Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host

Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host is the best dropshipping store host in the market. This software managed to integrate everything that you need to run your store. It is usually used with dropified. So, you will get all the automation of dropified and all the features of commercehq that we are gonna see below. The first thing is that you do not need another website when you sign in with commerce HQ, they will provide you with a theme and website.

Commerce HQ is a platform created by Jon  Mac. He’s also the head of Teespring a platform that has managed to make over a million in profit after only years after launch. He was a user of shopify, he found that shopify did not offer everything that he needed to convert more his business. He moved to create his own platform, Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host is his own version of shopify but in better.

1.Dashboard in the commercehq-best-droppshipping-store-host

Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host

A dashboard is a place where you can get a quick snapshot of your store’s activities

Store setup checklist

This section is designed to help guide you in the store setup process

  • Buy or a connect a domain – Once a domain is purchased or connected this becomes crossed off. It can take 20 minutes to 24hours to get your domain name connected to your store.


  • Setup payment processing – Once either Stripe or Paypal is setup this becomes crossed off. I will advise my fellow African marketers to be sure that in their countries or the countries they chose to register their PayPal account, allow withdrawals from PayPal. Because most of them do not.


  • Set shipping prices – Once at least 1 shipping zone is setup this becomes crossed off. Make sure to set the shipping coast according to your suppliers’ policy. This shipping fee can also be a source of income for you. Because most people do take an online store more seriously if it has a shipping cost. You can set one even if the supplier applies free shipping. That extra income can also help you make something in case of return.


  • Add your first collection – Once at least 1 collection is added this becomes crossed off. Your fist collection can be a category or set of different categories that you have to get your business going.


  • Add your first product – Once at least 1 product is added this becomes crossed off


  • Upload a logo on your checkout page – Once an image is uploaded on checkout page settings this becomes crossed. A logo is very important for your business, it is what will always remind people of your store, it can be related to your business or not. But you need to make something memorable.


This section displays the total orders for

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • The combined total for the last 30 days
  • The combined total for the last 90 days


This section displays the total revenue for

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • The combined total for the last 30 days
  • The combined total for the last 90 days


This section displays the total unique daily visitors for

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • The combined total for the last 30 days
  • The combined total for the last 90 days. It has also an email marketing app that will allow you to contact your customers and do your e-mail marketing to them anytime you need to. That is why Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host for me.


This section displays the perchance to of visitors that

  • Added to cart
  • Reached checkout
  • Purchased

You are able to refine this data with a dropdown and view this data for Today, Yesterday, Last 30 days or Last 90 days. This is a very powerful tool that will allow you to get back to your customers and give them an offer to motivate them to come back and finish their orders.

Latest orders

This section is a table that displays the latest 5 orders in the store along with links to each order and basic order data

Most popular products

This section displays the most popular products based on sales and this data can be refined by date with a dropdown to view it for: Today, Yesterday, Last 30 days or Last 90 days

Top referrers

This section displays the top traffic referring websites and this data can be refined by date with a dropdown to view it for: Today, Yesterday, Last 30 days or Last 90 daysText goes here

If your traffic comes from social media or Google merch. The top referrers will help adjust your marketing strategy for better conversion. You will be able to stop what is not working and double on what is working better. This is again one of the unique features that you will find in the Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host.


2. Pricing.

The price is quite important but you really get everything you need to run your store in one place. Take advantage of this discount, get 3 stores at $99, just click here.

Yes, the price may seem a lot but considering what you are getting it is a very fair price. Because contrary to other dropshipping hosting platforms, besides that subscription fee, you will not pay other transaction fees for your business. Yet, you will be getting everything you need to make sales and establish a very profitable business. No need to buy upsell plugin, no need to fight to integrate an e-mail marketing tool, no need to add an app for abandoned cart, no need to buy an intuitive theme to make sure it converts well, ….you will get everything in one. The best all in one you need, you can even create a flex store at your own convenience.


Shopify vs Commercehq.


CommerceHq Shopify
– Does not offer discount codes on their services

– No extra cost, all you pay is your monthly fee and nothing else.

– Does not have a mobile app

– Offers discount codes on their services.

– It has a lot of extra costs, depending on which plan you chose, you maybe call to pay a fee for every sale you make.

– Has a mobile app

– Does not support a lot of different currency. Your client paying in their local currency will face a certain exchange rate. Mostly it is the local exchange rate.

– There is a collection of apps to help you sale more and they are free of charge or included in your monthly payment

– It has a great variety of different currency they accept.

– There is a collection of apps to help convert better but depending on what plan you chose, you may have to pay for them

– It does not have any processing fees.

– It has a lot of intuitive themes that you can use, you can start by using a template to create your store and change to your liking easily by dragging and dropping.


– You have a processing fee for any transaction. And there is also a Credit Card Rate of 2.9% as well as 30¢ for each transaction.

