20 Digital content Creation Tools

 20 digital content creation tools, Why do we need it?

You may have heard so many times that content is key or king. Today we shall see 20 Digital content creation tools can help you provide high-quality content on a regular basis. Consequently, it will help your targeted audience to solve their problems. And learn more, they will see you as a credible and trustworthy source of information. They will come back to your website whenever they need something because your content is informative.

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You also may think that this is easier said than done. But if you use the right content creation tools. You will realize how creating content can be easy and as you go even fun.  And you will be able to attract more visitor henceforth make more money.

We got some tools to help you create text base content and some to create visual content. Because, we learned in content creation that associating both can bring a powerful result. We have gathered 20 digital content creation tools. Before diving to the 20 digital creation tools, let me present to you one that I really think is the best of all.

Noble Samurai as a digital content creation tool

I place this as a bonus. Because, of what you can get from it. Noble samurai gives you both in digital content creation, text and visual. For example, when you want to write your article, you need to do a keyword search. So you will install their extension to assist you with that.

And when you need a video, all you have to do is, to write a script. So you write the script of what you want to see in your video. And they will provide you with a video matching your requirements. Easy!

It comes at a cost, 47$ for content samurai(the video platform). And a 7 days free plan. The keyword tool comes with full seo services, from 99$ to 249$.

The 20 digital content creation is as follows:

1. Pablo

Because studies show that 80 percent of people online pay more attention to images than text. As a result, Pablo allows you to include great visual functionality to your post. This can include, photos, videos, animation, gif….. And you can create a 100 percent image-based post. And use it to support an ad campaign or to be the main part of your post. Pablo works with Buffer, allowing you to schedule for later or post directly to your social media accounts.

For a free version, you can get up to 10 posts per account for a maximum of 3 accounts. The starter plan at $15 can have you accomplish great things. And you can add 8 social media account and publish a maximum of 100 posts per account. Which is already a great way to start your online business and establish your brand.

2. Unsplash and pixabay

Unsplash and pixabay are a great source of free high-quality pictures. Their platform is easy to use. They also include a paid version to get professional pictures at a very friendly price. Start with a free format and upgrade as your business does to offer your visitors an even rich experience.

3. Google alerts as one of 20 digital content creation tool

Creating an alert for any given subject on google. Because, it will help you examine your niche and find out what subject is trending. It is a great source for content and for information.

So this is a free service from google, you can subscribe and get all the alerts right to your email.

4. Epicbeat

Epicbeat gives you a list of the most searched subject online. So it helps you know what is trending in your niche. But also it tells you exactly which post received the most view and share. Here you have a subject for your next content. And the best performing piece of content to inspire you. What you need to know is to take it makes it your own and make it better.

5. Portent’s content generator

It is an idea generator, it helps you get catchy titles to attract visitors. Because it is based on the keywords you will provide. So the platform advises, gives you tips and resources on how to write great content based on that.
It gives you an idea deriving from the main subject you chose. Giving you the possibility to expand your idea and create other subjects related to your main keywords.

It is a completely free tool.

6. Hemingway app

Here you will get to write clear and concise sentences. Because, it is all about grammar, syntax, and spelling. It underlines every single mistake. From grammar, adverbs, your phrases meandering, splitting which can mislead the readers or they just will not understand.

7. Biteable

Biteable is a platform that provides videos, if you would like to include a video to your content, your ad campaign or just an animated touch to your content, biteable is the place you can find it. They have a stock of video from which you can choose, add your own twist and make it original or you can submit your own for edition and upgrade.
The subscription costs $29 per month, the free option gives you a total of 5 videos per month and storage of 1gb only.

8. Giphy

It gives you the opportunity to enjoy their free Gif. So you can create your own design or modify theirs to re-purpose it, according to your needs. But if you have never submitted your Gif it will be hard for you to get one Gif and customize it. Therefore, you need to submit yours, it is an exchange. Because, they have strict rules and you will need to stick to them.

9. Venngage

Venngage allows you to create info graphics like a pro. Unfortunately for the free version, they will not allow you to download the infographics you create. But it is just a very small incovinience. Because you can start with an upgrade version, to enjoy great quality infographics.

Subscription is $19 for premium, you get a limited number of downloads per month.

10. Canva

With canva also you get an awesome content tool. With great images, for Facebook posts, Instagram post, header, flier, Pinterest graphics, wedding cards, and many more.

The great thing about canva is that everything is ready-made with social media required dimensions. So all you do is fill templates with your material or you can do everything from scratch too.

The free subscription gives already a great number of downloads. But to get even more from canva you get the paid subscription starting at $12 monthly with a trial of 30 days.

11. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo gives you the latest about anything trending on social media. So you can take it as a source of content for your business. You can also use it to spy on your competitor to find out how they are doing. And prepare yourself to do better. Also, you can figure out which influencer performs the best. And hire him/her for your next campaign.

The cost is important, the recommended option is the plus plan at $179 monthly. Yes, it is not cheap but so worth it for your business.

12. Surveymonkey

Creating a survey is now accessible to any kind of business. Thanks to Surveymonkey who is now adapted to such purpose. As you create a survey the goal is always to get feedback on what you have done so far. And get an opinion of what your audience expects from you. Consequently, you get the subject of your future content which you know has already an audience.

Get the advantage plan at $34, coming with the analytics needed for the business growth.

