Creating a website for your business

Today every kind of business can find an audience online, to expand their offline business or solely to be an online business, for any of the two you will be creating a website for your business. Therefore, creating a website for your business is paramount.

There are many ways to get a website. Firstly, you can hire a professional to create it for you from scratch. And some people who are extreme in security would like to have their own server. And be able to host their own website.

Secondly, this is for us who are not tech-savvy. So you pay a hosting company and follow the steps to realize it on your own, which is also cheaper than the first. Creating a website was among the steps to your online business read more here.

Today I am gonna give five steps to follow to have your website up and running

1. Creating a website for your business: Choose a domain name

A domain name is your website address. So it is the name that people will be typing on the search engine to find your website. You will need to choose a unique one. And if you choose one which is already in use, the hosting company will let you know. And you will have to make another choice.

creating a website

You wanna choose a name that will well represent your business. And stay in your visitor’s mind, so make it count. When you get your domain name, you will have to pay for it, the cost is from $10 going upward. And you will have it for a period of 12 months or a year. So it is like rent that you will have to pay every year. Here are few things we need to understand about domain name and website:

A domain name is different from a website.

Understand it this way, the domain name is your business name and a website is your location. You can always keep your domain name. But you can change your website, from one website hosting company to another.

A domain name can only be connected to one website.

As much as you can change the website hosting company and migrate your domain name from one to the other. You can only use it for one website and not more. A domain name remains unique.

There are free domain providers.

For example, you create a free website with WordPress. And you will get a website like It is called a subdomain and it is not really suitable for business. Because you do not own it, you will rarely rank on search engines. And you can not share your content on social media like Facebook with a subdomain. The other downside is that many affiliate programs will not accept you.

You can purchase your domain from a website builder or from a registrar.

My advice will be to buy a domain with a registrar company like Bluehost. Because, for an annual payment the price goes as low as $2.5 for hosting (which is the cheapest in the market). And you also have the flexibility to import your domain to a new website builder.

Also, you can leave your domain park with the domain registrar. With a website builder, you will have to take your domain name completely from it to be able to use it with another website provider.

Domain name “.com, .org, .net” are preferable for international business.

For a local business, Google tends to favor the local domain depending on which country you live in. Like “, .ca,….” and it has more trust from locals too.

But this does not mean that you can not rank locally with the international domain. So, if your content is relevant in your niche it will rank everywhere. But a local domain name will have difficulty ranking internationally. So choose where your business will be more profitable.

2. Creating a website for your business: Set up a professional email address.

Having an email address with ”” does not always inspire trust when it comes to business. You need to get an email address matching your domain name. Like “nadia@happy”, this will build more trust with your visitors or customers.

Avoid nicknames or numbers, put a real name and that will build trust with your audience. And you should have an email address on display on your website, like “”. So your visitors can contact you directly, and make sure it is working, I can not tell you how many times I wrote emails and never ever got an answer.

So make sure to reply to your emails even if it is late, just do it, we clients always appreciate it. To set it up, you can subscribe to google for business and pay $5 per month. But most of the website providers like Bluehost with WordPress will have it set up for you directly.

3. Choose a website provider for business.

You can decide to choose any of the website providers out there. But you first need to identify what you would like to realize with your website and what skills it can require from you.

What we all basically need from a website is to be able to have

A good-looking website with a great design.

A good design impact your visitors and shows your professionalism. Because many people create a website and do not get visitors due to how the website looks. We are not all web designers. But we can judge if something is beautiful or not. Therefore, try to get an opinion or feedback on your website.

If you create your website with Wealthy affiliate (using WordPress), they have that option of site feedback. So, after creating your website, you can submit it for feedback. And you can correct what is needed easily.

An easy to use interface.

Create an easy to navigate layout. Display in the simplest manner your posts, contact info or social media icons. So, make it easy for anyone to immediately find some main features of your business.

A mobile responsive website.

