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Content is key to your success. Because of that, when you set your content creation game, bring to your visitor great content and very informative content. To be sure, your visitor gets answers to their questions and solution to their problems. As a result, they are most likely to come back again. It is a two-way street here, you get traffic to potentially make money and they get needed assistance from you; a win-win.

Just to help us all get a better understanding of the word content, I checked Wikipedia. Which says, in publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed towards an end-user or audience. Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”

Process of content creation

In order to have good content creation, you need to establish a process to help you. Here is an easy process to follow:

Find a subject you would like to talk about

Depending on the niche you are in, you need to pick a subject that will attract your visitor. But you may start with what you think is easy for you. Or you may also choose a trending subject. The advantage of choosing a trending subject is that the demand already exists. And finding documentation on the subject will be much easier as everybody is on it.

Do market research to find out if the subject has ever been discussed first. Above all find out in which way it was discussed and how effective that post was. Consequently, you see what can you learn from it. And finally, how can you make it your own, unique or more informative.

Another great tool to help find better keywords for your niche is Jaaxy. It is built with great design to give you exactly the keywords to help you rank your website faster.

Break it down in different part

Breaking down the subject allows you to understand it best be very informative and details oriented. Also, you will be able to research each part on its own.  You will divide it into different parts you will find out how big it is. And if those part can constitute subject on their own.

The typical break-down can be (at least):

  • Introduction
  • first paragraph
  • second paragraph
  • third paragraph
  • conclusion

Plan how you are going to publish

Because, one good subject can give different other subjects. You need to plan ahead, the order of publication in a certain order that makes sense to the visitor. Because you can’t start with the conclusion; you need to show how and what led you to that conclusion.

So are you going to publish it in one post or article, in a series of posts or even a list. You choose!

Find images, videos or infographics

Because you want to attract the attention of your audience to the fullest. Make sure to add some images and all kinds of visual addition to your posts. Many people do not read past the headline and many prefer Images or videos to illustrate. Always put something visual.

You can check this article about 20 digital content creation tools to help you. Find free stock images and videos here at Stock files for FREE!

Write your post

Some people will get a freelancer skilled writer to realize the writing part or do it themselves. Do what is best for you and what is affordable for you.

Writing is nothing mysterious, start doing it as you know. And with the time you can only get better. You can use the basic tools to help check spelling and grammar.

Above all get the habit of reading other people’s work. Because, reading inspires. As a result, the more you read, the more you discover new ways of writing. And new ways of thinking.

How should your content creation be?

Your content creation needs to match the search engines requirement. Otherwise, you will never get organic traffic. Therefore, you will make no passive money as you will always be paying ads.

content creation

  • It should be original

I see and hear many people saying that you can make money by copying people. And finding free content to copy. That is a very bad path to take especially if you would like to establish your brand. And build a long-lasting business; if it is just to make a few bucks then go ahead. But you will not last on google.

Getting inspiration from others is a good thing. But make sure to put your own touch on it. Also, develops another aspect of the subject, take it as your base. And from there develop ideas on your own understanding.

Otherwise, you can copy but make sure to give credit to the author.

  • Get a good and attractive headline

A good percentage of the readers do not go past the headline. If your headline is not good enough people will not stay or come back. Here is where the keyword plays a big role. In case, you used bad keywords, then your page will be bury in the search engine never to be found.

  • Make actionable, concise and on-point content

Let your content be easy to understand and apply. And after reading your content one should be able to apply it without a problem. So you need to explain as a teacher will do. Because a well explained subject will enlighten the student to understand better and practice with ease.

And because of that people may have a lot of questions. You need to be able to explain even more by answering their question. And providing even more information to support your content.

Some times you do not need to say much to be helpful. Talk about your subject do not go too far from it. Yes, some content needs to have a good story to introduce and catch the eye of your audience. But make sure to stay on point, pick a story related to your content.

  • Update

A post is never finished because we learn every day. Because things change all the time, always come back to your content to update it. And make sure you precise that it is an updated version.

Search engines also tend to favor updated content and an updated website. Try to make it as frequently as you can, updating twice a month is recommended.

  • Images

Always add images in your post.