13. Snappa

Snappa makes design a simple game. Get the design you want for your content. And customize it to save tons of time and money. It is just like canva but much easier to navigate and with a better free template. But for canva, you will have to upgrade to get that kind of better images and template.

They only give a few numbers of free downloads after that you will have upgrade to a paid option at $15 per month. It has also integrated Buffer to help you schedule and publish on social media.

14. Wideo

With wideo, you can create a video to market your products. You can also get ready made template to get you started, according to the subject of your content.

Get the pro plan at $99, you will access 80 video templates. And have an unlimited number of downloads and videos of up to 10 minutes long.

15. Meme generator

It’s a free online image maker that allows you to add custom re-sizable text to images. Also, they can give you templates to customize with your text. And you can also download your own images and work on them.

16. Nonotes

Nonotes is a great tool for transcribing, podcasting, interviews, video events. It allows you to capture at the moment everything which is important to you. For example, in cases where you did not know that an important event was gonna happen. So with nonotes at hand, you can activate it and capture the event. It is a full-time toolkit for everyone in the related field to improve their game.

The price varies according to what you want it for. For a simple recording, you will pay from $8 to $10 per month. And the free version only allows you to record 20 minutes for one outgoing line.
It gets more expensive for a transcription job, anywhere from 75 cents per minute to $423 for 10 hours.

17. Checklist

Checklist is here to make sure that you have covered everything needed to create a great blog post. From text, images, links, design of your post. It helps you achieve a blog post like a pro without the extra cost of employing a web designer. And it is free.

18. Designspiration

This platform is made of some great and professional pictures. And designs made to help you create good-looking content. It is free to join.

19. Phrase generator

Phrase generator is a database of all the historical, academic, political, financial, news, artistic and any other, headlines which impacted somehow the word and inspired people.

For all your motivation quote or inspiring thought, you would like to share with your audience. Above all on social media, you can find them here. It is free.

20. Thinglink

Learn how to make your content interactive. It is a platform to learn and teach, learn graphics, cloud, tagging elements. So it helps you dive deeper into your commitment to creating great content for your audience.

You can start for free and take advantage of creating your content for 7500 views. And get the $25 plan which gives you access to a great interactive image with a 14 days free trial.


 Conclusion of 20 digital content creation tools

To write a good piece of content, you need to use some of these 20 digital content creation tools. Because, these will help you optimize your content better. Also, on your own, you can not think of everything. Consequently, some of these 20 digital content creation tools will help you save time and energy to create even better content.

Drop any question or opinion in the comment section below, thanks!


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  1. Firstly, I cannot thank you enough for this post, its such an insightful and informative post. It couldn’t have come to me at a more better period of time because I just launched my website and its not being a smooth ride so far concerning my content creation and quality. The only tool I know of out of the 20listed is canva. Though I’m yet to try it out but I learnt its very easy to navigate even for a rookie like me. Learning about the remaining 19 is a good plus on my side. I will make an effort to try all of them out and see the ones I’m okay with.

    Thanks for sharing this post. I learnt a lot

    • Canva is very easy to use and you will see that you can truly create cool stuff.

      For the 19 other, use according to your need and you will get great results for sure.


  2. Hi,

    Thank You very much for sharing such an informative article with all the essential information about “20 Digital content Creation Tools”

    Really this is an amazing article.I like the article very much.I was looking for a digital content creation tools because it helps us to create a better content.Bu i wasn’t able to find out the perfect content creation tools.But fortunately i came to your article and i have found the best digital content creation tools which is canva.All these tools are superb but i would like to go with camva because it provide us with great images facebook instagram post,Pinteres graphics, wedding cards and many more.I have also gained all the thorough details in this purpose.I am going to start with this tool at $12 monthly subscription.I think canva will save my precious time also.This article is very helpful for those people who are looking for a digital content creation tools as you have highlighted the article so nicely.I will also share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can find the best Content creation tools for them.

    But do you think that canva is suitable for beginner?

    • Yes canva is beginner friendly. Buy just in case you need more direction about it, you can check some videos on YouTube about how to use canva as a beginner. I did the same thing and discovered some cool tips and it saved me a lot if time instead of trying to find out everything by myself.


      • Thanks for the further details.I will do the same as you have said

  3. Some of the tools in the list are already familiar with me including image editors, sources of free images, and grammar and style checker. But this article has added more to what I already know and thanks for the writer. It is my obsession to improve the way I blog, I know I still have a long way to go as far as perfecting my content production is concerned. In fact, I haven’t started yet in video creation! 

  4. Hi, You have done a great job to create this insightful post, Thank you for sharing man.
    You are absolutely right! Hemingway is very handy tool for write content without misleading reader. I also like about another tool Biteable which has provided video, but I think that better off start for free option first. Google alert is another of those tools I also like it. All in all, this post is so informative and useful enough that I’d like to bookmark it for my future resource. Again I really appreciate it
    Best wishes

  5. Hello; It is a blessing in the guise when you can find something useful as these twenty digital content creation tools that you have listed in your posts today. When using some of these tools they make niche content writing much more easier.

     I am using a few of them, the truth is they make content writing easier for me in some ways. I am yet to begin using the one that does video creation. Would you suggest that adding a video to one’s content is the way to go these days?


    • Every platform is leveraging videos nowadays, so you should consider that. And YouTube is a great way to drive traffic to your website too, check this article I wrote about it here.



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