– There is no theme template for your store, you can only choose among the free or paid themes to create your store.

– Cost: the basic cost is $99 – Cost: the basic cost is $29
– It offers more features, like inventory management or CVS export builder. – It has fewer features. And most of them you can only get by buying apps
– Customer support is done via ticket. It is great but not as great as a live chat or a phone call. – Customer support is the best you can find in the market. You can call, live chat in different languages 24/7

3. Pros and cons of


  • Get a 14 days trial here
  •  The monthly fee covers a collection of built-in apps, free SSL certificate, and free hosting,
  • Visual store builder (drag and drop store builder)
  • Print-on-demand integration available
  • High converting and responsive themes included for free
  • No processing fees
  • Great Abandoned shopping cart feature for better conversion.
  • Integrates with Dropified
  • Email Marketing Sync. It integrates your store with Klaviyo, InfusionSoft, MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.
  • Also integrates with Zapier for 100’s of extra apps
  • Multiple credit card processing options. Including Stripe, Braintree, BlueSnap, Authorize.Net, Paypal, NMI, and Ayden.
  • A great support system, they reply in a few minutes.


  • No Mobile yet.
  • The entry-level price is considerable $99 a month. But you can take advantage of my discount for 3 websites at $99.
  • A visual builder needs some getting used to.

4. Conclusion of commercehq-best-droppshipping-store-host

Commercehq is the dream of every e-commerce owner. So, having everything under one roof at no extra cost and easy to use. For me, this is the best e-commerce platform to create and run successful e-commerce. It can be a dropshipping store, a print on demand store or your own store. The themes are responsive and easy to use for everyone. The drag and drop system to create your store is easy to use. But if you get stranded, do not forget that you can start by using a template and check if everything is done the way you like it to be. CommerceHQ is truly the answer to e-commerce, dropshipping, online store and more.

feel free to leave a comment or question below



Service offered







  • All inclusive
  • No processing fee
  • built-in appa


  • Price is a bit high
  • No mobile app yet
  • No phone support

12 thoughts on “Commercehq: Best droppshipping store host”

  1. Hi, great content first of all. I’ve never heard of commercehq. Dropshipping is something I’ll definitely be getting into some time soon and I’m grateful when I come across content that’s directly related to helping me achieve this, I think I’ll like to give this a try first. Thnk you so much for this.

    • Get the opportunity to try it and you will not be disappointed.


  2. Dropshipping is one online business opportunity which does not involve a lot of initial investment. There are lots of dropshipping platforms out there. I think this site has a very competitive pricing. Very ideal for start-ups.

    One thing that may be addressed is the sources of suppliers that has dropshipping capabilities.

    • CommerceHQ uses dropifiedas their preferred dropshipping plugin. Now from dropified, you will be able to choose your suppliers they may be from china, US or EU.

      They have one of the largest suppliers collection for you to start and grow your dropshipping business.


  3. This is an interesting comparison Commerce HQ to Shopify. Shopify charges $99 in US cost compared to Commerce HQ lower cost, however, from my understanding the best option would be Shopify due to Commerce HQ charging 2.9% processing fee along with 30 cents for each transaction. For a dropshipping business selling high priced items like computers and gaming, the processing fees will be huge resulting in loss of money along with another overhand cost of integrating with other services fees for memberships. Also, does Commerce HQ allow users from the United States?

    • I think you have mistaken, try to read the post again, Shopify is the one charging processing fee for every transaction. CommerHQ does not charge any other fee except for your monthly subscription. 

      Yes, they accept users from all over the world. And you can use dropifiedto find dropshipper’s suppliers from all over the world.


  4. Hello Davina, thanks for sharing such an amazing blog post. These two dropshipping hosting sites are quite amazing by its features and I must admit I’m impressed by some unique features each one of them has. Dropshipping in a. a great idea and lots of people have little business ideas about it. In my choice of which hosting site to pick, I will go for commercehq. From its pricing to it having an app makes it really convenient for users

    • I agree with you, commerceHQ offers you all the additional apps that you will need to improve your business and make sure to convert every visitor.


  5. This is the first time I heard of Commercehq. I have not done much with dropshipping up to now. I may get into it at some point so I appreciate your information. I am going to save your information. It’s good to know that there are so many suppliers available through these sources. I like it that Commerchq is less expensive than Shopify and does not charge any processing fee. I like the additional apps to help with running the business and conversions. Very good info. Thanks.

    • Yes, for what you are getting with commerceHQ the overall price is cheaper than using Shopify.


  6. I am interested in having a dropshipping business. The steps given in this blog is very straightforward and to the point. I love how you also did a comparison of the popular dropshipping sites making it easier for the reader at the end of the day to make a decision. Great job!!

    • Yes, I wanted to give you guys a big picture of what you can get out there and let you make the right choice for your business.



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