Because people use more phones than computers. Your website needs to be able to open easily in a smartphone. But this feature is a must today and available from any website provider. Just make sure it is available, do not assume.

Technical assistance from the company at any time needed.

The best of all the website provider is undoubtedly WordPress. And it brings the possibility of creating any type of website to reality. From creating a dental practice website to creating e-commerce, a blog, classifieds, …… It has a non-techie friendly dashboard to allow you to bring in life great content. And the technical support is available 24/7. But some times getting a response from them can take time.

4. Pick a template for creating a website for your business

This is another feature created for us non-techie, a template is ready-made web design. It is the layout of your website, where will you put images, comments section, contact section, … Just as you will do for your offline store, there should be a cashier corner, a reception, an office, a lounge, the way you would determine the every space function.

Normally you should hire a web designer but website provider has made it easier for you to get it for free. Or less than it would have cost to hire a professional. Because also hiring a professional web designer require already knowing what your visitors or client would expect.

And because you are just starting and your client and your competitor’s client might not need the same solution. You might have a design which does not suit them and you will end up changing design all the time. So pick a free one and generic to start building trust with your clients. Once you know what they expect you can customize your design.


You need to see which template suits your business. And what your homepage should look like, should your header be wide, on top, static, in a carousel. Or even a video illustrating what your business is about. And even an offer you are running. Like in these two sample templates, the homepage says everything about what kind of business the website is about. It gives a simple but attractive first impression inciting people to spend more time to discover all about your business.

Pick a template to keep your website simple, do not crowd your menu bar. And create a drop-down menu, highlight your menu bar to make it visible. Also, creates a comprehensive order for your pages. Do not have a background image that distracts your visitor from reading the menu bar. And make it easy to read.

Have your menu bar in a fixed position, it can be either on top, sidebar or bottom. Also, do not change all the time let your visitor get used to it. Do not forget to create your own logo and place above, below or at the same level as your menu bar. Do not put it at more than one place.

5. Creating a website for your business: Create your content

The real work lies here because it is your content that will make people come or stay. And become a subscriber of your website. Learn how to create content like a pro here.

Your content depends solely on what you are doing. So if you are a dentist or e-commerce, the more information you give about your business. And the more accurate and open you are, the more people will relate to you. And be interested in becoming part of your business. If writing content is not really your thing, you can still hire someone to do it for you. You can employ someone to do it efficiently especially if it is an extension of an existing business, that will bring more result faster.

Include images in your content, to illustrate or just to attract the eye. Because it is boring for some people to read paragraphs of texts endlessly. You can get free images with pixabay, unsplash or you can buy a professionally made image with Shutterstock.

Monetize your website.

There are many ways to monetize your website

1. You can build an audience than apply for AdSense with google. I would like to stress this point, you need to have an audience in order to be accepted in most of the monetizing system online.

2. Use a text link, this applies mostly with affiliate marketing. Where you put a link of a product and visitors will click. And will be led to another page to see and purchase the product. So you get a commission from it.

3. Sell your own products or services, you are a Realtor, e-commerce, a teacher selling course, a gym owner selling membership, dentist, an influencer, meeting website, travel website, hotel booking, hostel business, flight booking, etc…

4. You can sell the space of your website to advertisers to put their ads. And for this to work you really need to have a serious amount of visitors per month as you are just placing the ads for people to see. And you are paid without people having to click on it.

Fixed-Rate Web Hosting for $2.95/month with HostMetro

Conclusion of creating a website for your business.

What we keep in mind is that, for creating a website for your business, first we need a domain name. And having our own is better. So we’ll need to pay for it. And set a professional email address to appeal to your industry.

Get a good template and keep the layout simple for your visitors to navigate. Above all, create your own and unique content. Because that is what people are searching for.

You can read about websites here.

I hope you got some answers, feel free to react in the comment section.


