Here is what you get from a Facebook page.

  • Analytic:

It gives you all the analytics needed to improve your business. For every post you share, you can see how many people have seen it. And how many reacted to it. Also, it gives you the possibility to invite those who reacted to like your page. Therefore, become your follower and member of your community.

Now with a Facebook page, you will have to pay for ads. In the start, if you want to reach a big audience, you have to pay. Because the new algorithm of Facebook does not allow you to reach a great number of people for free. But it is always a good experience.

  • Use Facebook ads:

The ads can be as cheap as a dollar per day. And Facebook will give a maximum number of people you will reach for your daily amount. The more you spend, the more Facebook will expose your ads to people interested in your products. And able to purchase from you. Because, Facebook has a database of what we all do every day online. And knows what we like and if we can buy it.

  • Test your products:

The great thing with Facebook ads is that you can try different items. And give it 2 to 3 days to see the feedback. And if it does not suit your expectations, you can stop it and change. But this process helps you find your best-selling product too.
I will advise making a video if you can. Because, videos are proven to attract more people henceforth convert better. You can read more on it in our article, content creation.

  • Reach:

The power of Facebook ads is that you can Target people anywhere in the world. And Target customers from your competition. It is very powerful and converts well. With the Facebook pixels, you can track even more and know how your Facebook page, your website convert. As a result, you will know how to improve your business.

Again you can access this future only from a Facebook page. Today with your Facebook page you can do even more. Like, it can be your online storefront. As in, you can insert a shop or online store. So not only a Facebook page with the ads can bring you traffic. But now you can directly sell your physical or digital products directly on your page.


B. Facebook group

With a Facebook group, you don’t have the analytics of a Facebook page. But you get members insights. Facebook tells you exactly who is a member. How many new members you get per day or month. Where are they from, which age range they are in. And all this will help when you create a Facebook ad. You can create your own Facebook group. Or join other groups within your niche, you can join up to 300 groups.

  • Use it properly:

The best way to use a Facebook group is to use it as a place of education. Where you share your backstage experience, your process. Talk about what you do to scale your business. How you build your business? Also, share your failure and how to come back from it. And ask your group’s opinion on what you can do to help them improve their experience.

  • Be social:

A Facebook group really gives you the opportunity to learn about your audience and your business. Socialize with them, and all of that will concur to better business for you. It is a two ways stream. You will empower your group and gain faithful clients to your business.


C. Here are some tips to enjoy Facebook for business:

Follow the rules:

To get the most of Facebook. And not go against their terms and conditions. You need to do your business from a Facebook page, fan page or business.

Get members:

Most importantly, make sure to put the link to join your Facebook group and page on your website. And any other online source you use, allowing people to directly share your content which gives you backlinks.


If you are in a network marketing a Facebook group is the tool you need to recruit more people. Therefore, create a Facebook group with your team-mate. And recruit new members to join. Because of the presence of your team, the convincing game is very easy. Recruit will get to see how well members are doing, get advise from them and improve their experience.

Email list:

You can read more about this subject in our article, what is email marketing.

Firstly make sure to collect emails from your Facebook group members. Because, emailing is the most reliable way to stay in touch with your community. Because people can lose their Facebook details or even Facebook can change. And you lose your group, how will you continue with your business? Create an email list. Here is my favorite tool for that purpose, Convertkit

Comes with a bonus:

Since Facebook bought Instagram, as a result, you can now create ads on Facebook and have them display on Instagram too. Killing 2 birds with one stone. However, you can choose to do both separately.
And you can still try these two ways and see which is better.

The best content:

Facebook will give you more exposure for video content than text content. So use more videos to connect with your group and to create ads.

Stay connected:

Most importantly, make sure to connect your Facebook page to your website. Because, what we really want from Facebook is traffic back to our website. And for that, you need to put a call to action button to encourage people. It can be ” buy now” for an e-commerce, or ” visit us” or ”contact us” for a blog.


You can get Facebook influencers too. Just as we saw in this article, Influencer marketing.

Above all, they will help you reach their audience. And their audience is never less than 5000 people. As a result, your business can grow significantly. Therefore, you need to use influencers in addition to your Facebook marketing.


D. Conclusion of Facebook for business:

So here is how you can improve your business with Facebook. Firstly, Create a Facebook page to reach more people with ads. And secondly, create or join a Facebook group within your nice. Consequently, you can leverage one to improve your followers count for the other. By having as a requirement to join your Facebook group, that one must like your Facebook page. And share your Facebook Page’s post to your Facebook group.

The biggest problem with the Facebook group is to keep people interested and engaged. So your content needs to be relevant and engaging. And you need to give the members the opportunity to share about their own business or experiences. Otherwise, you will be getting spamming content from others. Therefore, you can establish some rules of engagement and give the members the opportunity to share. But let them share how you have helped them improve their business.

