Alidropship products review

In alidropship products review, we are gonna see how these tools can help with dropshipping. Alidropship is a company working to help entrepreneurs to create their dropshipping business. We talked about dropshipping as a business model in a previous article, that you can read here. Alidropship provides tools to create, manage and market your dropshipping store. You can choose to buy the alidropship plugin, it integrates with WordPress and wooCommerce, you get to build your site independently. Another option is to buy a custom store from alidropship. They will work for you and develop a ready to use website for you.

In this alidropship product’s review, we are going to see each and every software they do offer.

Name: Alidropship


Price: Plugin-$89. Custom store-$299, -$499, -$899, all the payments are made once, no recurring payment.

Owner: Yaros and a team of developers. Founded in 2015





1. Alidropship plugins.

Alidropship provides a variety of plugins to help you create, manage and automate your store to be more efficient. There is a plugin for WordPress, that you can use directly to import products’ and create your store. And a wooCommerce plugin, this allows you to integrate your store with woocommerce. Those are the two major plugins, but besides the two, we have a currency switcher and a social rabbit.

a. Alidropship plugin.

This is the first and default plugin. And it is recommended for those who have little to no experience in e-commerce and dropshipping or beginners. This plugin is meant to provide a wholesome package from the moment you start building your store. You do not need to add anything else.

Because with the plugin you get:

Built-in themes.

All you have to do is choose the appearance you would like for your website. And you can easily customize the theme and set up according to your own preferences or design. All themes are mobile-friendly, highly conversion optimized and have a professional stylish design. So, they meet all modern requirements and trends of successful online stores.

But, you are still free to use your preferred theme even if it is not within the plugin. You are free to choose from.

Import from aliexpress in one click.

All you need to do is to log in to aliexpress and start picking your products’. And with one click, the products’ will be available in your store. Including all the variants. Images and description of the products’. I will advise you to do some work on the description and the photo of the products’. To make it more SEO friendly and more attractive to your customers. You can even add a video, it will be a good plus.

b. WooCommerce dropshipping plugin.

Woocommerce is the most used plugin to create an e-commerce. Therefore, it was not a surprise when Alidropship woo plugin was released to help existing woocommerce users to start to dropship using Aliexpress. The plugin is mostly recommended for anyone who would like to take advantage of everything that wooCommerce has to offer.

Because, with this plugin, you get all the features of the alidropship plugin plus everything that wooCommerce has to offer. You can pick a wooCommerce theme and all the other plugins and apps which integrate with wooCommerce.

alidropship products review


Both plugins cost $89 and help you accomplish all the basics like:


Search & import products’ from aliexpress.

Using the filter tools available, find the products’ of your niche and import them with one click to your store with the alidropship chrome extension. And, you will need to install the extension prior.

Automated order.

Instead of you placing orders one by one on aliexpress, all you need to do here is to click one button and your order is confirmed on aliexpress.

Auto updating of the product.

This function helps to update the product information, description, and availability. And it keeps the product info corresponding to what is on aliexpress from your supplier.


Built-in image editor.

Use this powerful tool to modify your product’s images in AliDropship Chrome Extension while importing items (when you use alidropship plugin). And directly from the WordPress admin panel: resize, apply filters, stickers, remove watermarks. (when you use wooCommerce plugin)

Cash-back system.

You can earn an 8% commission on each purchase as an added bonus to your main dropshipping source of income. Because, when you create a store with alidropship, you can be a part of the aliexpress affiliate program. And make a commission on all your sales on top of your normal profit.

Pricing automation.

Integrate an advanced pricing markup formula to calculate your selling price for certain items or all the products’ in your store.

Auto order tracking

The Plugin tracks all your orders, you can choose to have the tracking information sent to your client directly or not. I like keeping it for me and not let the client have it in their inbox. Because, I like to have my clients coming back to my store and not let them discover that the products’ come from a given supplier.

ePacket shipping filter

This is paramount because, with ePacket, you will not be able to track the fulfillment of your orders. In choosing your supplier make sure that they all offer ePacket.

Unlimited product selection.

All the products’ available on aliexpress can be imported to your store. Many people chose to create a general store and other a niche store. But whatever choice you make, you get plenty of product variety.

Product reviews.

Encourage your customers to leave feedback. But for starter, you can import good feedback from your supplier, this can motivate your clients to buy and give feedback too.


2. Custom dropshipping store.

How do you get your custom dropshipping store?

