A affiliate marketing how to guide: Easy 1, 2, 3 steps

Today we are gonna make ”an affiliate marketing how to guide”. An easy and comprehensive guide to help understand more about affiliate marketing. And you can read more about affiliate marketing here, it is a previous post I made. Or read the dictionary.

Here are the different directions you need to take in order to become an affiliate:

Create your website or blog

In order to become an online affiliate marketer, you need to have a website. Where you will provide content, advice, and recommendations of your products. Choosing the right platform will ensure you better chances of being ranked in search engines to enjoy free traffic to your website.

I will always advise going for WordPress, it is the best platform and it gives much greater possibility in the types of websites you would like to create. Bluehost is a good place to get a WordPress website. And I personally like it because it helps me commit myself for a full year. Affiliate marketing needs time to take off and having your website paid for a full year helps a lot.

My second choice for website hosting is Wealthy Affiliate. For a premium member, you get free hosting for a maximum of 25 WordPress websites. It is just awesome for beginners in affiliate marketing. Because, you get the opportunity to create many niche websites to showcase many affiliate products, increasing your chance to succeed. On top of this, you get the training on how to create content and market your websites to maximize your success.

How to find affiliate products to promote

You can find affiliate marketing opportunities for the products you are using (Or a product that you need), or by checking what others are promoting. But you can also find out directly from the company, let say you have a niche website in couture. And you want to promote a high-quality machine that you would like to have. You can see from the website of that company or contact them to find out if they have an affiliate program. Also, most of the companies indicate that information at the footer of their homepage. And others join an affiliate network.

Affiliate marketing

The product you are already using

Let keep our example of a website in the couture niche. And let say, you don’t just blog about couture but you make your own clothes. Then you can see with your supplier if an affiliate deal is possible.

You can create a review about their products, share your experience with products and advise accordingly. It is the best way to succeed in affiliate marketing. Knowing the product inside and out gives the authenticity, the inspiration needed to convince your audience.

That is why, I always advise people to get to know their affiliate product, because your visitors will ask you questions. If you can not answer reliably to their concerns, you will not make any commission.

Check what your competition is promoting

This is business, you need to know your competitor. Check what your competition is promoting, see if it is something you are comfortable with. And above all see how well it is doing in order for you to do better. If it is not doing well, you do not need to promote that product. You can do that by surveying their audience.

Checking on your competition can also help you discover new products, upcoming trends and new marketing tips. It is always a good thing to do as long as you do not copy.

Contact the companies directly

Some companies like hosting their own affiliate marketing program. The benefit of choosing a product directly from them is that such companies are very flexible when it comes to requirements. Some do not even require a website, they accept everybody willing to apply.

And some can offer a better commission too, which attracts more people. But the downside is that there is always a threshold, some do not pay if you make less than 50$, so your money will be held until it reaches the required amount. It is not very easy to reach that threshold every month when you are a beginner. And some do not always pay on time.

Join an affiliate network

An affiliate network has many companies and products, so all you need is to meet their requirement and you will be accepted. Their biggest requirement is about website traffic. You need to be getting already a good amount of traffic before they can accept your application and having your own domain website is a must.

What is the advantage of an affiliate network?

The number of products available is huge. But the simple thing to do will be to check first which products they have that is fit with your niche. You do not want to join and get stuck with products that you can not sell.

But if you do not mind, you can create a new website to promote a new niche. Because for joining you can only join with one domain but for advertising. There are other merchants who do not mind you placing their product on a website other than what you registered with.

The financial gain is that you can get paid on time and they also have a threshold to reach. But with so many possibilities of sales, you can reach that very fast.



How to market your affiliate product

It is never a good idea just to fill your website with banners and affiliate links. You need to take the time to tell people about the products you are promoting. That is why you need to:

Put yourself into your client’s shoes

What would you like to buy? Choose the best products. A product that you find useful and you like it. Because in that case, it will be much easy for you to talk about it.

