Create a dropshipping business with dropified

Create a dropshipping business with dropified as a tool is very easy and beneficial. Dropified is a software application, which allows you to import and manage products into your favorite e-commerce website. And then ship those products you’ve sold directly to your customers, wherever they may live on this planet. So, you can do all of that in only a few clicks without physically touching the product.


If you are still a beginner in your e-commerce journey, there is some outstanding education that is included to transform you from a complete newbie to a very advanced user. OR if you’re already knowledgeable in the subject, you can learn some new incredible tactics or strategies that can assist you in achieving your goals and scale your business.

There is no longer any need to spend a ridiculous amount of hours and days adding products to your store. Also, getting all the variants correct, editing product pictures & descriptions. Or keeping track of vendor price changes or remaining inventory, getting real product reviews (from your customers), and fulfilling orders one-by-one. With frustration to copy and paste the right customer’s information. Also, getting additional software to get a Facebook Product Feed to your store. Manually setting margins, figuring out profit reports & the other tasks it takes to run a successful e-commerce business. Like before here.



A. Dropified products

Here is what dropified has to offer:

1. Dropshipping products and inventory:

Dropified offers to help you find a great product, keep an eye on the inventory and fulfill orders. The great option that I have seen here is the aliextractor. So, aliextractor helps you find top selling products in aliexpress, compare prices from different vendors and save your favorite searches.

– Product’s import:

With their chrome extension, you can import products from different platforms directly to your store. So, you can get products from aliexpress, e-bay, and many others. They have a list of all the stores from where you can import your products.

You can also choose to import only the product available in an e-packet. We saw here that choosing an e-packet was best for business. Your order will come with a tracking number to help you follow up on the fulfillment of the order to your client. And you can send that tracking number to your client too.

– Product’s inventory:

It was quite impossible to keep track of your supplier’s inventory. So, dropshippers were losing a lot of money advertising products just to get an out of stock alert when placing the orders. Many dropshipping tools have synchronized the inventory from the supplier to the dropdhipper’s store, we saw that with alidropship too.

Now with dropified, you do not just synchronize inventory from the supplier to the dropshipper’s store. But you can synchronize product from your different dropshipping stores too. If you have a store on a different platform like woocommerce and commerce HQ(or any other platform accepted by dropified), you can synchronize all your products and stores in dropified and manage everything from one place.

– Customize your products:

You have the possibility to save the original product information and customize the product to your liking. It is a good option to make your product a bit different from the supplier. So, you can even create a better product description to help with SEO. You can access the photo editing area and videos, add your logo to the images and videos too.

One of the best ways to increase customer’s interest and stand out is to create your own product images. It can be a little costly because, you need to buy a sample of the product and make the photo. But it is completely worth it.

Also, if you can’t afford that yet, you can take advantage of the in-app photo editing too within dropified. It will help you crop the product images that you have imported to bring a different touch.


– Multi-vendor import:

You can import products from different vendors. It can happen that the product you want has different variants and you want them all. Dropified will help you source them from different vendors or suppliers. Also, you may want to change the supplier for a product. Because the product is out of stock or you had a bad experience with the supplier, you can easily research a similar supplier.

– Product review:

Import product review from your supplier. This is a great factor to help your clients make the right decision. Do not just import positive reviews, keep it real and import all kinds of reviews. So, customers can see that the products have some impact. When they see the reviews they are encouraged that your shop and products are legit.

2. Automate order fulfillment:

With dropified you can fulfill your orders in one click only. And your customer’s information will be sent to the supplier and the order is done. So, you can send a confirmation email to your customer. You have a tab to help you manage customer care issues. Where you can get your customers info and you are able to contact them, to confirm an order or even to send a promotional email.

You can monitor all the orders in the queue, seeing which ones are confirmed, awaiting confirmation or fulfilled. Also, you can sort customers by names or items they bought to your store. Now having all of those pieces of information in one place is very good for daily management and promotion too.



3. Automatic product margin:

They have integrated a method of setting customized profit margins. So, all you need to do is to set your parameters. For example, you can say that I would like a 30% profit margin for all my products. Your selling prices will be adjusted accordingly and even when the supplier changes the price. It will automatically pick the new price and apply your profit margins.

So, you will see all the profit in the profit dashboard. Your accounting is made easier, here you can see exactly what you are making as profit. This is a huge plus because you do not need to hire an accounting or get confused in your financial management. Because you have a clear view of your profits and you will know not to touch anything more.

4. Marketing:


You do not need to add any extra tool to display your products on Facebook. So, you will get all the tools within dropified to help you populate your Facebook with your trendy or best-selling products. And creating your product ads will be much easier.

Tube Hunt:

You will also get access to tube hunt, where you can search for YouTube videos in your niche market. When you find a video that you like, you can use it as a placement for your ads. Tube hunt will help you optimize your ad placement and spending to get the most of your promotion.

Phone contact:

With the callflex integration, you can create a call platform where customers can leave voice messages. Also, you can have the calls forwarded to your phone number. With dropified premier plan, you get up to 200 minutes per month for either toll-free calls or local calls.

Google product feed:

You can set your primary feed to Google merchant straight from your dropified dashboard. Google merchants will help you be on the largest search engines. So, you here is where you can optimize your product images will play a big role. Because you will have to stand out from the competition.

Manage multiple stores:

You can link a maximum of five stores. And the great thing is that your stores can be from different platforms. So, you can add a store from commerceHQ, another from woocommerce and any other platform supported by dropified.