First, you need to make your order. Second, a personal manager will be assigned to you. That person will contact you and together, you will choose a profitable niche. After a period of 23 days maximum, your store will be ready.

Now, there is a minimum number of products’ that will come with the ready-made store. So, for a $299 store, you will get a minimum of 50 products’. And after 13 days your store will be ready and you can add other products’ on your own. For a $499 store, you get 100 products’ and it will be delivered within 18 days. You can also add other products. The one of $899 comes with 200 products’ within 23 days.

Here are what you get with your ready custom store:

Perfectly optimized website and themes.

A theme can make or break your website. You need to choose a theme that is responsive and has a good mobile version. A theme that can load faster too. Google uses mobile-friendliness and site speed as a ranking signal in search results. And they reward websites that are fully optimized for mobile platforms with good loading speed. So, your website will have a cutting-edge responsive design that adapts to the screen size of any device. May it be a desktop, a tablet or a mobile device.

You will get to choose among the best ones in the market.

Marketing tools.

Your website will come with all the marketing tools needed, from coupon codes, recovery of abandoned carts, a subscriber list ready to collect your clients’ info for further marketing.

Payment gateways.

Alidropship supports all the popular payment gateway like PayPal, stripe, etc… But you can also ask to get whichever works better for you and your location.

Automated management system.

All the automation will be integrated into your store, from products’ import, to automate orders, order tracking, pricing automation and everything which is normally included in the plugins.

Niche research.

Niche research is done with your participation. But as they are the expert, they will guide you to make the best decision. The search will be mainly on what is on-demand and what your competition is doing. After choosing the best niche for your store.

They will carefully select all the products’ for your online store. And only add products’ with high demand from the most trusted AliExpress suppliers. Because, the goal here is to find products’ with high revenue and which sell easily.

Choose a domain name.

Alidropship works with Godaddy. After purchasing for you an SEO friendly domain, the ownership will be transferred to you via Godaddy. So, you will have full ownership of your store.

Promo video.

You will get a ready-made promo video. They will have the goal to promote your store and the products’ you are offering. And video promotion is highly converting in any social media platform. So, you will get an edge on your competition and a good kick to start your business.

On-site SEO

On-site optimization is about making your online store appeal to both shoppers and search engines. Our search engine optimization services are designed to increase visibility within the algorithmic search results to deliver high quality, targeted traffic. This is the part where many fail and can’t survive without paid ads. With this optimization with time, you will be getting free traffic.

Unique & stylish design.

You will get a custom logo, header images, icons, favicon, banners and everything you need to have in your store.

WP dropshipping plugin.

This is the preferred plugin for the custom dropshipping store. You will get all the features.

Branded social pages.

Your online store will come with social media profiles ready to market your business. And all the social media promo tools.

3. The currency switcher.

This is a free plugin, allowing the currency you are using on your website to change according to the location of your clients. Because, the world is becoming one global market. When we do online marketing, we do not always know where it will reach. So, this plugin will help your customers to see the price in their local currency from wherever they are.

4. The social rabbit plugin.

This plugin helps your business for social media promotion and management. It takes content from your website and posts it on your social media profiles. And it can find (like an A.I) content regarding your business which is trending online to post on your social media.

After you have established a blueprint for the plugin to follow, it will be creating a promotion on your behalf. You can choose to promote products’ that receive the most likes on your website, or a new catalog. All you need to do is to establish some ground and the plugin will do the rest. It can do it automatically or ask for your validation before the ad goes live. It is better to set a confirmation to avoid any issue.

The price of the plugin is $69.

Other services offered by alidropship.

1. Hosting.

They do use WordPress and buy your domains from Godaddy.


2. Freelance zone.

Where you can hire professional help for SEO copywriting, promo video creation, banner ads design, Instagram and Facebook ads, email marketing set up, server configuration, niche research, marketing services, store review, and many other services related to your online store.


Pros and cons


1) It is easy to set up and easy to use making it very beginner-friendly.

2) The price is very attractive. Especially because there is no recurrent payment.

3) You get lifetime support.

4) The plugins are updated regularly and very reliable

5) You are independent of alidropship. You create your store and it is completely yours. No other rules or regulations that you need to follow unless your store is shut down.

6) You can earn an affiliate commission on top of your revenue.

7) The customer service is available 24/7 and always helpful.


1) The custom store provided can be a bit disappointed if you want a more robust store. It is made for extremely new entrepreneurs.