You can not just promote a product for the sake of making money, in that case, you will not succeed. Think as if you were the one ready to buy that product and ask yourself all the questions possible.

Create content about that product

A product review is always a good way to go. In a product review, you talk about the product, replying to all the questions that you asked yourself. Here you give the answers and a rating is always good too.

It can be very difficult to write about a product that you have never seen or used. That is why sometimes, companies agree to send a sample to use. After using it, you get a better sense of the product and can now offer a better review.

People can easily be ready to buy after reading your content than buy directly from a banner. Creating product reviews that can rank in search engines will ensure you free traffic and sales in the future. So take the time to write something good and relevant. And do not forget to update it with time if it is needed, share it on all your social media accounts to get more exposure.

Create paid ads

Yes, I am adding this to my affiliate marketing guide too. Paid advertisements online can be costly. But it a way to increase your sales. You can go for social media advertising or search engine marketing.

Here again, I will not advise you to link your ad directly to your affiliate link. Instead, link your ad to the review you created for that product. By doing this you have a double goal, to make a sale and to get website traffic. Which, can help you sell even more.

Let say a visitor comes to your website via your ad link. When he is there, who says he will only stay on the review page? He has the possibility to check out your entire website and he might just something else to buy.

Create a webinar

A webinar is a live session, video conference-based. I add this to this affiliate marketing guide because it has great potential. Where you can connect with your audience and share about your products. It is very good for having a demo session. For a physical product that you are promoting or software. You get to show your audience exactly how the product works, the pros and cons. Give your better recommendation too.


A Webinar is very effective if you add an offer and the end of your session. Why? Because, you would like to earn from that session. That is why most of the time, the offer has a short period, it may be valuable only for 2 to 3 days after the webinar.

The other advantage of the webinar is that you can download that same video to YouTube. Giving you another exposure, but make sure to remove the promotion part if it is not anymore available. YouTube is a great platform, you can read about it here, in my previous article.

Create a challenge around your product

Get people excited about your affiliate product. Create a challenge where people get the opportunity to win the product for free. The best way I have seen this working is on social media.

I created a challenge about a line of lady’s blouse. The goal was to sell obviously but I also wanted to get more exposure. I asked my community to share my post (containing the picture of the blouse and all the information on how to get it). The one with most shares got a free blouse.

But what I did brought attention to my products, my account and made my sales. And my community got the chance to win a freebie. Awesome!

Use email marketing

Now, this is by far my best way of doing marketing, so I can only add it to my affiliate marketing guide. But the trick is to do it properly, no SPAM.

Email marketing allows you to establish a relationship with your audience. And the goal of a relationship is to last a lifetime. So here is how you do it:

– Give and take: give something to help and motivate a person to sign up.

– Start to know the person: First emails should be about them not you. Say what you do and how that can help them improve their life or business. Ask what they would like to get from.

– Now you can introduce your different products according to their needs and what you think will fit best.

From there, you can contact them every time you get a product corresponding to their needs, the one tool which can help you categorize your audience is convertkit.

Keep the number of emails to the minimum, maybe 2 per month, so people don’t feel it is too much.

Affiliate marketing without a website

Yes, it is possible. You can earn commission by placing ads on social media mainly and make sales. This works better with niches like fashion, electronics, …..with physical products mainly.

But this can not last. You will never be able to make passive income from your affiliate marketing or enjoy free traffic to make sales. Your reach will be limited. So you will never be a part of an affiliate network.

It is possible but not something you build a long-lasting business around.

Conclusion of an affiliate marketing how-to guide

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. It can be very lucrative but one needs to be patient. Doing the right steps will guarantee success. Follow this simple affiliate marketing guide to start your way to success!

Thanks for reading! And feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. Affiliate marketing is a business model I am still trying to get acquainted with. I do understand the concept and everything and I see people succeeding in it but I am still trying to better understand how to really make it in this line of business. I do own a blog and I just recently started to monetize it with an affiliate network and although I am starting to see some progress, it is not still as much as I want. 

