Dropshipme plugin: complete review

Dropshipme plugin: complete review will introduce you to one of the best tools in the market. Dropshipme plugin is a tool that will allow running a dropshipping business with ease. Just like any other tool that we have seen, you can use dropshipme to import products from aliexpress, synchronize your inventory and fulfill orders to your clients. But what makes dropshipme different from alidropship or dropified tool.

How does dropshipme work?

You will need a wordpress website with woocommerce website that you can get with bluehost. After that, you can add the dropshipme plugin to start your dropshipping business. You will use it to:

Dropshipme plugin: complete review

1. Identify your niche:

If you do not know what niche is trending or can be profitable. Dropshipme will help you find what suits you. Through the research of the current trends and analyze the competition level of that niche.

2. Find the best supplier in aliexpress:

It is not an easy task to find a good supplier in aliexpress. You can not be a hundred percent sure of the quality of the service or the product you will get. That is why dropshipme has done the job for us, they have selected based on the industry standards, the best suppliers from aliexpress. So, no more guesswork in order to find the best supplier.

This is a great feature and one that is really on demand because dropshippers end up losing a lot of money in ads if they choose the wrong product. That is why dropified came up with aliextractor, it is a paid tool if you are not a dropified premier.

3. Edit product:

You can edit the product’s photos and description to make them a bit different from your supplier. Creating a more detailed description helps with the SEO, make it at least 400 words. I know it may seem a lot but that is a great factor that will help improve your ranking in the search engines. If you do it right, you will enjoy free traffic.

You can import products and their reviews from the supplier. It easy and fast to add a product to your store with a simple click. The product review will help you convince your visitors of the quality of the products and the service you are offering.

How much is dropshipme?

The prices are quite good, it is a one-time payment plugin and a free option is available too. For a maximum of 50 products, you have the plugin for free. It is a good number for you to start a lucrative business already. I will advise you to start with this free plan especially if you are still a beginner and save more money for your ad campaign.

The second option cost 29$, you can have up to 100 products plus a bonus of 10. So, from 51 products to 110 products you will pay a one time fee of 29$, which is really good for a beginner.


The third plan has 500 products with a bonus of 200 products at 119$. This is already a good size store that can earn a good four to five-figure income monthly.

The last option costs 199$, with a thousand products and a bonus of 5oo products.

Common futures for all the plan

– Top-selling products to choose from

– The possibility to customize the product and the highest quality images

– A free WordPress plugin to manage the products imported

– Source products from the most trusted suppliers

– Get real customers’ reviews

– Zero additional fees

– Lifelong customer support

Get a ready-made store.

We are not all DIY people, there those of us who just want to get a ready-made store with some instructions on how to manage the store efficiently. If it is you, then you can order a ready-made store. You can sign up here and apply for a ready-made store. Now you will have three choices, you can go for a basic, advanced or an ultimate store.

– Basic store:

For this option, you will get, niche research, a custom design that is mobile friendly and a cashback option from aliexpress for up to 12%. Also, a custom dropshipme package with alidropship to help you automate your store. Plus a Facebook page, on-site SEO, a set up to receive payment from PayPal and credit cards. The website will have 50 products and will be delivered in a maximum of 2 weeks.

– Advanced store:

It will have everything included in the basic store plan. Plus a twitter and Instagram account, it will have 100 products and it will be delivered in 18 days. Here the advantage is the number of products and the 2 social media account which will ensure more exposure to your store.

– Ultimate store: Now this is very good for someone who is ready to invest and scale his business. You will get everything included in the basic and advanced store. Also, a YouTube channel will be set for you, a promo video and social media promo plugin will be installed on your website.

This plan takes care of the 3 major sections of s dropshipping store for me. I talked about it in this blog post here. You have the product, the order automation, and the marketing aspects that are all covered. So, all you have to do is launch your business and manage it properly for a sure success.

Other services offered by dropshipme

Dropshipme plugin: complete review, will introduce you to all the other services, like the following.

– They can create Instagram and Facebook ads for your dropshipping store. You will have ads created and optimized for better revenue by professionals.

– Set up an email marketing campaign to boost your sales. All the emails you get from your customers can be used to bring them back to your store via email marketing, especially when it is done by professionals.

-Give you a professional review of your dropshipping store to help you improve the quality of your store and attract more customers.

Pros and cons of dropshipme.

This tool is good but it is not really perfect. Because this is dropshipme plugin: complete review, we need to talk about everything. Let see what is good and what is not so good about it.


– The free option that you do not have from any other plugin. With 50 products you can run a lucrative business already.

– Their selection of product is pretty great. You get the products with the best rating from the best supplier, this maximizes your chances to get return customers.

– The one-time payment plugin is always a bonus for business. You do not need to worry if you have made enough money to pay for a recurrent fee. Here you only worry about your hosting company if you are on a monthly plan, but with Bluehost you can get very cheap price and pay annually to ensure your business runs always.

– Their other marketing services are very helpful. For example, if you have never run a Facebook or Instagram ad, getting the help of professionals and at such an affordable price is very awesome. What I did, was to get their assistance on two or three occasions and asked questions on how and why they would choose an option over another. I tried to understand their logic and applied it on my own later successfully.


– The biggest con for me is the lack of automation. So, you will have to place orders to your suppliers manually. There is no one-click order magic. If you want to have that, then you will have to buy alidropship plugin. Both of them are plugins from the same company so they integrate together. That is why they give you an alidropship plugin in the ready-made store.

The biggest difference is that with dropshipme the quality of the product and the supplier are better. There is no such filter with alidropship plugin. So, you can use the best of each and create a terrific dropshipping store.