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  1. Hi, I am looking to build a website for my plumbing business but I’m not entirely sure where to start

    I’m not very tech savvy so I would much prefer someone to build it for me just in case I get it completely wrong and mess it all up

    Do you build websites for businesses or do you know somebody that could build one for me, please?

    • Yes, I can build a website for your plumbing business. Can I contact you via email?


  2. Thank you for your guide! I am running a car dealership business and it’s not going that well. A few days ago a friend of mine suggested that I open a website for it in order to attract more people online and I really have to do it or else I’ll have to close it down in a couple of months.

    Thank you very much for your guide!

    Hopefully, that works…

  3. Hi, my name is Gomer Magtibay, I’m a pharmacist by profession but I create websites for clients in my spare time. Whenever clients want me to create a website for his or her small business, I ask them if it is okay to put Google AdSense ads on the sides of their site, and most nod their heads in approval. Since their sites are new, I usually use my Google AdSense account to put ads on their sites while I apply for their new AdSense account. Is this practice to monetize a site okay?

    • I think that is the simplest way to start making money online. As long as you abide by Google AdSense rules, you can make sure to earn a coin out of anyone visiting your website.


  4. Great post. Every business needs to build an online reputation. Otherwise, they remain invisible to the potential clients lurking around the internet these days. So, that’s why your post is valuable to new business owners out there. 

    They need reference that guides you throughout the process from day 1. Your post makes it a good read because you wrote extensive content about the process. Kudos to writing this post. 🙂

  5. I like the fact that you clarify that domain name “.com, .org, .net” are preferable for international business.  When it comes to ranking for our website internationally, we want to be sure that we are sticking to the domain that works.

    Another point I strongly agree with your article is the fact that when we choose a website for our business, we should always choose one that is easy to navigate.

    Lastly, creating quality content is another awesome way to keep readers coming back to our site for more.

    Thank you for your wonderful article. 

    • The beauty of only business is the possibility to Target the international market. So, we need to choose the right domain. And we want our visitors to have a good experience on our website. Quality content will always call your visitors back.


  6. I like how you make it all so practical. For many people this really seems like something extremely daunting. They think only professional web designers can do it. Similarly, in my experience some people will also put way too much importance on the looks of their site while neglecting their actual content. A basic clean site will do the job. If you are at the point where you want to build something fancy, your company should be established enough for you to just hire a professional to do it.

    • Yes, you can start with an affordable website and grow as your revenue allows you.


  7. I thought this was a thorough, step-by-step explanation of how to get from a to b in the website creation process. There are plenty of boldened sections for the scanner type reader to want to go back and read the well-detailed section between each of those. 

    I am curious as to why WealthyAffiliate wasn’t mentioned in the area where hosting was being discussed? While Bluehost might be the cheapest, would it worth mentioning you do get what you pay for and if a business wants top-of-the-line everything, e.g. support, training, high-speed servers, etc, that WA is the logical choice?  

    I think you’ve got a winner here. It’s educational, informative, and aids the customer in making an informed decision. 

    • I am an affiliate of both wealthy affiliate and Bluehost. And if you read the post entirely you will find that I have mentioned both of them. My aim with this post was more about informing than marketing.

      Still, my affiliate links for both platforms are there, in a subtle manner and that is how I wanted it.


  8. Interesting piece. I’m a soccer coach and I’m looking into creating an online presence to which I think I  can project my work to a larger audience. I’m not in any sense a tech savvy and I learnt that the process involved in the creation of a website and the requirements for running it is very cumbersome. But you have really helped in dissecting the topic for me and simplified it to a level I can understand easily. Thanks

    • I am glad you found value in this post and I wish you success for that venture, I am a big fan of football AKA soccer.


  9. Websites are certainly important to maximize profit these days whether you operate solely online or have a brick and mortar business.  Whether you take the time to build it yourself or have a web designer do it, it is extremely important to get it set up correctly and properly optimized for both desktops and mobile.

    You provide good information here on how to set things up yourself and save a few bucks in the process.  This is important info for people to know.