2) You can only use the WordPress platform to create your store. It is the best but not everyone is comfortable using it. They could have given more options.

Who is alidropship for?

Alidropship is for anyone who would like to invest in a dropshipping business. You can be a beginner or an experimented online marketer, everyone can create a profitable business with alidropship.

You take slow by using only the plugin or invest more by getting a ready-made custom store. Alidropship product review gave you all the tools to make a decision, right?

Conclusion of alidropship product review.

Alidropship product review, presented all the tools for one to create manage a dropshipping store. Alidropship put in our disposition tools to allow us to owners of our business and market our business to more than 180 countries. Because, everywhere, aliexpress delivers, we can market our stores. I hope alidropship product review helped you decide to join this great venture.

Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment below.













Service offered





  • One time payment
  • Automation from inventory import to placing orders to your supplier
  • Can be used with woocommerce


  • No photo edit studio
  • Can't filter e-packet products

10 thoughts on “Alidropship products review”

  1. Wow! Seriously, all I can do now is to marvel at how great this product, Alidrop product is. While I was reading through, It felt like it was a hype but later on I got convinced through the pricing and the various features of this product. With this, one is sure to make a lot of profit. Honestly, this is just too great of a product and surely, I will get engaged with it. Wow! I’m amazed

    • Alidropship is one of the cheapest way to start your dropshipping business. There us no hidden cost, you are owner of your website and can do whatever you want with it. The services you receive will help you grow your business every day. So, yes this is the best option for Dropshipping business.


  2. This sounds great but I am just a bit concerned due to a previous bad experience with a dropshipping business. I found that products regularly took longer than the stated delivery time to actually be delivered to the customer. This of course resulted in a lot of bad feedback for me.

    Have you any experience of delivery times through using the alidropship plugins and store? I’m tempted but I’d just like to be sure.

    • So far I have a good experience. Because, I chose my supplier carefully. I go for the best supplier which sometimes means that their price can be higher. And I also try to buy an item just to check how long the whole process of fulfilment goes.

      The best thing to do is to choose the sellers with good reviews for product quality and delivery time.


  3. Alidropship looks promising with a one time cost of $79. It’s user friendly since it can do a lot of things from building a website, designing,social media advertising oh I could go on- of course it comes with a price! From what I also researched about Ali dropship, it integrates with Word Press instead of Shopify. 

    There were reported problem with Ali Dropship such as menus in the wrong order, wrong upload of image in its supposed category, etc. Do you think the Ali Dropship is at fault on this complaints or could it be the store owner? Thanks for this review. I really think it’s profitable considering the rising popularity of dropship.

    • I think that was an error from the store owner. Alidropship sells the plugin and gives you tutorial on how to install and use it. They also have a second option where they can help you set up everything with the ready made store or when you host your website with them. 

      Dropshipping is a great business morel, you can see our article about it here. And doing it with alidropship has tons of advantages as we saw above.


  4. For some time now I’ve given a thought to starting my own dropshipping business but have been a bit procrastinative in searching for the right tools and place to start. Your review has been of great help in that it has given me a lot to think about in my considerations. What I liked about the Alidropship product is the fact that there are no recurring payments. Once there is no recurring payment, I believe there are no upsells? 

    I’m going to add to my list against other ones I’m yet to find before I make my final decision. You’ve provided such comprehensive information and I’m glad to have read your review. 

    • Yes there is no other reccuring payment with alidropship. They have some plugins to help with marketing and SEO but they are not compulsory as you can find other tools providing the same services elsewhere. Just check and compare based on your needs and Budget. And you can even do without any tool for your marketing as you start. When you get your earnings you can plan on automating your Social media marketing.

  5. I remember when AliExpress and plan old Alibaba first came around. I was unaware that they came out with a dropshipping platform. I used to purchase a lot of goods from alibaba and resell them. What a pain it was to  monitor inventory and then having to actual ship the products. This sounds like a great option with no hassle. Most people aim for 25% commission but without all that hassle 8%  for affiliates sounds very enticing. I’m not really sure what I think about there paid for stores but for a brand new person it would save a huge headache to have it done for you. I will definitely be looking further into this soon. Thanks for all the information!

    • I know that 8% sounds too little compare to 25% but the truth is that the bigger percentage comes with lots of responsibility too. It is not easy and because of all the marketing charges and customer care charges, one need to earn more. And the beauty of an affiliate store is just to be the bridge and market the products the best way you can and wait to get your cut. Any of the two is great potential money maker.


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