– Another con is the number of products that you can add to your store. You can not have more than 1500 products.

– It is only compatible with woocommerce but not any other platform like commercehq.

– You do not get a supplier inventory alert. So, you have to keep checking the inventory or availability of the products from the supplier. Also, you do not get alert when the supplier changes the price.

– There is no way to import or connect your store with an ecom platform. When introduced dropshipping subject here, we saw that an ecom platform can help an online store to get more sales. So, it is very necessary to have it.

Conclusion of Dropshipme plugin: complete review.

So, dropshipme is a great tool. I know it has so many cons but I really like because it can be free. I think with 50 products in your store, you may not be receiving 1000 orders per day(unless you really find the golden goose or you are great in marketing). But what I mean is that with such a low amount of products, you are able to control the inventory and prices from the supplier.

This is a tool that I will advise anyone who wants to start a dropshipping business. Because you start testing if it is really a business that you want or can do. The only money that you would spend will be in marketing and hosting. For me, I host all my website in wealthy affiliate, as a free member it is free. I take advantage of the training to improve my business.

So, I focus more on my marketing and I like to get the assistance of professionals from dropshipme. They helped me improve my store and scale my business. The great side of this free offer is to learn and invest more in what can help you improve your business every day.

So, here is my dropshipme plugin: complete review to help you create a dropshipping business.

I would like to thank you for reading and I hope you got value from this post, feel free to leave a comment below.











  • Free
  • Automate inventory import
  • Can be used with woocommerce


  • Only 50 products for the free option
  • Not everything is automated

16 thoughts on “Dropshipme plugin: complete review”

  1. I have wanted to start a dropshipping website for a while now but have always thought there might be too much competition out there especially if there area few people using the same companies or dropshipping plugins and are all trying to sell the same products 

    Does the dropshipme plugin give the free starter pack plenty of product options to choose from or do you get the same as everyone else? 

    • Yes, the competition is real as in any other business but it is up to you study your market and start with something less competitive.

      There is plenty of products to choose from, and you will make your choice. There is no guarantee that no one else will like the same niche market as you or the same products. But there are over 50,000 products to choose from.

      You can also try dropified they source products from aliexpress and many other US-based companies, you have more product diversity. Because with dropshipme only source from aliexpress.


  2. Wow! This is another great review from you and droopshipme plugin seems to  be a great plugin for dropshippers. Since my partner has decided to venture into this buisiness, I really want to give her as much support as possible and I’m glad I came across another valuable resources that would be able to help her maneuver through her business however, the cons highlighted here through this post are somewhat staggering than to be ignored. However, I will still suggest this to her, hopefully she will still go for it. Cheers

    • I think if she is a beginner in dropshipping this tool is the best choice to help her start with less risk and learn as she goes. A free tool is always a good option because when we start any business it is good to limit the risks.


  3. This is a really nice post on plugin for dropshipping. I do not know yet alot about dropshipping but all I know is I’ll be getting products and advertising them on my site, then customers will place orders and that’s how it goes. I don’t get to see my customers or the product. Can you please refer Mr to a post where I can read something about dropshipping, I’m considering diving into it. Thanks

    • I think you got the basics. You may not see your customers but you can be in contact with them to keep them updated on their order status and send them promotions.

      Herebis a post I wrote about Dropshipping for dummies, it will give you all the essentials about this business.


  4. This is a good reference post on dropshipme. It is a good review which has tried to expose the pros and cons involved in the business. It is personally a good and useful post to me because i am learning and exploring all the ways to be a successful online entrepreneur and e-commerce is one area of future consideration as i learn along. Your website and experience will surely help people like me. Thanks for the post. Cheers.

    • Hey Joseph, I hope you can revisit the information on this post at any time.


  5. I have been considering a dropshipping business for me for a while now seeing how many people are actually making their money from the business. I didn’t know that there was a plug in that can really help to make my business even easier for me. Seeing the features and the price, I am compelled to believe that it is truly worth it and that I should give it a go. Thank you for a well structures review on dropshipme.

    • Great! It is a cost-worthy plugin for beginner dropshipper, you will start with less cost and grow your business from there.


  6. Hello Davina, one of the nicest means people use in making money today online is dropshipping and without a doubt, it’s simple since you can run it online just like every other online business. I love its one-time payment idea and the availability of products even if it’s not more than 50. Although, having a wider product to work with is indeed nice but for those who are new to this form of business, it’s not bad to start little. 

    • Exactly, you can start with what you can easily manage in product stock but as your business grows you may invest in more stack and even having employees.

      Thanks for stopping buy

  7. The first thing that really gave me enough joy from reading this is that the plans they offer are lifetime payments as there would not ever be a need to pay again. Thats good. Actually, I am just getting into the drop shipping business and though I dont really know a lot about it yet but I feel this dropshipme plugin would really be of great help to me. This is really great to see here and thanks for sharing 

    • Dropshipping is a great way to make money online and with the dropshipme plugin, you can start your business with less cost and less stress.


  8. Dropshipping is a business model I gave thought to. I like the fact that this plugin has a free option. 50 products is more than enough for the starter and doesn’t have a monthly fee. Pretty Cool. I’m kind of weary of Aliexpress and doing business with them since they don’t always have the high-quality products like you discussed.

    Having this dropshipme researching out the best products is a selling point for me. I don’t want to lose my reputation by selling a product that isn’t that good. I like the thought of someone going in and pre-qualifying products for me. Do they have anything in the pondkeeping niche?

    • All niches are available. They will pick the best products and suppliers for you. All you will have to do is list them with your profit margin and start your marketing to make sales.



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