    Being able to write relevant content or have it written for you is vital to getting ranked in the search engines.  Also as you pointed out there are many ways to monetize your site.  

    I do most of the work myself but I have delegated some tasks in the past such as some graphic design work.  Thanks for this informative post.  Much appreciated.

  10. Great article. I couldn’t agree less that every business can find an audience online. So it’s Paramount to start a business with something you are very passionate about. I love to be reminded about this fact. Thanks. It’s also true that when you decide to create your website yourself, it becomes way cheaper. I didn’t have the budget so I decided to go the hard way but it’s a decision I Will not only be forever grateful for, but it’s one I will also recommend to many others who don’t have the budget starting out. 

    I am really very proud of what my websites look like today. Emails are very important too, and if you get a good host that provides all those features without exploding your budget, you really found a jackpot. 

    Your article contains a lot of useful info. 

    • nothing is greater than the feeling we get when we accomplish something on our own, I understand that.

      Convertkit is a great tool for email marketing, simple to use and easy to connect to your website.


  11. In regards to advertising through social media or any other outlet, a dynamite website is a must. A users knowledge of SEO and all other components for a successful business operation is a must. There are thousands of websites and users around the world, who all have the same goal in mind and that is to financially succeed in business.

    When I first started in business and marketing many years ago, I never realized how important having a website would be. I never knew how to go about putting one together. Back in the past, not too many places offered to show a user how to build a website. if one was found, it never was for free! So I was lost. But over time, with more reading and studying involved, I was able to learn through my mistake. It’s a good feeling to have companies that provide a free helpful service to all serious business operators. 

    • having a website can really make your business grow.


  12. I very good blog written by you. On reading your blog I realise the importance of not only creating a website but also developing a domain name that resonates with the customers you intend to attract. Again the step by step information provided is very clear, simple and to the point. 

    • Yes, it is made clear to help non-tech-savvy people like myself to follow. I struggled for long before understanding how easy it was. For me learning from wealthy affiliatehelped me create my own websites like a pro.


  13. This is a good one to know of for anyone looking to make their website look as professional as possible, then this is a must read. From the fact that email is integral and it can help to tell if the website is not professional. Also, having a domain name hat Is much simpler to remember and also concentrated on what the niche is all about to is great. This is good to see here and I bookmarked this post for use in the near future. Thanks

    • Having a coherent online business is very important. Because it is an online business people tend to neglect some simple rules that apply in off-line business and business in general. Pick the right business name that resonates with your niche market.


  14. Well, that wasn’t all that wasn’t all that hard actually. I didn’t think that creating a website will not be hard because I thought it was only for the tech savvy. Today, I am trying to see ways that I can start my online business because we’ll it’s a lockdown season and everyone is trying to see how they can work from home. It’s be very good to do this. Thank you for a thorough post.

    • Great to see that you are going to take advantage of the lockdown to create your online business. Must I suggest you to join this learning platform, it is called wealthy affiliate, make sure to click and read more about it. There you will take easy step by step training to help you build a successful online business.


  15. Hello Davina, thanks for an really vast and comprehensive article on how to create a website. Creating a website can take some really technical decisions buy some people really don’t know about it. Paying a registrar like bluehost such a small amount of money is really cool. I have seen some people who create a website without remembering how important and email is. Also having good contents on your site helps in the growth a lot.

    • Good content is really the key to success, I made a post here talking about it, check it out for more information. But creating content is not everything, your website needs to be appealing and you got to market your content. That is where email marketing is important, getting a customer base to whom you can market any time you publish is an awesome way to guarantee your sells.


  16. I would first like to mention that this is a helpful post and i am very sure that the content of your superb article will be of much help to a lot of people, just as it has greatly helped me. very good article on creating a website for my business. it is necessary in the morden would to have a website.

    • Yes, it is very important to have an online presence for your business. Here iswealthy affiliate a platform where you can learn how to create your own website without any technical assistance.



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