I hope you find some answers here, feel free to ask your question and leave your opinion in the comments section!

18 thoughts on “Facebook for business”

  1. Who knew Facebook could be this lucrative for business? I did not know!

    i’ve always considered it to be a place to reconnect with my loved ones, nothing more.

    i think now that you’ve provided a great insight on how it works, I should try it out for marketing my website.

    Is one allowed to place an affiliate link on Facebook?

    I am really curious about that because, if that is not allowed on ones profile or in a group.

    Looking forward to your answer.


    • Facebook is a great place to market your business. You can use your affiliate links but do not abuse or your account will be suspended. The best practice is to put your affiliate links within your post content and link your post to your publication or ads on facebook.

  2. Videos sharing and live video feeds on Facebook and Instagram is really important. I recall reading a few articles about the recent Facebook Algorithm update that Facebook put more emphasis on Videos. 

    In other words, videos get more exposure and will appear higher on the feed page of your followers if they like your Facebook Business Page. 

    • Yes, it seems like facebook is going more towards videos, update after update. Videos and vlogs get more exposure on facebook, in a way that they do send notification to your followers for videos but not for a simple post like they use to do before.

  3. I am allergic to social media.  It is hard to do business on the internet when you don’t want to put yourself out there on social media like Facebook.  I do realize that if I want to grow my business I’ll have to start getting involved in this.  As hard as it might be for me, your post taught me a lot today.  Thank you.  This is a great helpful post, and I’ll just have to jump in and start socializing.  

    • Great! You do not really need to expose your life but you need to expose your business. People will learn about your business and with time discover and trust the person behind the business for sure.

      Thanks and I wish you success!

  4. Excellent review about how to use Facebook to promote our  business. Facebook is very popular social media platform which is used by people to get world informed about what is going on in their personal life. People easily get informed about a particular product they come across and become a visitor to the brand website if they find the platform very useful, trustworthy and transparent. I have a personal brand am promoting via Facebook and believe me, it is scaling up everyday. Although, am just about to advance into Facebook payed ads.

    Email marketing is another means to maintain the trust of the brand’s loyal customers and visitors and get them updated about the continuous evolution of the business and availability of new products if there is any. This is how many among others is able to make me their loyal customer up till this moment. Facebook has a bonus which is Instagram. Does that mean there is going to be less payment if one wants to use the two platform for a single business and  product advertisement, that can reach large traffic?

    • Yes, when you create an ad on facebook you can choose that you be displayed on Instagram as well and there is no extra cost for that.

      Here is a nice post I made about email marketing, I hope it will help you start your list.


  5. You have a terrific website. I have had sites for 10 years. The site is easy to read. The categories are relevant and easy to follow. I have been looking for a dropship company and I found ECwic to be a very easy layout. Additionally, a clear description of content marketing was also helpful. All of the affiliate marketing information also was inspiring. I  am in the middle of starting a new brick and mortar business. But your site has inspired me to also do a dropshipping business. This site should do very well. 

  6. Hello Davina,

    Facebook is a tool all entrepreneurs need to learn how to use. It can literally make or break you. 

    You go through Facebook in a logical manner telling your readers what they need to do. We all need maximum reach and maximum exposure for our website(s) if we are going to be successful.

    Thank you for pointing out what we need to do.


    • Yes, the more reach we get the better for our businesses and revenues.


  7. Hello; it is a fact that Facebook is a place where many people hang out for all reasons. If businesses can capture the people’s interest, there will be a long-run profit for them. Having a business page on Facebook is something to consider.

    I had thought about having a Facebook business group but never a page. Have you personally gained from a Facebook business page?


    • I am still building my page, I have a little over a thousand likes now and so far the experience has been wonderful. My google analytics pointed out that my traffic from facebook has the lowest bounce rate, so that is great. I have a facebook group too, I made it private and building it slowly because I really want to get quality people over there to keep it interactive.


  8. I was reading your post a few times, and I was telling myself: I really need to do this – start a Facebook business. Your post impressed me, especially the tips you wrote. I understand I need to open a Facebook business account, but where should I pick adds?  Is it a Self Serve Billboard Platform? Overall,  you wrote a lot of useful information. 

    Thanks for the great information.

    • Facebook has an automated ad service now, all you have to do is post maybe for a month and they will suggest to you what you should include in your ad, it is very helpful. Try it and it will give you the idea and directions to follow, from there you can choose what works for you.


  9. Wow! Very informative and detailed post. I did not know one can join up to 300 groups. This shows the almost limitless power of facebook because your advertisement becomes world wide and you target a specific group of age group or interest group. The analytic and feedback services provided by facebook is excellent and outstanding. If one has the financial capability of investing into ads, facebook should be given priority.

    • I agree, everybody is on facebook and their data is awesome for ads, and easy to use too.



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