Content creation source

content creation

Where do you find ideas for your content?

  • Social media

With everything going on social media, it is easy to find out what people are looking for or what is trending. Because of that, you can join the Facebook group, you can check the most used hashtags, you can check for a post with the most likes or engagement.

Another trick you can also do is to play with the ads on social media. That will help you, measure the existing demand for your content. Her is what I mean, do not place an ad but use the analytic you can get when targeting an audience.

For example, you would like to post something about website hosting. Go to Facebook, simulate an ad campaign; target the audience in a given area. Facebook will tell you exactly how many people are interested in that subject. Use that to get an idea if your content is really interesting.

  • Ask your audience

Ask your audience what they are struggling with. What they would like you to talk about. That is one of the best strategies because people will tell you exactly what they want. And you will know that without a doubt your content will find an audience.

  • Use Quora and Reddit

These are two authoritative websites. Where people ask a question about everything and anything.
You can use it in both ways, to find content and to bring traffic to your websites. Consequently, find what subject people would like to know more about, transform those questions to post. And make sure to come back and submit your answer to those questions, not forgetting to link back to your websites.

  • Use Google alert and Google news

These two are easy to install and let you know exactly whenever anything new comes up. You can set an alert about a given subject or keywords. So every time there is anything interesting at all you will be informed. It is also a very good way to keep up with anything new coming in the market concerning your industry.

  • Interview an expert in your industry

I know this is not an easy one. Because the big players are busy most of the time and don’t always agree to a sit-down. So you need to be smart about it. Because you don’t need to do it personally, you can check their old interviews. And attend seminars, webinars or any other event which will give you a reason to meet. Also, discuss with an expert in your industry.

  • Industry studies and statistics

Be keen to learn what is going on in your industry. Because every year studies are being done and publish almost about everything. This a good base to show you how well the industry is doing and what is working best. You can be surprised to find many aspects of the business that you never thought of or neglected to do extremely well.

  • Create a survey

Create a survey because it will allow you to know how your business is doing. So you know what people liked most about it and what they are expecting from it. When you know what people have liked most, you can go on creating more similar content. And improve it or even repurpose the same content. Either way, you will get more insights and grow the scope of your business to a new level.

  • Online forums

In many online forums, people ask a question. So take those questions as your own and provide answers. Most of the time those asking are anonymous. But if your answer is good enough you can also get traffic back to your websites.

  • Reviews

Read reviews articles, the great thing I like about reviews is that people give their opinion and their expectations. You can take such a subject and make it better because you already know the flows and the visitor’s expectations. Here you can only make something better.

  • Check the comment section of your blog, find the FAQ

Most of the time we do not get to reply to all the questions people leave in the comment section. But checking it from time to time can give us a really good source of content.

You can also check in your competitor’s comment section, see what people are looking for, what they are expecting and create your content. Or use any SEO tools for competitive research to know what is working well for your competition and try to emulate it or do better. And these tools will help you see what content is driving more traffic to your competition.

  • Attend conferences or event related to your industry

Not just that it is good to meet new people working in the same industry. But it is also brainstorming to share with them. Attend conferences will help you learn more about what other people are doing. And find out new tips and tricks to grow your business.

  • Speculate

Find an angle that has never been tackle in your industry and develops it. This is the hardest of all because almost everything has been said about everything. But we never know you may just be the one.

Writing great content is a great achievement and never to be minimized. Take your time to get used to it, you will start at the bottom and with time. Because you love it, you will become better at it.

master it

In conclusion, good content creation will help you scale your business and get free traffic.

Don’t forget to drop any question and opinion in the comment section


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  1. This is interesting. Navigating through your blog is really helpful. I couldn’t agree less with you that content creation with unique and quality is a sure way of staying atop your game as a blogger. I do not buy the idea of copying other’s posts even by crediting the writer, its still not okay as rightly stated in your post. I think getting the perfect keywords for the headline will ensure growth in the fanbase of one’s blog. I make use of jaaxy keyword search and its really being helpful.

    also, in the aspect of sourcing for contents, I would agree totally with all you stated because they are just the perfect ways to get to know what to write on and not just writing in vacuum. I really appreciate the information I get from your site and I will always visit it more frequently. Thanks

    • Thanks you and I wish you success in your online venture!