Managing your business becomes very easy from one account. So, you can switch from one store to the other, you can do it on your own and reduce the charges of hiring a virtual assistant.

B. How do dropified works?

To get started, you need an e-commerce store and a Dropified account. Dropified integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and CommerceHQ. But they are adding more platforms every day. So, you will have a powerful e-commerce store and a powerful dropshipping tool to run your business. dropified

Install their chrome extension, browse, pick and import products you want to sell with a single click. You can only get a product from the accepted platforms like e-bay or aliexpress. Your imported products will appear in your list. So, you can customize them to your liking and publish.

You will have to advertise your product in order to get sales. So, when a customer places an order, dropified transfers that order directly to your supplier, once click. You do not need to copy-paste the order to your supplier.

C. Dropified pricing.

They have two pricing, for a single store and for five stores. The payment is made on a monthly and annual basis. There is a 14 days free trial to help you test the software and see if it is what you need for your business.

dropified pricing

The builder plan allows you to have only one store and the premier plan gives the possibility to add 5 stores. The callflex and tube hunt are also available for the premier plan only.

D. Alidropship Vs Dropified.

We are going to use a comparison tab to help us understand better.

Comparison Alidropship Dropified builder Dropified premier

Number of stores

Number of orders

89$ one time



47$ per month



127$ per month



Save aliexpress order Id

Image editor

Number of products













US database product

Sort product by e-packet

Manual order processing

No Yes Yes
Step by step place order

Bulk send to Ecom platform

Bulk edit product

No Yes Yes
Create a product bundle

Auto place order for a product bundle

No Yes Yes
Tube hunt

Google product feed

No Yes Yes


No Yes Yes


Some of the common features for the two of them are:

– You can use them with woocommerce

– Synchronize supplier inventory with an Ecom platform. Because, you can list your product on the different e-commerce platforms to make more sales. So, you can list on amazon, etsy, e-bay and more.

– Connect your product to other e-commerce platforms that are not in the app.

– Supplier inventory alerts.

– Get sub-users. Create a team around your business.

– Auto place order button.

– Auto chooses the shipping order button.

– Import product reviews.

-Import product variant to an e-commerce platform.

– Change the product supplier. You can get a better price from another supplier, so you can change even when you are placing an order.

– Manage your orders from the app. No need to be in your store to do that. You can also access your order, filter them just from the app.

– Add custom notes to the supplier. Usually, you would tell your supplier to do a blind dropship. So, he would not include anything saying that the product came from his shop.

– Free chrome extension.

E. Dropified affiliate program.

You have another opportunity to make money with dropified affiliate program. You can earn 30% for 12 months. It is like any other affiliate marketing program where you get an affiliate link to share in your post, emails or social media.

The advantage of having a dropshipping business is the fact that your clients always give their email address. So, you have an email list that you can easily exploit to do affiliate marketing too. It would be good to send them a first email asking them if that will be interested in receiving promotional emails from you. That way you can segment the list and know exactly who to target.

F. Pros and Cons.

Dropified is a great tool but still not perfect.


– Compatible with great platforms like woocommerce and commerce HQ

– They have powerful automation features.

– The customer support is awesome.

– The aliextractor feature makes your product choice better. Because you can choose a best-selling product that is a guarantee of making sales.

– Callflex allows you to communicate with your customers and increase trust in your business.

– Tube hunt makes your optimized your marketing game.

– You get professional training to help you grow your business.


– One-click order fulfillment only works with products sourced in aliexpress.

– The monthly payment can be important for a beginner. So, you need to establish a start-up amount that includes at least 3 months worth of your monthly fee.


So, you can create a dropshipping business with dropified and enjoy all the fantastic features that it has to offer. Your business will be more easy and you can scale it faster. Because you will spend less time managing the day to day business. That time you can spend it learning more on how to expand and grow your business efficiently.


1. How much does dropified cost?

You get a 14 days free trial. After what you can decide to upgrade or not. if you decide to upgrade, you have the choice between two plans. So, you can go for a Dropified builder at 47$ per month with a single store. Or you can choose Dropified premier at 127$ per month with a maximum of five stores. I think with the five-store deal you get the best value for your money. It can encourage you to create a niche store and they work pretty well. And you can change a plan anytime.

2. Is dropified free?

There is no free plan but many have experienced the 14 days free trial and if you use them right, they are enough to start making sales already.

3. Do I recommend dropified?

Yes, I do recommend dropified. Because of the automation features and the diversity in product sourcing. Yes, you do not have automation for all of them yet. But being able to choose products from other suppliers is a plus that can help you stand out. The competition is important in the dropshipping business, so you should take any opportunity that can help you stand out.

4. Where to get dropshipping product with dropified?

You can get them from aliexpress, from many US-based suppliers like amazon, costco, groupon, blinq and many others. The best thing to do is to ask the customer care according to your market which store are available. Or if you have one particular company you would like to dropship from, you can ask if dropified source from them.

I hope this was helpful, I would like to hear from you, feel free to comment below. Thanks





Service offered







  • 14 days trial
  • Can manage multiple store from different plstforms
  • Automation fron inventory import to placing orders to your supplier


  • Monthly fee

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    • Product inventory can be a real nightmare but dropified makes it easy for you to find the same product from another supplier. As long as there is a supplier offering the same product you will be able to make your sale. 

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