    I did notice that email marketing was mentioned in this post but I did not really know that I could make use of it for affiliate marketing. I have not tried this before because I had no idea it could actually be done. I would have to give this a try.

    • Oh yes you can use email marketing and it will grow your business. The purpose is always to have a market, so that when you have your product you marekt and make sales. It is really the best marketing style for me. Give it a try and you will not regret it!

  2. Hi!
    I like this post a lot! I’m just started out as an affiliate marketer and I sometimes find it hard to know what and where to start. You really desribe this well!

    I really like that you write that you pay for ads. A lot of people seems to not do that. How do I know when to start pay for ads? I think it must be a lot easier to get more traffic if I pay for ads, rigth?

    And tell me more about the webinar! I’m not sure I totally understand how you do that but it really seems like a good way to attract more people!

    Looking forvard to

    • Take your time with paid ads, let at least 10-20 of articles be indexed by Google before you start pushing them with paid ads.
      A webinar is like a video in which you present your products, give a demo of your products, give a special offer to those attending to make sales.
      It is indeed a great way to make some quick sales. Because people have seen the product, they know how they can use it and if it’s useful to them they will purchase.
      I wish you success in affiliate marketing, be patient and don’t give up!

  3. This is a very great and informative post on Affiliate Marketing. Nowadays people are surfing the internet how to make passive income online. This would a very good one to try on.
    What particular Affiliate Program would you recommend on dieting?

    Thank you so much for this information and best regards,

    • I am very careful when it’s comes to food and health in general. So what I will suggest is to search for the best product in the market and ask the company if they have an affiliate marketing program. If they do have via an affiliate network they will direct you.

  4. Hi Davina, great article. I am new to affiliate marketing and have a site in the fitness niche, how do I find products to promote for my audience while I work away building my site.

    This I am really struggling with. Do you have a tutorial or training on how to find affiliate products?

    • You need first to figure out what product you want to promote, and check if the company responsible for that product offers an affiliate program. If they do not offer directly, they will direct you to the network they are using to host their program, and if they do not have such a program, they will tell you too. Check their website or send them an email to find that out.

  5. Hi Davina, this article is very helpful for me. I have recently started an online career and I am about to get into affiliate marketing because it seems to be a very lucrative kind of business. I appreciate the setting out of the steps as you have explained. I have a friend who started this but she found out that there were so many people offering the same thing so we are both doing a little research before we launch out. Thank you !

    • Yes I Know that many people are doing it. But it’s just like in any other business, you need to set something unique to differentiate you with others and win a market share. 

      I wish you success!

  6. Wow great how to post here on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn supplemental and hopefully full-time income online. There’s nothing like passive income where you can make money while at another job, on vacation or even while sleeping. I agree that WordPress is a great platform for creating websites as it is mostly seamless with all sorts of plugins. You are spot-on when saying that affiliate marketing takes time and effort and you’ve mentioned some more great products in Bluehost and Wealthy Affiliate. Email marketing is definitely a solid choice for expanding one’s reach. I’ll definitely save your post and refer those who are starting out to visit it, thank you!

    • The goal is really to reach a passive income state, where you can enjoy life, sleep, travel and still know that you can support yourself just fine. Affiliate marketing can help you accomplish that.


  7. Good Post.  Thanks for the tips.  I enjoy affiliate marketing in conjunction with other online marketing methods.  It has the potential to add a good income stream to your blog.  The trick is being able to do reviews of the product as you do need to have tried the product, so good idea you mentioned to try and get product samples.  And loved the email marketing tip, so important to a long term business model.  Thanks again.  Cheers

    • Yes, email marketing is the best way to ensure your business stays profitable ib today’s market, you can read our post on email marketing for more information on the subject.


  8. I am still trying to wrap my head around affiliate marketing. I find value in your suggestions of getting to know my products very well and checking out the competition. I wrote down a list of companies that offer affiliate marketing but this idea of joining network is one I might just take up. Thank you for the explanations. They make me feel a little more positive about AM

    • You are welcome and I wish you success in your AM business.



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