  2. The ideas you present in this post are both informative and though provoking.  Some I agree with, whilst others I am not so happy with, but overall a great read.

    Please advise on how you plan to reference information taken from other sources. This is the one thing that I find hard to believe that you would include it in your writing.

    Overall though, there is a lot to be learned from your article, so well done.

    • For reference, You can write at the end of your post which post inspired you or which book. It may not be very obvious because you do not want your visitors to leave your website and run to the other author but if you copied someone’s content the best thing to do is to link back to the author or indicate the source.

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. First of all i want to thank you for sharing such a great informative article with us . This article will surely help anyone who want to learn creating content. Beginners  can  know much about it by reading your article .Some of my friends shows eagerness  in learning content creating. I will share this article with them and i am sure they will try your method after reading your article 

    Thank you again for sharing this article with us .It was a great informative article.

    • You are most welcome! 

      Feel free to share this post with your friends and family.


  4. Content creation is not for everyone but it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve in this field. Thanks to your article, I found lots of ways to better myself. Your strategies such as updating content never crossed my mind before because I’m just a newbie. I didn’t know that it’s important. That being said, I think Content writers should also have to take notes of information and figures that can probably change in a few months or year. I also agree that adding images can really help the readers because mostly are visual spatial when it comes to reading especially the younger ones. Over all, you indirectly pointed out how integrity plays a vital role in content writing. People trust opinions based on honesty, great input of information and integrity.

    • Thank you and welcome to the world of content creation!

  5. Hi Davina – Great post!  You’ve covered all the bases on creating content.  It was a great reminder for me to use images.  Something I haven’t practiced much.  Is there a free source for images?  Also, I’m curious about creating a survey.  Is there a plug-in for that to keep track of the responses?  Finally, I seem to remember hearing that Quora frowns on placing links in responses.

    • Many free images sources are available like pixabay or unsplash. 

      For surveys you can use survey monkey.

      I have replying withy links included in quora and so far it’s going through. I think the biggest mistake is to reply with your link. What I mean is that you need to give a full answer then suggest your post for the person to read more about the subject. You can’t just write 2 lines and put your link, I tend to reply fully and than add my link for more information.


  6. Hi, Davina.

    Good article and useful tips about creating good content especially the “research” end of things.

    This is most important especially if one is starting something they are passionate about but don’t know a lot about or want to increase their knowledge.  This can be done the way you suggested,  finding out if others are talking about it as well and learning from them.

    I also like your tip about “Breaking it down” and “Being detail oriented”.  I will be keeping this in mind as I develop the article I am currently writing.  Getting the details correct and providing links to sources helps to develop trust with the readers.

    Having the right images and/or videos shows that one is not just offering their own opinion about a product, position, or program.  Evidence is always the key.

    Your advice about “copying other peoples work” is great as well.  Google calls that “Plagiarism” and does not like it at all.  Better to take that kind of material and put it in your own words.

    Copying someone else’s work would do one’s own business more harm than good even to the point of losing everything they have built to that point.  I have read stories of that happening.

    On “Updating” and “Images”, how often do you think this should be done?  And, what do you think the maximum amount of images should be in a post?

    Quora and Reddit? I have heard about them but never used them for finding ideas for content.  Excellent tip.  Going to give them a try.  Going to have to start doing that Google Alert/news.  These are things I’m not in the habit of doing and I think I am missing a great opportunity to discover more ideas for content.

    So many great ideas to help with content creation.  Thanks again for writing this.  It’s going to be a big help moving forward.  Creating a bookmark now.

    UGH! so much still to learn and remember.  My head is spinning a little,


    • I felt overwhelmed too, take it easy, one step at a time.

      I usually use 2 to 3 images in my post, depending on how long it is. And I try to do less images when I know that my post had ads. To give my visitors a better reading experience I leave specific space for ads and images.

      I do an update every 6 months or when I get a good feedback from Google search console. Like when I get a lot of impressions from keywords that I did not mention in my post but are related to the post. I will take time to updaty post and include those new keywords.



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